Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bubba, the zucchini, hits the road

No, not literally. Bubba remains fully in tact. This is a story about a road trip.

When we last left Bubba the zucchini, he had just been safely buckled into his seat in the back of the car. Everyone had settled in for a long drive:

Our first stop was to visit my friend, Cindy, and her donkeys.
Unfortunately, Bubba took one look at Chop, the donkey, licking her chops:

and Mike totally giving him the hungry eye:

...and he promptly refused to leave the trailer steps:

He kept muttering something about no way and no how becoming someone's tasty treat.

After we left Cindy's farm, and Bubba was breathing easier, we drove south into California. The clouds parted, the sun shone and the temperature rose to the upper 60's. We found a little spot of paradise (and a great campsite) in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Here's the view from our trailer door:

Bubba immediately pulled out his beach chair to get a bit of sun:

Roxy, my farm pup, quickly joined him:

We took walks through the giant redwoods:

It's impossible not to be in total awe when walking through an old growth redwood forest:

Since we're from Oregon, we easily admit to being tree huggers. Here's my man, Jim, hugging one of his favorites:

Of course, Bubba, who looks up to Jim, then had to have his picture taken with the redwoods, too:

One beautiful, sunny afternoon, we drove to the Trees of Mystery, a place both Jim and I hadn't been since we were small:

Bubba and Paul Bunyon hit it off immediately:

We took a tour through the gift shop where Bubba enjoyed hamming it up:

I thought he was awfully brave to get so close to Bigfoot:

This poor gift shop dog didn't quite know what to do with the friendly zucchini and avoided eye contact at all cost:

Bubba was very helpful on the trip, even offering to drive at times:

He insisted on stopping at the beach in Crescent City, California:

Time flew by so quickly. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the farm:

Let me be the first to say, if you ever have the opportunity to travel with a giant zucchini, don't pass it up. You were an excellent road trip companion, Bubba!:


  1. Bubba, oh my you had such adventures! The sights you saw! How brave you are. And so helpful with the driving. You looked very content sitting there on the beach.

  2. This was way too funny thank you for the smiles!

  3. I'll bet he didn't eat much either. Or beg for bathroom breaks. Or ask, "are we there yet?" a million times.

    The perfect kid.

  4. Great idea! I love inanimate objects going on vacation...gnomes, etc and now a zucchini!!

    Fun, fun story.

    I notice you didn't get a pic of Babe who is a typically well endowed ox....or is he not there anymore!! I imagine if Bubba found donkeys intimidating he might find an enormous Blue Ox even more so.

    I love traveling the CA coast. :) glad you had a good time.

  5. Yes, you seem like the kind of gal who would be walking around gift shops and national parks with a giant zucchini sporting google eyes.

    You'd better keep an eye on Bubba. (Thats in reference to the second to the last pic)

  6. I see Bubba was so tired on the trip home that one of his eyes fell off. Now that is tired. I was glad to see that he must've had some Peanuts and was revived in the last shot.

  7. I think you are all quite mad! ;) Having a good chortle here!

  8. I just love Bubba! This is so cute Danni and that Roxy sure is a sweetie pie too. Love the trip, all the pictures...what fun!

  9. Hi Bubba!! It looks like he is really enjoying himself.
    I love seeing him and Rox hanging out on the beach chairs.
    And the frog. Snort, well that frog makes me think of another frog and another gift shop...*that* was funny as well.
    Bubba and the gift shop dog....poor gift shop dog...he looks a little uncomfortable and I wonder if in his head he is thinking that if that zucchini isnt gone when he is done counting to 10 then he is gonna make a run for it. And then not make mention of said zucchini to anyone case it didnt really happen and it was all in his head.
    I think at Crescent City, Bubba was looking off into the distance and remembering all the good times he had on his vacation with you.

  10. Dani you made my day. DH just said "what in the world are you doing in there" I was laughing so hard. Keep those "BUBBA" stories coming!

  11. You and Bubba are a total crack-up, Girl! So creative. I loved the beach scene and the sun chair scene with Roxy. I can just see you walking through the forest and visiting the gift shop with a giant zucchini. Ha!

    You shoulda gone a little further south-east to Yosemite and visited with me after seeing the sights. Next time maybe.

  12. Great story - thanks for the smiles!!

  13. Gotta love that Bubba! Cute story

  14. why do i have the feeling that the bubba saga is going to have a bad ending? what fun! did you get bubba comments from people?

  15. What a fun post! Bubba sure is a good sport and I think this is a vacation he'll ever forget. I just love that he wasn't afraid of Bigfoot. And he is SO photogenic! I didn't see one single bad picture of him in the whole bunch. Love the picture of the two of you together.

    Those trees are HUGE! Jim looked like an ant in that picture of him hugging one! How awesome.

  16. what a fun way to remember your trip! My kind of people...humor with a good dose of Kooky! Love it!! :)

  17. OMG ROFLOL!!! What an imagination! I love it!


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