Monday, June 14, 2010

The clouds parted...

And, miraculously, the sun began to shine.

After months and months (...and months) of record-breaking rain and cold, we were finally gifted with a weekend of paradise.

Saturday was noted to be our hottest day of the year so far. Everyone - and everything - reveled in it.

This lovely, warming, soothing, growing sun brought out....

Pea pods with the promise of juicy peas:

Garlic scapes:

Tomato blossoms:

Presents from my chickens:

Baby grapes:

Baby raspberries:

Baby apples:

Fat blueberries trying to ripen:

Strawberries finally beginning to develop their first reddish hue:

Strange bugs that seemed to appear out of nowhere:

Peonies bursting into bloom:

A dust bathing donkey:

Quickly followed by wrestling donkeys:

The hot sun made a farm pup seek shade among the garlic:

And enticed many to buckets of water:

It's vital to stay hydrated on hot days, you know.

Important conversations took place in the cool of the shade:

This day became the day where everyone got to do their own thing. Where one llama preferred standing in the shade, another preferred standing in the sun, while a third decided a sound sleep was just the ticket:

(Please note Pete the goat relaxing in the pasture chair, with Reggie the goat whispering sweet nothings to him from behind.)

Ah, sun. You heal us.


  1. Wonderful, Danni - I'm glad you finally got some sun. Here in KY, we had heat indexes in the upper 90's yesterday because of the heat mixed with the humidity of afternoon thundershowers that are pretty frequent these days. But it is good to have the mix of sunshine and rain, I think. More happy sunshine for you, I hope. Take care, from KY.

  2. Nothing like the warm sun on your face :D That first bug in th epic is what we call here a stink bug! Squish them! They will ruin your crops! Balsted things! Be careful tho they stink when squished! Hence the name!

  3. Critter farm always looks like such a happy place. So many animals. I can just picture their conversations! And the sun makes it so much more pleasant, doesn't it? I love the sun! How hot did it get on Saturday? You said it was the hottest day this year... Enjoy the sun, and may you get many more sunny days!


  4. Hurray for sunshine! I am so happy for you, I know it would really get to me to have that many rainy days in a row. Hope it stays.

  5. Everything looks so wonderful and spring like,it is hot here!Donkeys do love their dust baths,ours tend to lean towards mud baths! All the critters are looking cute as ever!

  6. My sister will be healed beyond measure!
    It's obvious that all the menagerie loves the sun as much as the garden plants. I can just feel the happiness in your words at finally having sunshine.

    PS...No post on Aiden graduating??

  7. looks like you are going to have a beautiful summer! So exciting to see baby food!

  8. It's always great to see it after the storm, that's for certain.
    Here, today, I am praying for the opposite-a healing touch of rain.
    I hope it comes.

  9. Isnt it amazing how much happier your day can look when the sun is shining so brightly!

    Your garden looks many things happening in there. One day of sunshine can make so many things happen in the garden. :-)Love seeing your strawberries just beginning to turn. I think we have eaten about 5 raspberries off our bush so far...they were yummy.

    Is that Music that Roxy is relaxing in?

    Lots of good drinking going on when the days get warm, huh? My goat boys love their fresh, cool water when the days get warm.

    Kai is totally knocked out. Maybe Ill try that when I come over next time.

  10. That sounds way tooooo English type weather!!! (-: I hope you took time to sample the sunshine in a relaxing way too Danni!

  11. Looks like everyone relished in the warmth of the sun. So, when is everything going to ripen? A definite smorgasboard ( ? ) there! Yum!!!

  12. Your stuff looks so good!

    I love that Pete knows that chairs are for relaxing in, and not standing on; what a smart goatboy!

  13. Hi Kathy in KY - I've been to Kentucky so I'm familiar with the unbelievable humidity you all get there. Positively energy-sapping! Our beautiful weekend weather is gone again, we've got a high of 52 today. Had an amazing hailstorm a few minutes ago that made me think of January. sigh.

    Hey Sue Webber - thanks for the bug ID. Nasty thing. Fortunately, I've only seen one so far

    Hi Lynn (Razzberry Corner)- The sun always makes things more pleasant, in my opinion! You asked how hot it got on hit 82 degrees here. And like I mentioned above, today it's 52. sheesh.

    Hi Tina - thanks for your weather-well-wishes!

    Hey Melodie - Oh my, aren't those mud baths something else? Chet and Beau will come up for dinner absolutely coated on their hind ends. I've yet to see them roll in the mud, but it's clear that they're doing it!

    Hi Prairie Mother!! I'm not giving up hope yet for a beautiful summer, but since the cool temps and rain have returned again, I'm not so optimistic for the success of my garden at this point. Sigh. Baby food... been a long time since I've thought about that! lol

    Hey CeeCee - I posted too soon. Gloomy, cool and wet again today. Hope your sister took advantage of the weekend weather!
    Re: Aidan's graduation - I'm keeping that one pretty close to my heart right now. It was a milestone for him and an exciting but bittersweet occasion for me. Not quite ready to share it. :-)

    Hi Polly's path - If only we could share weather, huh? I'd happily send you a bit of healing rain to make you smile!

    Hey frugalmama - Crazy that you all have raspberries already. We're at least a month away, I'd guess. But I guess that's no big surprise given the weather this year.
    That's Oregon Blue garlic that Roxy's resting in. Bigger than the Chinese Pink but way smaller than the Music. Still - sufficiently large to give that little girl respite from the heat! ;-)

    Jenny - I have to say, this year I *feel* like we're in a different country, with our unusual cold and wet. I think I did appreciate the sunshine - in my own way...walking around with camera in hand enjoying my animals and the pretty sights in my garden! :-)

    Hi AJ-Oaks - Ok, sun's gone again. I'm sort of starting to worry that things may rot before they ripen this year! sigh.

  14. beautiful garden! looks like all were thuroughly enjoying teh sunshine and warmth!

  15. Hasn't it been great?!? I LOVE the warmth of the sun on my skin.

    Excellent photos. I like the conversation & the last image the best. Very cute & they really show your animal personalities at their most charming.

    BTW, thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and support over at my place today.


  16. You give us hope that we too will some day see the sun again. Thanks for the great, uplifting photo montage.

  17. With all the bad news going in our country and world, it is nice to see a glimpse of a place and time where all was right. What a peaceful, joyful day you had! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like it didn't last, though. Hang in there. I'll send you up some of our 99 degrees with 100% humidity if you need a warm up :) (I'm sure the answer is no thanks!)

  18. So many great pictures!

    I've been waterlogged in Washington...and waiting for some good weather!

  19. i don't know how i missed that last post with you trying to read your book but it is just too cute. and i will trade you weather whenever you are ready! we have had no spring at all. we went from 6 feet of snow directly to 85-90 degree humid weather which means at least 6 months of summer....ugh!!!

  20. How wonderful you finally got a day of sun and warmth. I love the pictures, as always. The last one of Pete laying in the chair is priceless! What precious animals you have on Critter Farm

    It really does seem that you and I are at opposite ends this year. Our raspberries mostly dried up on the vines from lack of rain. Your blueberries are just beautiful!

  21. So glad you all finally got some warmth and sunshine! The donkey boys must have reveled in being able to dust bathe... I always feel sorry for our boys on the days that it rains because they look so miserable. Pete and Reggie just totally crack me up. As always, love your pictures and captions... you always make it so easy for me to feel like "I'm there!"

  22. Now THAT'S the Oregon we're missing out on . . . we'll be there sooner than later, hopefully! Beautiful summer life at Critter Farm!

  23. Roxy is too cute -- what a face!! I'm glad the sun came out at your place.

  24. The last picture says it all...Julie needs a goat!!! hahahaha!


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