Saturday, June 12, 2010

Relaxing outside with a good book

It seemed like a good idea at the time:

The llamas and goats would peacefully graze for a bit, while I parked my hiney in a chair in the pasture and read my book:

Silly me, what was I thinking?:

There now. See that? This is exactly what I had in mind. Peacefully grazing:

Uh oh:

Hi Pete. Got an itch?:

Ok, that wasn't too bad. Off he goes:

But wait. Back so soon? And with a cohort:

Hey Reggie:

Oooof, when did you get so heavy?:

Go play, you guys. I just want to sit here and read for a while:

That's lovely, Pete. I appreciate how delicately you have placed your hooves beneath my underarm:

Little boy, you don't even remotely FIT in my lap anymore:

Oh hey, Kai-Kai, I'll bet you're wondering what all the fuss is about. You don't want to sit on my lap, too, do you?:

Ahhh...finally. Now, what page was I on...:

Doh! Is he coming back again? Maybe if I pretend not to see him:

Hey again, Reg:

Noooo, no book chewing!:

Dangit, this is a library book, too. Me and my stupid ideas:

Ow, that's my foot:

Ok, maybe now I can read more than half a sentence..:

It's lucky he's so cute:

Has anyone ever told you that you are very persistent, Reggie?:

Pete, meanwhile, has found himself the coziest spot in the pasture:

This is one relaxed goat:

You're my sweetheart, Reggie:

Love you, Pete:

And even though I really thought I wanted to read my book today, I'm instead completely captivated by your antics:

As is Dolly. She thinks you're both pretty cute, too:

I finally gave up on my book for that day.
Kai and Pete set immediately to discussing the plan for the next day:

Clearly I have no say in any of it.


  1. I love your pics and accompanying commentary by the way....

  2. I have never in my life seen one before, but I can now go to my grave knowing that I have actually seen a real live lap goat. They do exist.

  3. Haha! Too bad about the book, but then what happened is so much better!! Great post as usual :D

  4. Oh Danni, your posts are always so funny! The goat brothers are always so full of energy! Reggie's scurs look like they're all healed up now, too.


  5. Perhaps they were hoping you would read aloud to them.

  6. I really can't begin to describe my love for the menagerie. The goat brothers are very much like 18 month old boys. In your lap, off to see the world, back in your lap. What were you meaning to do again? :)

  7. Great post! It reminds me of when I was little, and in the summer, my folks would sit outside and try to read, while all of us kids would go bother them. You brought back some good memories for me. Thanks.

  8. Mission accomplished ....... it was a Love Story!

  9. I think Julie needs a goat or two...don't you Danni!!!
    I love this sweet post! Make sure no one at the library knows about your blog.

  10. Love it, love it, love it. That perfectly round black spot on Reggie's back is super cool. Give those boys big hugs from us... they have soooo much character!

  11. This totally cracked me up. I really know exactly what that feels like. The animals rule the pasture and the barnyard, and there is no other way to do anything but their way. Read a book relaxing in a chair ... oh, you jest!

  12. this was such a great post, hilarious! they clearly love you :-)

  13. Sounded like a great idea at the time! I can see why you didn't get to actually read with those cuties checking on you. :)

  14. animals are the eternal 3 year olds, aren't they!!! I bet if you had gone outside and wanted to play with them (instead of read a book) they would have had nothin' doin'! (This is spoken from a woman who, today, had to threaten her child to get her to take a nap so I could get a little down time!)

  15. How cute! Pete is just a big baby:)

  16. What a bunch of sweethearts! I am so jealous. Cannot wait until I can get some critters again.

  17. I guess when you go to the library you have to make sure your selection is tasty as well as interesting to read! I loved watching your critters enjoying having you around to give attention (and get plenty, too). Very cute.

  18. They're so cute. :-) Thank you for sharing their antics with us.

  19. What a way to spend the afternoon, and we all thought reading a book was quiet time. Sheila

  20. Ha! Pete and Reggie. They are so can you *not* pay attention to them instead of your book.

    And Pete totally took your seat. Did you see that?

    Wherever there are goats, Kai is not far behind. I love this.

    Persistence. Thats a good trait I think...:-)

  21. Danni, where do you find the time to do it all! I love all your furry kids and by the way how is Miss Roxy? Now, I get the feeling you are never going to find the time to read that book, but if you ever do, let me know how you enjoyed it as it is on my summer reading list. Sending you sunshine, Julie

  22. I used to try to relax and read inside the fenced in chicken yard. That doesn't work very well either.

    Your photos and commentary are great as usual Danni!

  23. I loved the post.

    You should try eating lunch out there tomorrow. Be sure to take the camera. LOL


  24. What can I say? We goats are just magnaimous creatures - always willing to lend a hoof.

  25. what a couple of clowns! I don't know what book you were tryingn to read, but it sure was fun reading about you trying to read! So, how much do the goat guys weigh now anyhow? They do look a little big to be lap goats!

  26. oh, that's so cute!
    That's usually about how it goes around here too. A goat, dog and cat.... all trying to climb up on my lap. It doesn't work too well!
    Good thing the chickens and rabbits don't try it. Then I'd really have my hands full!

  27. That is too cute...never seen a lap goat though lol.

  28. What a wonderful post. Your photos are just great.
    They get away with it because they do it out of affection. I don't think I have seen a sweeter post recently. You gave me a good laugh and..., it's so true.

  29. I'm sooo happy for you! This is where you were meant to be and what you were meant to do. Read in bed from now on.--Inger

  30. I suddenly want a goat more than ever!!!

  31. looks like a fun afternoon! Though I have to say, you have more patience than I, I can't stand goat hooves on me (especially in the arm pit)! They hurt-even the kids'!

  32. These photos and words would make a great children's storybook!

  33. These photos and story would make a great children's book

  34. Been there, done that. They just can't leave us alone can they? Try having a baby goat around!

  35. Reggie knew your book was about him.

    The words on one page even said, "He always sits in the back left corner". He was just trying to make sure he was in the correct position.

    Too cute. I adore goats, too.


    wor verification: patte

    It' always fun to patte a goat.


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