Monday, April 23, 2012

Yesterday's story isn't finished, you know...

Please, won't you allow me to pick up where Carson at 7MSN left off in her Cinco de Mayo post today?

You know...after the arrival of Morning Bray Farm gang:
... and after the Margarita party hosted by Carson:
... and after said-party was crashed by the unruly equines...:
 (some in costume):
 (some just really hungry):
It was after all this, then, that Se├▒or Don agreed to chauffeur our ranch limo:

And off we went to explore the Back Forty.  Our goal?  To locate and observe the recently released (and suddenly feral) donkeys of 7MSN and Morning Bray Farm:
 Justina and I had prime seats in the back:

Of course, 7MSN Back Forty Tours are luxurious affairs, catered with only the finest refreshments:
 Ah ha... a sighting!:
 Crikey!  This one's approaching us:
  You know, it's a funny thing about these feral beasts...they seem to enjoy coming in for kisses:
... and pats:
...and bum scratches:
Apropos of nothing and just for fun, here's a picture of Carson taking a picture of Justina taking a picture of Don :
And did I mention that it was a magnificently beautiful day?:
Much too soon, it was time to round up the Morning Bray herd so they could get back home:
The feral beasts were actually amazingly cooperative:
And another lovely day of friends, critters and laughter at 7MSN came to a close:

(Unless you want to hear the story about how Carson and I went out later in the dark in pajamas with flashlights and cameras to identify the specific type of rodent that has begun bedding down with the chickens at night....)


  1. Yes, of course, we want to hear about the rodent. Don't leave us hanging!

    Mmmm, margaritas...

  2. Oh my gosh, you adults look like you had a great time with the feral beasts of both locales. I know dogs are cute, cats are cute, chickens are fluffy but there is nothing quite a dear to my olde heart as the antics of the longears that are loved by all of you. And I was chastized by my granddaughter when she saw ya'lls pictures of the costuming, "see what you started Oma". Pardoname por favor, says I. tee hee, it wasn't me it was Pinterest
    Sparkle on donketeers

  3. I'm so jealous. What a fabulous day you all must have had! Thanks for sharing.
    Any ID on the rodent situation? Is it actually getting in her Fort Knox of a chicken coop?

  4. ohhhh! thanks for the "back story"; and yes, we want to hear about rodent hunting in pjs!

    and somewhere there is a satellite that has a picture of you taking a picture of Carson taking a picture of Justina taking a picture of Don taking a picture.... oh, wait, I got carried away...

  5. Glad to hear you had a fun, relaxing time. ♥

  6. Where is the RODENT now? Really ned to hear the pajama story, please.

    What a day you had. Fine weather, great friends, lovely animals, laughter, margaritas... what else could anyone desire?

    Sometimes the pleasures of life come all bunched together. Have fun separating them in your memories. I can just hear you guys now recounting the day's adventures over a NM beverage.

  7. Curious minds need to know the finish of the rodent saga!

  8. A rodent bedding down with the chickens???!!! Hasn't he been paying rent? Why would the girls tolerate this slacker? Is the rooster snoring through these visits? Do tell!

  9. i want to hear the rest of the story!

  10. Great continuation of the story!

    As for the rodent/pj story: BRING IT!

  11. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. Love looking at your pictures of the play date. Ok let's hear about the rodent in the chicken coop.

  12. Yes, yes, please tell us the rodent story! What a great time you must have had.

  13. NICE pics! Looks like my kind of Vacation. Looking forward to tomorrow to read about that rodent.

  14. You people sure have a bunch of fun when you get together! :-)

  15. What a wonderful time you all had!
    Love all pictures.
    Great blog too.

  16. "Crikey!" (You crack me up!♥) Margaritas, equines, rodents and chickens...What a party!


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