Saturday, November 7, 2009

A ton of hay

My boy, Aidan, and I had a job to do last Sunday. It was time to get hay - a lot of it. Two thousand pounds of hay to be exact:

Aidan loves driving the big, old truck that our hay farmer loans us for the transport:

Over the last year, Aidan and I have become clear on our respective jobs with regard to hay hauling. Once we get it home, I climb up on top of the hay:

and toss the bales down to him:

He, then, picks them up:

...and carries them to the side storage area:

This is a fair arrangement, don't you think?:

A portion of it is being stored inside the barn, too, this time:

I love hay days with my boy:

And guess what? I've got animals coming.


  1. I figured you had some animals coming - donkeys. :)

  2. You know your a country girl when you look forward to putting up hay. LOL

    There's just something to be siad about your animals winter food supply being within reach.

    What new animal are you adding to your farm?

  3. Equus Asinus animals?? Oh please let it be true!

  4. a donkey? a horse? a cow?

    yay, critters!

  5. Bucking hay is hard work! But it sure does feel good when you get a barn full and you stand back looking at it knowing that all that hard work is worth it! When we buck hay I have the same job as you. There has been more than one occasion where I have knocked someone over by tossing a bale. Anyone who helps us buck hay knows they need to watch out when I am throwing bales!

  6. With that much hay you better have animals coming! 2 litle goats can't eat that much hay.

  7. I was thinking the same as Christie. It would take Reggie and Pete awhile to go through all that. I think llamas are coming.
    I miss hay days with my boy. Some of my fondest memories.

  8. What? No putting the hay on the wheelbarrow and then trying to steer it without being able to see??? No driving thru the fields while sitting in the back of the truck and quite literally being bounced up several feet off the bed of the truck??? I love getting hay...and moving hay....and the smell of hay....

    Aidan is such a great helper. And a great driver. You tell him I said that.

    AND I CANT WAIT TILL 11 o clock. Okay, 1 o clock. I am sitting at the edge of my seat right now. Really, I am. I am SO excited. Totally excited. Hey, you know what? I really am very excited.

    Ill be waiting.....:-)

  9. Hey, you know what? Methinks we're all excited about the new additions to Critter Farm! We're sitting on pins and needles in anticipation!

  10. Donkeys? Will there be Donkeys? They get along very well with goats ya' know? :)

  11. Oh I love haymaking time, the first time we experienced it her in NZ it was such a community day, all the neighbours helped pick up th ehay, stack in the barns and then when it was all away, we would take meat, salads and beer and got to someones place, perferably with a pool and have a great evening BBQing, drinking and laughing, it was a great way to meet the neighbours.

  12. Oh how I do hope it's DONKEYS. Please let it be donkeys.....

  13. What an unexpectedly sweet post. Hay hauling posts aren't usually sweet, you know.

    I was thinking that that's a lot of hay for two little goats. Can't wait to see who joins you!

  14. It's llamas people. It has to be llamas or frugalmom wouldn't be so excited.

  15. Goatgirl.... snort.....what are you trying to say? I love ALL animals. Im just sayin.

  16. Hay is heavy! You and Aidan are quite a team. Good job! And YAY for new critters at Critter Farm! I can't wait to see them!!!!


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