Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dolly and Toni leave Critter Farm

So, if you've been over to my friend, Marcee's blog lately, you will already know that she became the proud owner of two, beautiful llamas this weekend. You might recognize those llamas. Dolly llama and her daughter, Toni, who have been living on Critter Farm since last November, now call Marcee's new home their new home, too. Marcee has been fancyin' llamas for a really l-o-n-g time, so when her new "babies" set foot on her property for the first time on Saturday, I felt very lucky to be able to be there with her.

Last November, when I took in these sweet rescue llamas, the plan was that I would foster them over the winter and, come spring, find a forever home for them. In an incredible turn of events, during this time, Marcee's family managed to 1) find new employment, 2) find new employment in a city only 4 hours (instead of 34 hours) away from Critter Farm, 3) find and buy a house with property and a barn and 4) be totally moved in shortly after spring began. She never even hesitated when I asked her if she would like to have these girls come and live with her. In fact, I think she had had a similar idea mulling around in her head for quite some time. It seems pretty clear these llamas were meant to be with her.

So, here is the story from my side - told mostly in pictures - of what happened this weekend...

Observing the giant trailer in the barn driveway:

Helping to navigate from the back of the truck (with the Shasta daisies):

A new place in the sun:

Critter Farm pup, Roxy, and Darby made friends quickly:

Little G. was very excited to share a goldfish snack with (and sit right next to) Mr. Jim:

G. pleasantly surprised me with a glass of ice water, presented in a festive Zoey cup with a lid and straw:

A first taste of grape leaves:

Meeting her new goats:

Scrambled eggs:

Roxy made herself completely at home:

Trimming llama nails:

CD&T booster vaccine successfully administered:

Saying goodbye:

Those of you who follow my blog will notice that Kai llama did not go to Marcee's. She has stayed behind on Critter Farm to care for her goats, Pete and Reggie, who refuse to stay safely in their pasture without her watching over them. In the time she has been here, Kai has become a delightful - and protective - goat guardian:


  1. Mystery solved! You should have heard Justina, her husband and I on Saturday speculating about your road trip post. This is planetary alignment, for sure, and a most happy ending for your rescued llamas. Well done!

  2. I have to confess that I didn't know that your Llama girls were temps at critter farm, I must've missed a post or two early on I guess! I'm glad they've found a fab new home!

  3. Ok - that was worth the worry'n wait. :) Yeah a happy ending. PS:LOVE your stories. LOL too cute your drink cup. ;)

  4. Danni - what a wonderful end to a suspense thriller of your last few posts. I'm glad Marcee was able to take the llamas, and that you were able to take them there yourself, and say your goodbyes. Looks like they have a wonderful home with plenty of space to roam, and some goatees to keep safe. Also glad to hear the Kai is staying with Pete and Reggie to keep them safe. Thanks for letting our curious/inquiring minds know what went on with you this weekend. Take care, from KY.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip with a wonderful end, even if a bit sad to have two less heart shaped noses in your pasture. Glad to hear Kai has become a good goat guardian, I've heard opinions all over the spectrum reguarding goats and llamas. ...I miss the Columbia River! :)

  6. This is SO wonderful! Who better to take the girls than Marcee!!
    Yes, don't the pups always have to leave their "mark" on your bestest friend's house!!!
    I'm glad you still have Kai! Is she staying forever Danni?

  7. This past weekend was by far the most whirlwind like experience that I have had in quite some time. It was amazing, fun, and seemingly busy all at the same time. And never to be forgotten. The weekend ended way too quickly, but I am so happy that you were here with me when the llamas arrived to their new home. :-)

    And meant to be it was. I dont think the timing of all those events could have worked out any better.

    But man, trimming llama toes is a hard job. Even tho we didnt accomplish as much as we would have like to in that arena...I still feel like we made huge progress. And the girls did wonderfully, dont you think? Oh, and thanks for getting me to the right place while I was trimming toes...clearly, I wasnt following what you were saying and needed a little more um, direction. :-) :-)

    And can I just say how happy it made me that the farm pups became such quick friends? It still makes me smile every time when I think about it.

    Refreshments are a big deal here at the farm....

    So yeah. Wow. I still have so much more to say....but please know that the llamas are in very good hands and will be taken care of very, very well. And will be loved by leaps and bounds. And if they liked to be touched, well, they would be getting tons of pats and scratches, too. :-)

    Thank you danni. For everything. Youre the best. :-)

  8. This was a much better ending than I'd expected. I missed that the girls were rescues as well.

    Are the goats rescues too? I would miss reading their stories.

  9. What a great surprise . . . such a perfect permanent home for the llamas! Hip Hip Hooray for Marcee.

  10. And how does Kai feel about being an only lama? Ha! Now she will have to accept those donkey boys! :)

  11. Okay....so the end result is that I had a big "awwwww" and my heart was made warm by such a story of intertwined paths! How fun that such friends can share such sweet animals. But I was a little sad to see them leave Critter Farm. And a little worried that Kai will be sad without her other llama girls. But I know that the goat boys will keep her company.
    Thanks for sharing and I guess I forgive you for leaving us hanging!:) It was worth the wait.

  12. I'm wondering the same thing as Marigold...will Kai miss the other llamas? You're a kind soul to take in the llamas as fosters. I know that it hurts your heart a little to let them go...animals touch our hearts, don't they?

  13. I haven't had a chance to go back through your blog, so I also just thought your llamagirls were a permanent addition.

    It is so lovely to see a rescue turn out so right :D


    PS Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, I'm just starting to get into my farm piccies

  14. I must admit I have not had the time to go through your blog, so I too did not realise that your llamagirls were not permanent residents of Critter Farm.

    It is so lovely to see a rescue of any kind turn out so right, and the girls have such a wonderful home :D


    PS Thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog, I am just now starting to get some farm piccies up.

  15. I thought those two Llama ladies were permanent additions also. And I also was concerned about "Kai", with them leaving....

    Danni, you're still a Saint in my book...

    Or, if you prefer, "A Queen" lol

    Bless you.

  16. ok...now i will have to follow marcees blog so i can continue to see the girls. i thought they were with you permanently so i was very surprised but what a wonderful new home they have now. too cut that kai the goat guard got to stay!

  17. How wonderful is it that you got to say "See you later" rather than "goodbye" to Toni and Dolly? I just love that Marcee adopted them. Danni, is Critter Farm Kai's permanent home now?

  18. I'm sure it was bittersweet... you must be so happy that Dolly and Toni have gone to a wonderful new home. :) I'll bet that Dolly and Toni are so thankful to you for being such a wonderful and caring llama mama to them and for finding them an awesome new forever home.

  19. That was a lovely, happy ending to your mysterious post.
    I know I thought it was about Aiden, but that's where my head is right now because of my own boy. I know lots of people who use stock trailers to move their belongings.:)

  20. how marvelous! Yes, I saw on Marcee's blog that she was the proud new llama mama.

  21. Oh, so sad to see them go. So happy to know they'll be living in a placed steeped in love.

  22. I know that Marcee is so happy and so are the llamas. Could you do a tutorial on trimming llama toes? I have to do Fuzzy's and don't have a clue.

  23. Yay! What a fun post. So glad to see the girls (including Kai) finding their forever home.

    Congrats to Marcie!

  24. I'll miss Dolly Llama, but I guess I can now find her on Marcee's blog.

  25. Interesting how happy Dolly and Toni seem to be. Looking at their ears, indicators of mood, they are super pleased to be where they are. I believe they prefer the wide-open country to our woodsy, somewhat darker environment. All's well that ends well.
    And Kai, now permanent member of the family, is continuing to be kind and loving to her charges and other critters on critter farm.
    I'm so happy for everyone!

  26. I wondered who was leaving and why... a Happy story :O)..

  27. Wow what a wonderful turn of events for you, Marcee and the llama girls!! How lucky for Dolly, Toni, and Kai to come live with you. I'm glad you decided to keep Kai, I miss having a llama around the place.

  28. What a GREAT foster mom you were to those two very lucky llamas! I love happy endings:) I just got caught up on your blog and I have to say, I loved the hail storm! I used to enjoy those in MN summers but now that I live in CA, I've only seen a couple of very brief ones in 11 years. And, as always: great pictures & video!


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