Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Regarding that To-Do list

Do you remember that To-Do list I mentioned on Saturday ?

The list might have been a bit difficult to read, given the helpful, furry goat faces in the way and all, so here's how it ultimately read:

  • Trim goat hooves
  • Rehang hay feeder
  • Stain deck railing
  • Wash & store potatoes
  • Finish storing garlic
  • Measure sunflower
  • Carry jam down to pantry
  • Put up chicken roof panels
  • Take netting off blueberries
  • Cut off stupid-ass apple branch

Would you like to know the status of those items?

1) Trim goat hooves - CHECK

Pete went to sleep through part of it:

Way, way asleep, that boy was:

Reggie was more challenging and refused to sit still for it. He apparently was not desiring a foot treatment on this day. This picture was one of his brief quiet moments before he would suddenly fling himself off Jim's lap:

2) Rehang hay feeder - CHECK

This was a do-over project. Last week we had raised the hay feeder up from "baby goat" level to "teenage goat" level and the goat boys promptly brought it down:

Now it's on nice and strong:

A face-down feeder is no good to any of us, and the boys are much happier now:

3) Stain deck railing - CHECK

And by "stain" I mean "waterproof":

And by "check" I mean, well, half way check. The entire railing has been cleaned and prepped but I only got half the railing sealed with waterproofing. Sigh. This took way longer than I thought it would. But half of it looks really great:

4) Wash and store potatoes - Not done.
Quite simply ran out of time. Tomorrow's another day.

5) Finish storing garlic - CHECK
Ack. Semi-check. I still have two varieties that need to be bagged and hung. My pantry has cement walls and I couldn't screw anything into the walls to hang my garlic bags from. So I found an old closet rod and used it:

6) Measure humongous sunflower - CHECK

We've been watching this mammoth sunflower for a while and it just keeps getting taller. Finally, we took a measuring tape out - we guessed 13 feet, but it came in at 10 feet 6 inches:

7) Carry jam down to pantry - CHECK

Thirtyone 8 ounces jars of raspberry jam. We had a lot of raspberries this year:

8) Put up chicken roof panels - CHECK

Even the best designed chicken runs need a bit of maintenance now and again:

My sweet man spent part of his Saturday fixing the roofing panels on my chicken run. We know that heavy rains are in the forecast, so time is of the essence:

9) Take netting off blueberries - CHECK

I love blueberries. I had a great harvest this year. I'm quite sad the season is over:

10) Cut off stupid-ass apple tree branch - CHECK

Yes, I said "stupid-ass". For months now, almost every time I walk by this branch, it nabs me in the shoulder:

But it's a tricky devil and it never gets me on the way *up* to the garden - when I'm thinking about it - only on the way *down* when my hands are full and I'm preoccupied with other thoughts:

Ok, so maybe my shoulder doesn't look that bad in this picture, but it HURT:

And, after months of repeatedly having the skin scraped off my shoulder, it was time.. OFF with that branch!:

The goats enjoyed it a great deal:

September has been an unbelievably busy month. This Saturday recap is just a tiny example. I feel like I'm racing against the clock trying to get everything done...done before the berries rot, done before the vegetables go bad, done before the rains hit, etc. While we've been extremely productive, there comes a point where all work and no play makes Danni a dull girl. I've about reached that point.


  1. the apple limb! I need to do the same to our chicken run.

    Meaning to ask you, do you put anything down on the chicken yard to keep down the mud from all of our rains in the winter? Kim

  2. Nice post! Take it easy, kick back. Have a beer (if you drink) and go back at it with a relaxed mind. (well, take care of the berries and the veggies first). I need to do that every now and then. This month I cant though. I have 10 cords of wood to move from a mile down the road. After that I think I will take some of my own advice. Have a great day!

    Oh, and it made me chuckle when you said "stupid-ass". I am inmature like that ;)

  3. Its obviously a time for to do lists!! I am glad that you seem to be getting on better with your list than I am with mine! LOL

  4. I love giving tree trimmings to my goats. They go crazy for them!

    About the potatoes - when I went to glean potatoes for the first time here in the heart of potato country, the locals told me to store the potatoes without washing them. They said they store longer that way and just to wash them right before you use them.

    Jealous of your garlic. I'm planting some this year, so hopefully I'll have some next year.

  5. Yes, it has been busy. You have accomplished much! I actually gasped out loud with delight when I saw all of those beautiful jars of raspberry jam in your pantry. No blueberry jam?

  6. It all sounds busy but satisfying work.
    How wonderful to have such great amounts of raspberry Jam!

  7. I loved those raspberry jars! You are an amazing woman, Danni! Get some rest and know that your farmgirl life has now come true.

  8. Time for a road trip!!! Wow Danni, you are a busy I'm feeling a bit guilty...I had one tomato!

  9. Wow! Your To Do list is similiar to mine. Glad you finally got that stupid ass branch taken care. Nothing more annoying than a stupid ass branch!!! Right up there with stupid furniture when your knee runs into it! lol Your goats are soooo cute!

  10. You've done well on your "to do" list. It is definitely time for some play time. Pick something you love to do and haven't treated yourself for a long time . . . like a facial, or a pedicure, or have tea with a friend . . . something girlie!

  11. Yes we CAN! I knew you could do it!
    Those jars are beautiful.
    I heard raspberry jam makes for a good salve for tree scrapes. ;-)
    That Pete sure is a cutie. zzzzzz

  12. Dull? My girl? NEVER!!! And your mom is coming over to help you celebrate all those CHECK marks. I'm thinking you have been working too hard, and now it's definitely time to kick up your heels.
    Can't believe how lovely your pantry looks, and what a deep down good feeling it must give you to have grown, harvested, and put up all those veggies and berries. And the never ending repairs! But you've done it und jetzt kann der Winter kommen.

  13. P.S. Forgot to tell you not to wash the potatoes before storing them. Just like Sarah said, they store better and longer.

  14. Pps. Can I take one of those 8 oz. raspberry jams home?

  15. I am exhausted simply READING that list! Everything looks wonderful. OH, and I LOVE your new header! That is the cutest picture. I think I have those boots. They go great with everything - including a night gown. Very fashionable.

    You know, I agree. That WAS a stupid ass apple tree branch. Evil little thing.

    And just look at all those beautiful jars of jam. You have out done yourself.

    Your little helpers just melt my heart. Shhhhh - don't tell Bernie, but I'm scheming on getting two little goats. It's a delicate situation, but I *think* it may just work......

  16. I want blueberrys so bad but my husband is shure they wont do well in our corner of the earth.
    It was fun to see your chores in progress.

  17. I am there with you. I am STILL canning tomatoes. We had a banner year after waiting forever for them to turn red. Just ahead of the killing frost the hubby took everything off the vine and I have about 50lbs of green ones in my basement slowly turning red. They are bound for the dehydrator.

    Lots of eggplant this year too. I canned ratatouille and tapanade. I will be thrilled when I have a day with nothing to do....

  18. There is just something wrong with a goat that goes to sleep during hoof trimming. I, myself, try to be the worst I can possibly be and the goatmother has the bruises to prove it. You go, Reggie boy!

  19. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that new header pic. I loved it the first time I saw it.

    Next time I get a pedicure at your house...Im gonna fall sleep like that. Snort. And it makes me smile to see that belly on Pete.

    The colorful garlic filled bags are a very nice addition to the are the lovely jam filled jars. How can you not smile when you walk in and see that?

    Okay, really? That sunflower is more than 2 of me. You could stack another me on top of me and I still wouldnt be that tall. Thats just not right.

    Mr Jim...such a great guy. Working on the chicken run.

    I somehow managed to avoid the stupid ass apple tree limb. It wouldnt have been my shoulder it go tho..

    So, wow. Youve been busy. And have made so much progress! So many, many things done. This is a great thing! :)

  20. Maybe Reggie has ticklish feet?!

  21. Wow! Not only did you accomplish a huge list, but you were able to document it! I have trouble with that part. :) Of course, you did have your helpers ;).
    I love your new photo at the top of your page!!

  22. I never make to-do lists, because then I have to feel bad when everything doesn't get done. :)
    If, however, I had lovely goaties boys to help with the chores, I might make a list or two.

  23. 11) Leave ambiguously hostile comment on best-friend-in-whole-world's blog. Or, if she doesn't have one, dump it on Rian.

  24. Holy Cow! I wished I had half your energy. All that in one day...I guess that's a farmers life :)

    I just love Reggie and Pete, they are adorable.

  25. Gee whiz....I didn't know I was gonna see skin on this blog...warn a person would ya?!

    HA! I crack me up. Anyhow, congrats on a successful to do list weekend!


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