Monday, November 9, 2009

A visit to the barn

On Saturday, my goats, Pete and Reggie, wanted to go for a walk. They really love their walks and are very clear with me when they think it's time to go for one. At these times, they will bypass even a freshly filled hay rack to get out the door.

This was definitely one of those days:

So, we went for a walk:

No, wait. Here we go:

Our loop is always the same. Always. Up the driveway, up the road a ways, turn down the barn driveway, head down to the barn, go through the green gate and into the pasture.

This day was different.

Reggie heard something funny:

Thinking it was nothing, Reggie and Pete returned to brush control:

Then Pete heard something funny:

Curious, the investigative duo headed in for a closer look:

What is that peering out of their barn? They've never seen such a thing:

The intrigued pair didn't hesitate to move in for the sniff test:

Reggie, normally the more cautious of the two, reached up as high as he could to get to the source of the smell:

Imagine his surprise when he got a noseful of this:

Meet the llamas! (Sorry for the poor photo quality, it's quite challenging photographing in a dark barn):

Below, from left to right are Dolly, Kai and Toni:

You might recall they are the rescue llamas I wrote about in my October 6th post. These three sweet girls will be spending the winter with us.

But just wait. There's more. :-)


  1. Whoooooooo hooooooooooo!

  2. Oh My!! I love the looks of them and they look gorgeous! I am anxious to see more> :)

  3. NO WAY! YEY, Llamas! cool! :))

    Congrats! You're sure they're just staying the winter?... :P :)

    And how DARE you leave us hanging, Mrs. "But just wait. There's more." ?! PLEASE tell us!

  4. You have llamas now!!!!! Oh my aren't they cute as all heck! What kind of sound do they make? Pete and Reggie are so adorable. ( chanting) You have llamas. You have llamas.

  5. That is a fabulous shot - Pete and Reggie stopped in their tracks peering at the stall. The goat boys cannot believe their goat eyes, ears, and noses. What a great animal experience! Hope there will be some very special animal (and human) friendships developing. How could that NOT happen? After all, this is farmgirl's critter farm.

  6. If I were a squee-er, I'd be squee-ing. They are so sweet!!! I love llamas. If we ever have lots and lots of sheep, my husband wants to get some llamas to put with them.

  7. Reggie and Pete look like they will enjoy the new guests. Dolly, Kai and Toni are real cutie pies!

  8. I'm betting that one or more of them is preggers.
    Congrats on the new additions. :)

  9. Oh Danni, we LOVE llamas too! Welcome to Critter Farm Dolly, Kai, and Toni. But wait . . . there's MORE??? Oh you tease!

  10. Farmgirl, there be llamas in your barn!

    Congratulations all around!

  11. OH OH OH OH OH OH OH!!!!

    I love seeing her peering over the window in the barn. Look at her ears!!

    And those sweet goat boys just want to know whos in there....They want to know if they have new friends to play with. Hi Pete and Reggie!

    Ha! And that one shot of Kai looking down to see Reggie....thats so funny and sweet all at the same time.

    You gotta love all that hay hanging outta their mouths.

    Sigh. I just wanna walk in those pictures and stand there next to them. And talk to them. And put my hand out to them. And pet them. And get llama kisses.

    This makes my heart so very happy.

    Okay, Im gonna go watch them now. You know, cuz I like to do that.

  12. Hi, I'm new to your blog and I wanted to say I love your pygmy goats. I had some about 15 years ago and they were so entertaining. They have such great personalities. Great pics.

  13. I knew it! Can't wait to hear more. I just know at least one has to be pregnant.
    Frugalmom is there a trip to Oregon in your future?

  14. BTW, Pete looks wonderful. Both look wonderful but you worried about Pete and he looks very healthy to me.

  15. How great are your Lamas and how cute the goats liking a wander!

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  17. Yippeeee! I can't wait to see more Danni! I can see the smile on your face right now!!

  18. Yeah!! Happy to see the llamas! They are so interesting! We are just getting started with our "farm", it's nice to read about those who are already established with all the animals we think about having one day.

  19. Llamas. Now that is very interesting. And 3! Pete and Reggie will be the most protected boys on the block. :)

  20. AAAAHHHHH!!!! I LOVE THEM!! Next - you need to write a children's book that includes all your adventures with the animals...

  21. Oooo....I LOVE llamas! They're so gorgeous and regal and they give some of the best eskimo kisses.

  22. I love the first picture in your post, the one of the barn at the top of the road, beautiful.

    The goats and llama's are cute too.

  23. Everytime I see your little goats they make me smile! But now you have Llamas! I really want Alpacas - so... no fair!! :O) You'll love them, Llamas are great!

  24. You've got amazing animals, love the llamas, the donkey, everyting. :)
    It's so nice to see a wooden barn, our italian barns are way different.
    I love barns made of wood. <3

  25. Hi Farmgirl,
    thank you for viting my blog, I'm glad you like it, you're very kind. =) I have an english translator but the quality of the translation is... well, you know, far from good. I would love to write everything in english but, as you can read, haha, my english is not that good....
    Glad to know you like my ducks,
    thank you so much. :)

  26. Way cool! Glad you got your llamas.


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