Thursday, June 12, 2008

Future Farm Boy or Spiderman?

This is the story about a little boy who left his momma to become a farm hand. Not really, but my 3-year-old nephew, Gabriel, did come to spend a couple days with me so his momma could finish writing a term paper.

It was a very busy and diverse time for him. You see, just because you're company doesn't mean the farm chores have stopped. Gabriel learned first-hand how to do some important farm jobs:

cleaned and filled the donkey's water buckets with fresh water:

...was able to locate and observe many potato bugs that were running through the straw outside the stalls:

...scaled the big, green farm gate multiple times:

...successfully closed the huge barn door:

and carried a lead rope all the way back to the house where it was a source of entertainment for his remaining time with me:

When the chores were done, we headed into the city. Portland's Rose Festival was going on and the Dragon Boat races were in full swing. My son, Aidan, was co-captain of his high school's first Dragon Boat race.

We got to see Aidan's boat win!:

and Gabriel was excited to high-five Aidan as congratulations:

You'll no doubt notice the Spiderman suit. This was a must-wear item for Gabriel and a real crowd pleaser. Of course, and reasonably so, I had to refer to him as "Spiderman" or "Spidey", while he was in costume.

"Spidey" had a ball running through Salmon Street Springs, er, I mean, he expertly maneuvered through acid waters, narrowly escaping death:

He scaled tall concrete posts (without falling down once):

And - what are the chances - Spidey had a close encounter with Spongebob Squarepants!:

This was a very cool moment for my little super hero:

After all the excitement, even Spiderman needed to rehydrate:

I guess maybe Gabriel doesn't have to decide between being Farm Boy extraordinaire:

or Spiderman:

After all, even Peter Parker had his day job when he wasn't being Spiderman, didn't he?


  1. Ha! You are too funny. Sounds like you guys had a good did Spiderman like the chickens?

  2. Nice! SpideyMan. Everyone needs to have a Spiderman moment, right? And, cmon. If you are going into the city then you need to be prepared. You never know what could happen. Good thing you had a superhero with you.

  3. Spidey looks like a natural farmer (not to mention an adorable one)!

  4. Gabriel is so cute. I think it's important for everyone to have their "alter ego". He can be Spidey and Farmboy at the same time.

    Wow! Aiden sure has some strong muscles!

    Looks like you had a great time. What a wonderful post. I enjoyed it.

  5. What a great aunt you are!! He looks soooo happy to be hanging with your family.
    Because I tend to scan quickly when I read, I thought your son had entered a Drag boat race! My first two questions were:
    They have Drag boat racing in High School?
    Danni let her son drive a Drag boat?
    Glad he won and especially glad he wasn't driving a Drag boat!

  6. What great pictures! Gabriel's incredible, unstoppable energy comes right through the computer screen! I know you must have been exhausted observing superman's dangerous adventures...

  7. What fun! We got to see Spiderman when he was a little guy and hadn't turned into Peter Parker yet. Or maybe this is Spiderman 2? Great pictures, cute little guy, and congrats to Aidan winning the race. Those Dragon boats look pretty neat!

  8. Spidey is adorable! Don't you love three year olds? I think that's my all-time favorite age.

    Sponge Bob looks like he desperately has to pee.

  9. Great Critter mom and super duper Auntie Danni!!! Give high fives all around for us from the great northeast!!!

  10. That was such a fun post...3 is the perfect age isn't it????

  11. Hahaha, what an awesome kid! Such a cutie, Spiderman! I have a little cousin who looks and acts a lot like him...Too cute!

  12. How adorable! It sounds like Auntie had a great time, too!

  13. I love borrowing small children for free labor. New name for you.. On the way to Critter Farms Sweatshop.

  14. Oh my Gosh, he couldn't be cuter! Three year olds are so much fun!Looks like you guys had a great time while he was there!

    Oh and P.S. I will answer your question about the coop, I haven't forgotten about it! That question kind of made us go "Uh Oh, we forgot something!" I'll poost it on my blog just in case someone else is keeping an eye too. My computer has been taken hostage this week, so keep an eye over the weekend!

  15. Thanks for sharing Gabriel with us. What a cute little boy! He's at a fun age.

  16. What a great post! Your up and coming farm hand/spiderman is just too cute for his own good. :)

    Congrats to your son (and his proud Mama) on the Dragon Boat race.

    Have I mentioned I ADORE your blog? I check it almost every day. Thanks for sharing with us nosey types. :)


  17. That is so cute. I think even Spider Man enjoys farms , donkeys, and chickens.
    It looks like you both had a great time.

  18. and her Mom said,
    How wonderful to have a super hero helper. He is so adorable and it looks like he had a great time with you.

  19. Am meisten beeindrucken mich die "Muckies" deines Sohnes !! haha ... kennst du diesen Ausdruck?

  20. Donkeys AND superheroes! Your homestead is awesome :)

  21. Danni I can't believe you didn't have a career as a photojournalist. You are so funny and so good at it!!!


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