Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An inside day

These are fascinating weather times, I must say. Extended dry spells, potent snow storms, deep freezes, damaging winds, flooding rains...we've had a bit of everything lately.  In case you are wondering, we are currently on the "flooding rains" part of that list.

It has rained so hard for the last 24 hours, even rugged, weather-resistent Kai llama didn't need much coaxing to come under cover for breakfast this morning.

Chester and Beau were insistent that a towel dry was the least that should be offered at this fine establishment.

Mr. Goldy, my stock tank goldfish, has been through some challenges lately. (You can read about how Mr. Goldy came to be at Critter Farm here.)

He went from being snowed in...

to iced in...

to what will, most likely, be flood stage by tonight...

And he has handled it all with the grace and resilience of a true carp.  He is a tremendously hearty dude (and a very special member of the Critter Farm family).  I was surprised when I did the math today and realized that this May will mark his 4th year here on the farm!

Meanwhile, back in the rainstorm, while the big animals stood under cover chewing hay, they all had a good laugh at me trying to muck poop out of puddles.

Though they couldn't quite figure out my fascination with the patterns the downpours are making on their mineral blocks.

That's ok.  I'm not ashamed to say I am keeping myself entertained any way I can until the sun starts shining again.

Oh.  One more thing.  There's a new face here on the farm.

He's very big and very wild and has decided he really likes eating Clyde's food that I keep up at the barn. I'm monitoring this situation closely because there has been some evidence of scuffling in the barn that might indicate a territory war.  I am concerned that shy Clyde might be being bullied and this will not do.  Perhaps this new guy just needs to have someone explain the Critter Farm rules to him?


  1. Those salt blocks are becoming a work of art actually ! lol

  2. He better leave my girl Honey alone. Maybe you should send him to the 7MSN Ranch.

  3. 4 years!? That is one hardy fish for sure. Maybe our little Haden the betta will live that long!

    Poor Clyde.... Although I have a feeling he can hold his own, he doesn't need to be bullied. This one doesn't look any worse for the wear, maybe he is just visiting.

    We'll see what love the sunshine will reveal :-)

  4. i am wondering if my fish will make it through this frozen pond winter. the new guy better learn the rules fast!

  5. Sure hope Clyde can hold his own against this newcomer. Sure looks like a little explaining the rules is in order. Stay safe with all your rain.

  6. The new cat looks huge! Did he just show up or did you bring him to the farm? He'd better not go fishing in Mr. Goldy's pond.
    p.s. I think there's more moss on that tree at the top than in all of New Mexico.

  7. Ha, ha on the moss comment, Carson...there is so much of it and it is all so bright green, I feel like I've been popped into a Technicolor movie from the 40's!

    The cat, let's call him 'Big Boy'... :-) ...just showed up. Where the heck would he come from? I've checked with all the neighbors and no one claims him. He's so wild, I can't believe he has had humans in a while, if ever. So, again, how did he wind up out where I am? So strange...

  8. While I do like the new kitty, he'd better not mess with my girl, Clyde!
    I was sad to leave my three goldfish, Larry, Daryl and Daryll, at my old house, but they had been in their little pond through thick and thin weather for many years so I felt they were better off not making the move.
    Um, I noticed it's been over 4 years since the Mr. Goldy post where you said you were going to get him some friends….just saying'.

  9. My goodness! What a winter you've had! It's just been cold and snowy here! Nothing too dramatic. I demand a towel-dry too when I get wet. Tee hee.

  10. A gold fish trying to stay unfrozen. A new warrior challenging the favourite home cat... I don't know if i could be a ranch girl. I'm too much of a sissy for that i think.

  11. Anne Boleyn....Larry, Daryl and Daryll!!!! lol
    Sorry you had to leave them behind, but I think you made the right call.
    As hearty as these goldfish are, there is a limit to their resilience. The reason I haven't added new friends for Mr. Goldy is that I'm fearful of any number of pet store aquarium diseases. Adding new fish from an untested environment at this point seems like a risky thing to do...I would be so sad if I were the one to introduce something to the stock tank that would bring Mr. Goldy down!

  12. A friend of mine kept talking about her gigantic goldfish. I didn't think it could be that gigantic until..I saw it. Made me scream!! It is the size of a trout and has a supersize indoor aquarium. Love Anne B's names for her former goldfish.
    Has there ever been a bad photo of Kai Lama? Me thinks not.

  13. Gosh, I can see why folks in the PNW have such trouble with their emotions---the weather is emotional as well.
    That cat has not missed one meal. He's so sleek and shiny. I hope he doesn't push Clyde out with his bullying.

  14. Whenever the weather is squirrely and out of sync, I always remember standing in the kitchen of my 4th grade best friend's house and her mother looking out the window one weird winter and quoting ominously, "...and the trees shall know no season," Then went on to say it's a "sign of the times." Scared me to death - I was sure the world was going to end. Adults can be creepy. ;) Hope it gets a little less mucky soon! Teri

  15. We used to have goldfish in the stock tanks at the ranch I lease my pony from…until one day when one of the horses swallowed a fish whole! I'm glad you have Mr. Goldie, be sure is cute! And not to mention helpful.

  16. Hi! I hope all is well down there. I'm missing your posts this week. We had your rain come all the way up here (Ontario, Canada). It was a welcome break from the snow. But there sure are places between you and us that are floating! Hope your menagerie has high dry ground - and you too!

  17. Hey girlfriend,
    Just wanted you to know that I'm a missin you and the critter updates! I check everyday to see if there is new post and sometimes I'm rewarded and sometimes not! I know your life is critter crazy busy and then there is your human life that needs just as much and more attention! I live vicariously through your critter farm life. Lucky me, I enjoy all the cute pics and fun things but don't have any of the hard work that comes day in and day out. The worry you have of making sure all of your critter babes are in excellent health, no bullying, everyone getting the right food, the right amount of food, and all are spoiled rotten to the core! I really do love the way you live your life! I love how much your critters mean to you! I love how much your family means to you! I love how much your blog family means to you too! In other words my friend, I MISS YOU and so many others do too and your sweet critters too!
    Hope u are all well! Take care farm girl!
    Biggest hugs for all,
    Deb in Viola

  18. Danni, I heard through the farm blog gossip grape vein that you had started blogging again...through a certain goat whose name starts with M. so I raced over here to catch up on all the posts I had missed. It was so wierd because I was just telling that goat a few weeks ago how sad I was that you weren't blogging anymore and lo and behold?? You're back and we are all so happy! Missed you very much and sending the very best your way for a good, new beginning! xo

  19. Hi Danni,
    I was so happy to see you back! Like everyone else, I have missed Critter Farm very much and here's to sweet new beginnings! Sending you all the best...you deserve it!


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