Monday, November 22, 2010

A bit of a surprise

We northwestern Oregonians got a big surprise yesterday when it started to snow. Portland has only seen snow before Thanksgiving twice in the past 25 years, in 1985 and 2003. Big, wet, gloppy flakes started to fall a little past noon. Chester and Beau, my donkeys, quickly found a spot under the thickest trees to wait it out:

This would've been a great plan, except the snow didn't stop:

Because the ground temperature is still so warm, we didn't get a lot of accumulation, but it still looked very pretty this morning:

The air is so crisp and clean. It felt refreshing and festive on my morning walk to the barn:

On my way, I noticed nature's version of a raspberry slushy:

Chester and Beau were pleased that, despite the white stuff, breakfast was still on schedule:

Morning, Chet!

Kai llama, still covered with hay and straw from what was clearly a cozy night spent in her stall, came out for a curious peek:

Regardless of the weather, Chester made it very clear to me that he still wished to partake in his morning walk, so off we went:

I think he looks very handsome against a white backdrop, don't you?:

Beau anxiously awaited Chester's return:

When I was finished up at the barn, it was time to get the goats. Pete and Reggie, always up for an adventure, joined me on a walk around the property:

The raspberries, though cold, were still a tasty treat:

Kai met us at the fence line and politely asked to join us on our exploration:

So now there were four of us traipsing around in the slushy snow:

We popped in on the chickens to say good morning and feed them their breakfast:

Pete and Reggie didn't understand why they couldn't come into the chicken run with me:

On the way back, Pete and Reggie set a brisk pace. It had started to snow harder and, for goats, being wet totally takes the fun out of being adventurous:

"Are you coming, mom?":

"Can we go in now?":

Kai, Reggie and Pete were able to find a dry spot under a big Douglas Fir. Here is Kai being very accommodating by letting Reggie eat the hay that has been stuck to her fur all morning:

See? He got a pretty good mouthful off her belly:

Such a patient llama:

Ok, everybody, time to go in:

The snow is supposed to stop after tonight but a colder front is moving in that will supposedly drop our lows down to 13 degrees, which is very cold for us. I am incredibly thankful for warm and dry barns, coops and houses for everyone on Critter Farm!


  1. Out here in Boston i can remember snow before thanksgiving just a handful of times as well. It's definitely pretty, but I'd rather wait a few more weeks before it's here for good. I'm still enjoying the colors, sights and sounds of fall!

    Happy Farming!

  2. I love the picture of the goats at the door. I can't tell you how many times I have played follow the goats like you did.

    Snow, love it.

  3. It is beautiful. And always always fascinating to see how the animals react.

    We're in the midst of our first real winter storm this week, and although it's that time of year when we expect it... that first one still comes as a surprise.

  4. Pretty... and a cute story. But don't send it my way, not yet.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. And I'm sure the critters who are fortunate to live on Critter Farm are incredibly thankful for warm and dry barns, coops and houses too. Great pictures of your morning walk, Danni - your furry and feathered family seem quite content even in chilly weather.

  6. Great pictures! All the animals seemed to be enjoying the pretty snow as well.

  7. OH brrrrrr....I don't want any no no!! I'm already looking forward to Spring Danni!!! Goodness!!!

  8. How pretty...not that I dont have some of my own, but it seems much prettier at your house.

    I love taking the critters on their walks. Did Chet enjoy the snow?? Hes such a good boy.

    That Kai. She always manages to get covered in all kinds of stuff. :-)In all kinds of ways.

    I love the raspberry slushy. I bet the birds love it, too.

    My wv is plowir. I could use one of those right about now. How bout you?

  9. Okay......there are so many comments b/c there are so many wonderful pictures and as always, such wonderful narration. But my brain is tired and turned to mush from too much unnecessary drama in my life. But I will say I really enjoyed this peaceful post. I love a new makes me feel like all is right with the world even if just for a moment. And it seems that the senses are stronger, too.

    Thanks again for sharing!!

  10. So amazingly beautiful!!!!

    ~The Monster Crew

  11. lucky you!!!! snow!!!! i love snow!!! we had 70 degrees here yesterday. all the animals are so cute!

  12. A beautiful surprise! Happy Thanksgiving Danni! j

  13. Here in Western Montana I woke up to a foot of snow on the ground and 5*

  14. It's always lovely on Critter Farm, but the snow makes it look even more magical.
    I so appreciate your noticing everything and everyone on your morning rounds. Seeing the little things, as well as the larger picture, is such a gift and makes a beautiful day even more special. And the relationship you have with all of your animals - well, it's nothing short of miraculous!

  15. I think you got more of that white stuff than we did. I feel for you and I'm sending warm thoughts your way.

  16. I loved your lovely pictures of the snowy farm. Down here in Florida we never get any snow, so I have to live vicariously through posts like this one! :)



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