Saturday, May 1, 2010

There were these really big rocks on the highway

I think I've mentioned before that I always have my camera with me. However, that wasn't entirely full disclosure. Sometimes I have two, occasionally even three, cameras with me. Add to that my cell phone camera, and that makes four. My photo documenting has become second nature to me in the almost two and a half years that we've lived here on Critter Farm. Neither family nor critters so much as blink anymore when I pull out one of my electronic devices and start clicking away.

Still, there are times when I probably should not be photographing:

Say, like on the highway:

...while I'm driving:

Nevertheless, one frequently sees fascinating sights on the highway, some of which practically call out to be photographed.

Like this, for example. I've been seeing these trucks for months now:

...lugging enormous boulders along the major thoroughfare, through the city of Portland and then back out, heading toward the coast:

The sight of these huge rocks rolling down the highway never fails to amaze me:

Where are they coming from? Where are they going? Doesn't anybody else want to know?!:

The trucks always travel in pairs:

Can you imagine the cost of moving these beasts?:

These sure must be some important rocks.

And then I drove by them. I turned in one direction and they turned in another. I have no idea where they went.


  1. this is great! two weeks ago when we were traveling up I-5 towards Portland, we saw these trucks with these massive rocks, and it was like, "what on earth!" Where did they come from, what are they for, etc?
    And now I know we're not the only ones fascinated with them. How interesting that this is an on going thing, and wasn't just those two trucks that we saw that one time! I'll have to tell Malcolm about it now! He was in awe of their size!

  2. Let us know if you ever find out what's up with those rocks, OK. I have also been known to drive and take photos, but am way too old to do it on a major highway with big trucks like that. Hopefully, your reaction times are better than mine. -- lol, Inger

  3. Those rocks are just awesome for sure! But I couldn't help but be fascinated by the deep gray sky in the background.... it looks like a good rain cloud. Lordy, we could use a good rain cloud.

  4. It looked like the sky was going to break out in a huge storm. And those were some rocks you've got on your hiways!

    They talk about texting and driving - the next big thing is photgraphing and driving! And you started this trend!


  5. My goats wish those big boulders were coming to our house.

  6. Posting a comment on behalf of "Anonymous" :-)

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "There were these really big rocks on the highway":

    Here is a link to the story of the gigantic boulders...

    They are coming from Mt. Vernon, WA & Ranier, WA to Barview, just north of Garibaldi, OR.

    Will be used to extend the north jetty of Tillamook Bay another 100 feet.

    I live on highway 6 near Tillamook and see them go by all the time - AMAZING!! Estimated cost $13 million...

  7. I thought you were taking pictures of the clouds as well.
    Because I'm having an affair with Uncle Google, I've come up with two possibilities.
    1. Columbia Gorge something, something. (helpful, I know.)

    2. Columbia Gorge Winery.

    Honestly, they look like stone that is to be carved or used for some massive building project. Otherwise, they'd never haul it single, enormous pieces.

  8. Dang - I love the Internet!

    "Anonymous": thank you for that link! I laughed so loud when I saw the title of the news story! :-) If you can, please send me an email at at gmail dot com and I'll explain why I published your comment myself, unless you already know why. :)

    Penny and Lynn - it's funny, but I didn't even notice those black clouds at the time. It wasn't until I uploaded them onto my computer later that I thought, "Wow!". I guess I'm numb to it. During the first 28 days of April, it rained for 24 of them.... (the grass is always greener, Penny - lol)

  9. Danni, I was going to have to fuss at you for starting a story that you didn't know the ending to but "anonymous" saved you from the reprimand. Now I'll just be pondering the whole mystery behind who anonymous is :)
    That is pretty cool about the gi-normous boulders....I'll check out the link.

  10. Heyyyy..I saw that rock! That thing is huge! I wonder how many of those they will need to complete that project....

  11. I think I have rock envy.;)

  12. Yes, it is strange, but my friend hauls oversized loads of huge granite boulders from Wausau, WI to the docks in Manitowoc, WI (2 at a time). They are then transported by barge thru the Great Lakes all the way out to the Boston area to be used for shoreline reinforcement. I guess red granite is impervious to salt water. Whooda thunk it?

  13. I wish I had a Peanut that big. Really I do.

  14. Those are some BIG rocks! Hmmm, wonder what they use them for. Maybe a landscape decoration, a retaining wall, oh I know, I castle!!! :)


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