Tuesday, November 27, 2007

View from my kitchen window

No farm in sight, but I do have a ceramic rooster in a rabbit hutch. See him? That's Mike. You may not be able to tell from the photo, but both Mike and the hutch have been in my small, urban backyard for years now. Some days it feels like I have dreamed of chickens and farm life forever. It may seem silly, but seeing Mike every day when I look outside makes me happy. He's the physical representation of my dream waiting to be fulfilled. I still believe this dream will come true, it just may take a bit longer yet. Patience, I tell myself. And then I go to the sink and smile out at Mike.


  1. Danni

    One day your dream will come true. Just keep visualizing it. To answer your questions - green manure is a nitrogen feeding cover crop. It is plowed under just before you get ready to plant again in the spring.

    As for the little girls, they are slowly adjusting. I am very protective of them because the big hens can be mean! Tomorrow is the first day they will be out of their protective cages and in with the grown ups!

  2. Hi chicken mama, thanks a lot for the kind words and the good thoughts. I learned about something new today: green manure. :-)
    I look forward to hearing (and seeing pics) about how the little girls are faring in the new, big world!


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