Thursday, June 16, 2011


It's that time of year here again. Time for the goat boys' - Pete and Reggie's - annual CDT (clostridium perfringens types C&D tetanus toxoid) vaccinations:

Pete was immediately suspicious when I asked him, via collar-grab, to "please come here":

The vaccination process was threefold. While my son, Aidan, was holding, the goat boys were cookie-chewing, and I was injecting:

No muss, no fuss. It has never been so simple:

Life almost immediately returned to where it had been just moments before:

"Might I have some more, please?":

I highly recommend Trader Joe's animal cookies for all your goat injection needs.


  1. Your goats must be slower eaters than mine, or they must have had a lot of cookies!
    --Terry at

  2. Wait till they discover TJ's chocolate-covered pretzels.

  3. ha,ha I will remember that. We used bottles this year, but will try the cookies next year.

  4. Very cool! The goat boys really didn't know what poked them.
    Will you be compensated by Trader Joe's? Is there an opportunity in the advertising world right around the corner? (ha,ha)

  5. Not quite like having to inject cats :-)

    How's the pup doing?

  6. LOL, what about hoof trimming? I don't think I have enough cookies for that.

  7. Did the boys share with Aiden? The cookies, not the shots. :)

  8. Gosh, we've got to get a Trader Joe's! For so many reasons!

  9. Costco. They have the giant economy size bag of Peanuts.

  10. Thanks for the tip, Danni . . . I'll pass it on to my goat-loving family at Simply Country Farm! . . . except Jen will probably read this herself, now that I come to think of it. It was she that turned us on to "On the way to Critter Farm" many years ago.

  11. I see a visit to Trader Joe's in my future! We do the same when giving the horses injections but with horse cookies, not animal cookies. It works well with them too. And now that we have goats, I'll do the same with them - using TJ animal crackers of course.

  12. Hi Terry - Let's just say that they had more than I wanted them to have but less than they thought they deserved. :-)

    Oh, John....the chocolate covered pretzels are ALLLLLL mine!

    Michaele - the cookies don't last as long as your bottles probably do, so your guys may have some complaints next year. :-)

    Hi Zitrone - now that would be a perfect scenario...if my beloved Trader Joe's would compensate me for consuming all their delicious treats! :-)

    Hi Karen Anne - Meh, my poor pup's not recovering as fast as I'd hoped. Blog update for you coming tomorrow.

    Christine, I don't think *anything* helps with the hoof trimming. Though, if my mom comes over on hoof-trimming day, they love to nap in her lap and I can usually get the job done by contorting myself around their various sleeping positions. lol

    CeeCee - No. They did not. They have no manners in that regard.

    Thanks, Farmer Jen! :-)

    Clairz - Oh don't have one near you? What would you like, dear? Tell me, I'll send it to you!
    :-) :-) :-)

    Marigold, I'm almost afriad to tell you that Pete and Reggie have never even tasted a peanut. I think it's high time, don't you? lol

    Aw, California Grammy - you always make me feel so special! Thank you. ♥

    Debbie - Thank you! :-)

    Annette - Just to clarify - and to help you if you go looking for them (lol), they are officially known as Trader Joe's "Cats Cookies for People" (because all the cookies are shaped like cats). :-)

  13. hi danni! those two sure look cute on the spools! how is roxi doing?

  14. Wow. Trader Joe's has the prettiest animal cookies I've ever seen! I'd stand still for a shot if you fed me one of those cookies! I buy a bucket of them from Costco, but they are not nearly as pretty as those. Our critters really like them though.

  15. Excellent Teamwork and distraction technique.

    I trust Roxy is enjoying a speedy recovery...

  16. Your boys are so sweet Danni! :D Nice job on the vetting.

  17. Killer combination. Way to go...

  18. Maybe they pretend fear so they get a lot of really good cookies!!! :-)

  19. Cute post! Our very first herd of little Boer goats arrives tomorrow! I am beyond excited! No doubt, I will have many, many questions as time goes on...



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