Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things are looking brighter

It's really hard not to get excited when you see a forecast like the one below. Even though our local meteorologists have been known to make fairly frequent miscalculations, and I'm not going to place bets or hold my breath or anything, I do, however, feel a tremendous surge of joy when I look at the Portland-area weather outlook for the rest of this week:

Look at those highs! Nice, huh? Will I finally be saying "goodbye" to the thermals I've been wearing underneath my jeans for the last 3 months? Of course, I'm completely ignoring the rainy graphics inserted for next Sunday and Monday, so distracted am I by that big, yellow 'sunburst' graphic inserted for the next three days.

I just looked at the thermometer...it's only 26 degrees right now. Now, what did I do with my thermals...


  1. Oy. I can only hope this is close to correct. Take for example yesterday. The goatmother was out trying to prune roses in sun, rain, snow and then hail. We have never really been fond of smorgasbords.

  2. BRRRRR! Those are our winter lows!!! I think I could handle winter temps again but I sure would hate the lack of sunshine!!!
    Glad your finally getting some good weather!

  3. Crap!

    I have one warm day...well I guess seeing how the wind blows I should be getting this in about a week. Maybe...if I'm lucky....

    You will be a very busy chick mom in the days to come! Have fun!!

  4. That forecast looks very similar to ours. Luckily, we are supposed to have good weather this weekend. All in time for the big move. Oh, and you will get a kick out of this. You know how badly I want chickens, right? My son comes home the other day from school and says that as a project for his science class they will be raising chicks...and then giving them to a local farm. I am not sure how long they are going to keep them or on what they will reside. I have yet to hear any info from the teacher...I am going to take this as a sign that it is preparing my son to know how to handle a chick so that when we are lucky enuf to get them one day he will know what he is doing. More so than me!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Sunny and 47* here Thursday! It will be our warmest day so far.

  6. The sun will be here before you know it! And those little chicks will be out there scratching the snot out of your dirt!

  7. Okay, now it's just not nice to brag!! LOL! :) Here, it's cold and in the 40's. We had some snow yesterday!!


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