Friday, November 20, 2009

Seen around here

Going through my pictures of the last couple weeks, I've found an interesting assortment that I'd like to share. I don't necessarily have a long story to share about each one - sometimes I only have a short caption - but every picture below, for one reason or another, makes me smile, laugh out loud, or cringe a little bit. Who wouldn't want to look at pictures that have the potential to do all that?!

Let's begin: disgusting. And it happens all the time around here:

If everyone around you is getting sick and you, yourself, are starting to to feel more than a little paranoid about catching something, I can tell you that it totally helps to make up a pretend health drink that you firmly believe has the super powers to fight off all the hyper-potent (I made that word up) germs trying to nab you. This is mine. I drink it every day:

I love to get packages in the mail. Penny from Back to Basic Living sent me four starts from her horseradish plant. I love the thought of planting things from friends' gardens:

Did I mention that when I got the llamas, they came with medication and shots that I had to give them for 5 days? Yup. And I did it, by myself. Haltered 'em, dosed 'em with the drench gun, and injected Toni with vitamin K (FYI: a llama's skin is very tough):

Moving on to chickens...I understand occasionally needing to deal with a nest-box sleeper, but three of them at once? Sheesh:

(giggle, giggle) Marcee and Roxy, goin' for a ride. They love the wind in their faces (and their hair):

Chopstick lessons. Everyone knows how to use them now:

An assortment of textures, as seen in the donkey pasture:

Roloff Farm isn't far from us. I did a drive-by for my out-of-towner (anyone familiar with "Little People, Big World"?):

Must be 4:00pm. Can you see them? Everyone's waiting up at the barn:

In this picture, they're trying to tell you that I never feed them:

Dolly, here, is politely urging Chester to mind his manners:

Here is Marcee's husband pushing a wheelbarrow full of llama poop. You have to love a man who does this with a smile on his face :-):

These are the random things (cordless screwdriver, electric fence tester, 2 wrenches and a packaged mouse trap) that my husband will leave on the dining room table. This sort of thing drives me NUTS:

There is so much going on in this picture, I don't know where to look first. I love a multi-purpose building, don't you?:

And then, finally, I wonder, why does Marcee always smile so nicely while I always make the goofiest faces that I later regret? If you have any insight on this, please let me know:


  1. ok, those are pliers next to the wrench, so it's only one rather small, very useful wrench. And the electric fence tester...also very important. The cowboys I used to work with tested fences by peeing on them. Not sure you want your husband doing that. The result are rather grim...

    And, I'm pretty sure there is something nice in the little white box... makes up for all the important clutter (if there isn't you should print this comment out and put it in his lunch as a hint!)

    Loved the pics.

  2. The guy behind you, in the last picture, thinks you're crazy....I'm just sayin'

  3. All I really have to say is at least the mouse trap was packaged.

  4. I love those matching hats you two are wearing in the last photo.

    Thanks for the tour in photos. Almost makes me feel like I have been there in person. Maybe someday...

  5. You live close to Roloff Farm? That is hilarious. Have you ever got a pumpkin from them?

    Love all the pics.

    I noticed your nest boxes. Very nice.

  6. Danni....look at Dolly in the picture above....then look at you...nuf said!!!!

  7. I LOVE this post. So much said in all those pics...even if you didnt really go into detail about them.
    So, wow. Am I the only one who notices that letter "M" on that shoe?
    I can totally vouch for the super human drink concoction being drank every morning....I think you are totally onto something there.
    I think its really great that you jumped right in and medicated the llama ladies! You are so good at all this farm animal stuff.
    I smiled every time I saw all 3 hens utilizing the nest boxes...even if they werent laying eggs!
    Okay, really? Im not sure that I consented to a publication of my wind blown model shot.
    And the chopsticks? Lets just say that it took me quite awhile to get thru that plate of food. But, it was fun. There was a lot of laughing going on that night.
    K liked that pic of the Roloff sign. She thought that was pretty cool.
    Sigh...4pm..I miss feeding time. Pat all of them for me, please?
    I clearly remember mentioning how I missed my wheelbarrow man after he left.:-)
    That pile of stuff looks even better when placed right at his place setting for dinner. Im just sayin.
    And, we are totally rockin those hats.

  8. Hehe, I LOVE all your animal photos!
    I'm having trouble with chickens who WILL NOT keep nest litter in their nest boxes :(
    I don't get it; why lay an egg on hard wood?!

    And YES I watch Little People, Big World! That's SO cool that they're near you! :))

  9. I love this! It's like little slices of your life. Enjoyed it all. Love the big building with the Llamas in it. I would die for a building like that. Why are the llamas in there? Guarding your husband?

  10. All of these pictures made me smile. The first one of Chester made me laugh! That horseradish looks pretty darn good for traveling clear across the country.

    You have such a wonderful, beautiful place there. I totally love the last picture of you and Marcee. Very cute.

  11. I love all your pictures. Looks like y'all had great fun despite a bit of damp weather.
    When I first saw one of those giant, brown slugs in WA, I thought it was dog poo. How on earth does anything stay alive with such monsters eating the plants?

    Hallmark cards is having a contest of sorts where you send in your craziest pics and they end up making cards out of them. The last pic of you and Marc in your hats with ear flaps would definitely make a card!

  12. Ah, thanks for a great post, I grinned all the way through it!

    That Emergen-C is a staple in my life around this time of year too. I am convinced it has super powers.

    My nest boxes are used more for sleeping than laying eggs hens just have NO appreciation of workmanship.

    And it's a good thing that Marcee and Roxy don't bark at everyone you pass! :P

    LOVE the multipurpose barn, PERFECT!

    I do the same thing with making faces....not sure why I do it either.....

    Though I did love Eves thoughts on that!!

  13. Our hens kick all the hay out of their boxes too...when they lay in their boxes at all. I am on a constant egg hunt.

  14. Love these snapshots of your life.

  15. I can't answer your last question, but I have to say I just LOVE the look on the apple guy's face!

  16. About that last picture. Now I know where Aidan gets his photogenic poses! From whom dod you inherit this kind of goofiness? Certainly not from your mother!

  17. What a fun bunch of pictures! The last one is rather priceless with this guy giving you two such a look, and your faces. Priceless.


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