Saturday, June 5, 2010


Weeds everywhere.

But hey, it sunny out!

And I've got lots of help:

Chester says "hi"...


  1. Weeding was just about all we had time for as well! And boy, are they healthy!

    The sun was great to see. Too bad it won't be back for a couple of days...

  2. Great pictures and such great feathered and furry friends!
    Do you know what breed your rooster is? I have one looks just the same!

  3. hee hee - I love the chickens looking into the bucket!

  4. Glad you're getting some sun! I have so many weeds in my garden and it's so hot, I just don't want to go out there and deal with it.

  5. We are actually starting to burn out in now. Yep hotter than hades now. But I am not complaining just sayin... after last winter I swore not complainging about the heat again!

    Moles have been doing a number on my squash plants! uggg I am down by half! grrrr

    Funny your just gettin going good and we are starting to go toward the end ... till we plant for fall..

  6. It's funny here Danni...we've had lots of rain...but things seem to be really dry! Maybe it's just me! My weeds have run amok! (sorry about the spelling!)
    Hi Chester!!

  7. Hi Chester
    Question - do the chickens eat a lot of weeds or just their scratching keep them under control? Never had any but wanting some soon.

  8. We may be making good progress in the house but the garden(I use that term very loosely) is going rampant! One thing at a time!
    Hi back to Chester♥

  9. Hi Chester! Everything looks so healthy and green! That rain is good for growing!

  10. Yes, weeds are taking over my garden and my entire yard! And I don't have nearly as much help as you do. I love your pics! And it has been sunny. That's a good thing.

  11. Hi Chester boy, are you keeping those chickens under control for Mom?
    Help her pull the weeds and maybe she will have a special treat for you.
    So cute....

  12. Hi Paula - Although it's supposed to rain another 1/2 inch tonight, I'm expecting the sun to return very soon. We had a discussion and the sun agreed. :-)

    Hey Country Cupcakes - My rooster, Roopert, is a Silver-Laced Wyandotte. He's a beauty, isn't he? Have you posted photos of your boy? I'd love to see him.

    Hi Isobelle Go Lightly - They loved the selection of weeds I had in the bucket and were certain I had picked all those just for them! LOL

    Hi Nancy - With the heat, it's plain dangerous to be out picking weeds. For us, we've just not wanted to be washed away with all the rain! LOL

    Hi Texan - Oooh, sorry about your moles. We've got a nasty bugger hitting our little patch of lawn right now. My hubby, aka Trapper Jim, will be heading out shortly to take care of that bad boy. ;-)

    Hi Eve - I totally believe you spelled 'amok' correctly! LOL

    Hey Maria - The chickens love weeds - in moderation - much preferring worms, bugs and cracked corn. can kind of tell by the weedy mess I photographed, can't you, how well they are keeping it (not) under control?! LOL

    Hi Sue Webber - One thing at a time is a perfect way to tackle things, in my opinion!

    Hey Razzberry Corner - Thanks, Lynn!! :-)

    Hi Farmer Jen - I thought of you today with our sun, hoping you were getting plenty, too. p.s. it's cloudy here now and due to rain (a lot) overnight.

    Hi farmlady - boy, you got that right. There is *always* a special treat for Chester, even if he doesn't help with the weeds outside of the fenced area. Not that he wouldn't help, mind you, I just might not get him back into the pasture afterwards. lol :-)

    Marigold - goats and donkeys talking to each other. Is there a more perfect world than that? :-)

  13. Hi Me again...
    Thanks for the rooster breed...I will d a post soon and pop a Photo of my Big Boy on it!
    I thought he was a Silver something??? He is quite stunning.
    My New rooster is a Mammoth looking guy and all white...Mabey White leghorn?

  14. weeds....i try to make them work for me as much as possible! i wish i had some little friends to help me with them though!

  15. Hi Chester! :)

  16. I was just now thinking I should go outside and weed before it gets to hot, but then I got a notice that you had a new blog pot and decided reading it would be WAY more fun than weeding..... Your chickens are so pretty! Roopert is really handsome. They sure look happy to help you do your weeding :) Hi Chester!!!!

  17. We've had a bit of rain here too. One day of sun to a week of rain.

    The goats can't keep up with the grass!

  18. Weeds, weeds everywhere! And how in the world are you getting your chckens to help you? Mine have become picky these days. They haven't helped with the weeding at all!
    Howdy Chester!

  19. I always find that weeding is a therapeutic way to deal with anger, frustration, etc.....judging by the are completely at peace now :)

    hopefully all that rain has served a purpose at getting the ground nice and soft for the weed pulling venture.

  20. Yay for the sun!!! That sunny day has to make even weeding a doable task. :-)

    Little tiny, itty bitty weeds are taking over my veggie garden. Spreading as I stand there and look around, I do believe. I have taken the hoe in there appears that I need to do that again. Blech.

  21. Your blog is so good, I have been so busy that I just read through the last few, I agree about having a mother to care for your animals while you are away is one of lifes biggest blessings.


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