Saturday, April 19, 2008

A new kind of Spring for Oregon

We woke up to 1/4" of snow this morning. Here, in temperate, rainy Oregon, we are having freak snow storms in mid April.

My sweet husband is out, right now, hanging the doors on the chicken coop - we're almost finished. The plan was to move my twelve 6-week-old girls from the garage out to their new home this weekend. Unless we figure out a way to install a furnace out there in the next few hours, that's probably not going to happen.

Here's tonight's forecast:

I guess it's a good thing, for once, that I was kind of late getting my potatoes and peas and radishes into the ground. Otherwise, their tender little heads would be poking up out of the ground and be in danger of freezing.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to be snowy on and off throughout the day.

I just don't know what to make of this.

P.S. Did I mention that it was 81 degrees here last Saturday?


  1. The chicken house looks spectacular, and I am so glad your twelve ladies will have a suitable home. And Dot! She will have four marvelous new walls to look at.
    Good thing you got a huge snow shovel for x-mas. You might be needing it tomorrow. However, I know for sure that warm (hot, sunny) weather is on its way...

  2. Your weather must be flowing down here to California. We have been warm all week and now are getting winds and colder weather. We have a freeze warning for tonight. Very weird weather indeed.

    You can use a heat lamp or even a 100watt bug light bulb to keep your chickens warm in cold weather. They can take colder temperatures as they mature.

  3. With our 84 degree tease yesterday, I have no doubt your weather will be heading our way! I'm glad you were late with your planting but sad for the farmers who will have problems with this.
    Hang in there!!

  4. Please please please don't send your crappy weather my way. All those veggies are cool season crops so they may tolorate a little snow now and then.

  5. I put my girls out last weekend when it was 80 degrees. Now this. But they seem to be doing great and enjoying their new digs. We just have to hang in there for warmer weather.

  6. In a day or 2 it will be hot again! That's like our old day Canadian Winters. Snow all the way til mid April!

  7. Oh no!! Guess it worked out better you didn't move or plant anything sooner!!! Hope you have more temperate weather again soon.

  8. Snow? I hope that doesnt come this way. Oh, and I just transplanted all my seedlings. I hope they do well with their move!

  9. We have that same cruddy weather down here in Southern Oregon. It's not fair to tease us with sunshine one week-end and then snow the next. STINKS!!

  10. Your chickens are funny! You will miss them when you are in Mexico!
    Yes, the weather is sometimes CRAZY!
    No complains here right now!!

  11. We just went through a frost last week way down here too. It is suppose to be around 75-80 this week.
    My biddies have moved to their bigger pen and out of the brooder last week so I am hoping no more cold weather here too.
    I hope the warm sunny weather returns for all of you soon.

  12. Hi! I found your blog off of the Ranch Family blog. Spring actually just showed up here in WI....We've been having alot of what I like to call "Spring In Theory".....Basically what that is is there will be a couple really nice days in a row then BAM we'd get a never ending string of crappy days and it kept going on like that until literally this past week.

    Have a great day!



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