Saturday, June 19, 2010

Road trip... with a purpose

It's a happpy/sad time on Critter Farm. I'm not at all fond of good-byes (who is?) and it's time for one.

Yet, it's also a happy time. A new adventure is beginning for someone very special to me.

And so, my Jim and I are taking a trip this weekend.

Our trip involves this truck and this borrowed-and-rusty-old-stock-trailer again:

Despite its outward (and inner) appearance, it's a good, good trailer. It brought my beloved Chester to me last November:

And my sweet Beau just two months later, in January:

Jim bought me these for the road...:

...and he made me laugh by doing so.
These little chips worked wonders for the tremendous carsickness I experienced when we were travelling the bumpy, windy roads of Ireland last month. The driving this time will be a pretty straight shot, with not much likelihood of that weaving, curving, bumpy motion sickness, but I still love Pringles. :-)

I wish everyone a happy weekend and I leave you with this:

A rooster in a basket.


  1. On pins and needles Danni...good luck, safe travels!

    Goofy Roopert!

  2. Oh no, not goodbye to someone!!! But it's a happy time, you said, for someone. Someone is moving on to something else. What else could be better than Critter Farm, Danni? I think I'm gonna be sad... (sniff)...


  3. Are you delivering what I think you are delivering to who I am thinking?

  4. You are going to leave us hanging???
    Are the llama girls going somewhere? ( that is my first guess)
    Oooooh, Pringles are sooooo yummy. Very thoughtful of Jim to make sure you were stocked up for the trip. :) Of course, he is a very thoughtful guy!

  5. Okay . . . did I miss something? Who's going/coming where? Curious minds want to know!

  6. Not sure exactly what the goodbye was about but I enjoyed the photos and the gifts of flowers and Pringles made me smile too. :)

  7. Did you ever consider writing a suspense novel?--Inger

  8. Is it time already? I'm sorry that you're saying goodbye to your lovelies, but you'll see them quite often and their new owner will give them a wonderful home. Have a wonderful trip!

  9. So, you're going to leave us hanging here wondering who is leaving critter farm in that rusty trailer? Did I miss a post or something? Am I the only one who is left wondering?

    The Pringles made me smile. Have a good trip.

  10. okay, Danni.....I have to say....I do not like "to be continued!" But I guess I'll just have to learn some patience now, won't I? But please, do continue!

  11. Awe, so who's going away? It's always tough. I just had several people contact me about roosters I've given away. One is going to the fair this year and the other is reported to be a proud pappa. Makes me feel better knowing they're livin' the dream so to speak.

  12. So who's taking the goodbye trip? You're leaving us on tender hooks!

  13. I'm guessing this has something to do with Aiden.
    Hang in there, Mom. :)

  14. oh no....i hope this is something like you are geting rid of the old refrigerator! not one of the animals!!!!

  15. Im looking past that vase of beautiful pink peonies and Im wondering if that is a coat and hat that I see on that chair??? :-)

    That trailer, as rusty and dirty as it may be, has always carried sweet and lovely things inside...(well, for the most part :-) ) This time is no different.

    The person that is very special to you is certainly feeling very special right now. And very, very, very ,very happy. :-) :-) :-) I just know it.

    I gotta go outside now. I have very important things to do.

  16. Your Jim thinks of the kindest things for you. (Although he didn't think of slowing down around those hairpin curves in Ireland, did he??!!)(ha,ha)

    Yes, I bet Frugalmom had very important things to do...

    And as for Roopert, the German saying about being "Der Hahn im Korbe" certainly applies. What an illustration of his self-concept.

  17. I know how excited she was! I'm sure the barn seems emptier at your place, but how nice to know what a wonderful home they are in and will be so you'll be kept up to date on all their future adventures!
    Great pictures and I love the rooster in a bucket. Chicken to go!


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