Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A conversation with my goat

There are two lawn chairs in the middle pasture currently. Since I had myself in one of them, Reggie decided he'd help himself to the other:

"Look at me, I'm in the chair":

"And just so we're clear, I wouldn't be in this chair if you had let me sit in your lap in your chair":

"But fine. I'll just curl up here...maybe close my eyes for a minute or two":

"Huh," I say to Reggie. "That chair doesn't seem to fit you as well as it did the last time we were down here":

"I dare say maybe it's even time to cut back on the hay a bit, Chubby Chubster..."

"Really, though," Reggie responded, "if I could just get this back to recline - just a smidge - I bet I could totally fit":

"Yeah, there you go, Reggie, way to use your head":

"Wait - I'm not sure that's such a good idea...you're on a bit of a hill, Reggie":


"Heh," I say to his retreating backside, "Bet that got your little heart racing. Maybe a nap down there in the soft grass would be better?":

I did not get a response.

Oh, and here's a short example of what Kai is having to put up with these days:


  1. I bet you could spend hours watching those four-legged critters! What fun entertainment they are. And Kai is so tolerating with his buddies.

  2. Wot a pair or terrors! lol :D OH! I have goat babies!! Must get some photos, I keep forgetting my camera!

  3. Oh, Danni - you gave me such a giggle this early morning in KY. I think I liked when Pete and Reggie got halfway into the hay bucket and were rolling it around. Yes, poor Kai is having her patience tried, and she's doing so well, too! Thanks for the laugh this morning. Oh, and, Reggie needs some help sitting down these days, doesn't he? I had a cat we used to call chunk-a-bunk - sounds fitting for Reggie, too, huh?

  4. I wish more people could see and understood, the intelligence, child likeness of goats.

    They give so much joy and entertainment.

    Which reminds me, I must put some pics up

  5. kai and her goat babies are so cute. i think she knows she can straighten those two out whenever she feels like it!

  6. The post and video are hillarious Danni! But I don't know who's butt is bigger...Reggies or my Ole's!

  7. "Waiter, there's a goat in my dinner"

  8. The ending of the video is perfect. That's exactly how it always ends here, too. LOL

    I loved how Kai was looking around like, "Hey, can someone help me out here?"

  9. Poor Kai, just wants to eat in peace. Silly goats. Cute pic on the chair

  10. You speak well for your goat boys, Danni! It sounded just like Reggie's thoughts! Love the video!

  11. I saw that one coming. Too stinkin' funny.

  12. too funny. I had left my camping chair in the goat field two night ago after the baby delivery, and the next morning Tardy had claimed it as his new castle and climbing fort. He even had the audacity to push me out of it when I tried to reclaim it, and when i didn't budge he did jump in my lap. Stubborn goat.

  13. Ahahahah! That Reggie. I believe I got live telephone footage of this event. :-) Hes such a funny boy.

    I love it when they use their front feet to paw at things and then think they can make anything move. Case in point...reggie wanting the back of that chair to recline... Ha!

    And Kai? So very patient. I just dont think either dolly or toni would stand for that type of goatie activity.

  14. Very funny! I enjoy your posts very much. You give me just what I need when I get a chance to take a break and read my favorite blogs.

  15. It sounds so peaceful there with the birds twittering. Well, except for the head butting of the goats.

  16. our goats are our entertainment and yours put on a good show too.

  17. Oh my, how funny! Your commentary seems as though it really happened.
    Kai is the perfect goat mommy. :) The boys are a mess.

  18. Absolutely love it! Ahhh, thank you so much for making things seem more normal over here at Morning Bray. :)

  19. I just knew he was going to tip that chair over!--Inger

  20. Missed the video -- now I've seen it: Thank you so much for making my morning brighter!lol--Inger

  21. Great post Danni! I needed that smile today. Loved your commentary!

  22. Who needs tv when you have these two. What a couple of rascals!

  23. Absolutely adorable! I love your animal stories.

  24. Kai is very patient. I have to be this way with Ella. Speaking of Ella, just be glad that Reggie is not an Alpine wanting to sit in your lap. Ella thinks she can still do this to the goatmother. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

  25. I've been visiting your blog for a little while now, and really enjoy reading about all the critters and their antics. Wonderful stories and nice pics to go along. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  26. That was so funny! I could just watch them play all day and never get bored.

  27. Boys will be boys. I don't know what it is with goats and buckets!

  28. Hi CaliforniaGrammy - I am afraid to tell you how much time is spent each day with me just watching my sweet critters! :-)

    Hi Sue - Pictures, pictures...I need to see some pictures!! Goat babies are the best!!

    Hi Kathy in KY - oh, how I love your nice comments! Glad I could give you an early morning laugh. "Chunk-a-bunk" ...great name!

    Hey And this little pig - I'd love to see some pics of your place!

    Hi jaz - Kai is so patient with with those goat boys - I think this comes from knowing she has the upper hand. lol

    Hey Eve - please post a photo of Ole's sizable bottom so that I can compare. :-)

    OMG, Rosie....your comment made me laugh SO loud!! :-) :-) :-)

  29. Hey Christine - I can never escape a significant amount of goat love whenever I am daring (silly) enough to sit on the ground. lol

    Hi Razzberry Corner - Ha! I love climbing inside my goat boys' heads! :-)

    Hey Mike - Poor Kai...good thing she likes those goats so much. :-)

    the7msn - Funny how Reggie didn't see it coming. :-)

    Hi polly's path - Yeah, I don't think (and I know they don't think) those chairs belong to me anymore! :-)

    Hey frugalmom - Yes, indeed. You heard this whole thing firsthand. :-)

    Hey Brenda - Aww, thank you so much - your comment made me feel so good. My inspiration to write another one for tomorrow! :-)

    Hi Anonymous - that head butting of theirs is SO loud that sometimes I hear their little skulls crack together!

  30. Hi Joanna - Isn't that the truth, goats as entertainment. And your little Pixie alone would keep me mesmerized for weeks! If you ever want her to visit Oregon, you just let me know. lol

    Hey CeeCee in Las Vegas... I laughed at your "your goats are a mess" comment. The first time you said that to me (probably over 2 years ago now), I had no idea what that meant and I almost burst into tears. Marc had to explain to me that it wasn't a bad thing what you were saying! lol

    Hi Morningbrayfarm - I have a feeling your and our "normal" are indeed very similar and I'm absolutely FINE with that! :-)

    Hi Canyon Girl - I think we all saw that coming...except for goofy Reggie! Thanks for your kind words. :-)

    Hi Michelle @ Goat Berries - Thanks for your comment! :-) And yes, Reggie thinks he's waaaay more handsome than Pete. :-)

    Heya Farmer Jen - All of us here on Critter Farm always love making you smile. <3

    Hi Carolynn - Oh my, yes...my crew is so much better than any television show! (well, except for maybe "wife swap", lol)

  31. Hey Staci - Thank you! :-)

    Hello bluekat - Thanks for commenting! I've just been to your blog and you have some adventures that I'll be enjoying reading about, too! Vroom, vroom!... :-)

    Hey Linda M - You say in your profile that you want to have a garden, how about a few goats to go with that? :-)

    Hi Pricilla - seriously, buckets and chairs...goat magnets, totally. :-)

  32. Sooooo entertaining. I wonder if head butting is the caprine equivalent to athletes butting chests together?

    "Hey! Way to go! You made a nuisance of yourself!"

    I'm beginning to see why you keep boy goats.

  33. The state highway I have to drive down to get to my new house has several farms and homesteads along it. One of the homesteads has goats, complete with giant spools for them to play on! Inevitably, I think of you every time I drive past.

  34. After reading your comment on my llama post I had to come read all about yours! Very interesting. I'm impressed that Kai will eat out of your hand. Charlie won't do that. It has to go into the little white enamel saucepan!


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