Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogger's block

I feel like I'm normally a pretty optimistic person, but things have been sort of sucky lately. Hence my blogging silence.

Any of you ever feel the need to just talk about the happy things and then almost drown from holding all the sad, unpleasant and challenging stuff inside? Yeah, that's me. I need to work on this.

Meanwhile, I'm loving everyone else's blogs. Keep up the good work. :-)

April 20th hailstorm - 42 degrees


  1. Its the weather for sure. Its not helping, is it. Just think, a couple days and you'll have your birds out and the weather will begin to warm. The flowers will really begin to go crazy. You'll get to really see what all your new property has growing on it. Even the weeds! Or we could take the other route....lets just go someplace sunny and warm and lay on the beach all day. Watching the waves come in, sipping a nice tall sweet tea.....

  2. You sound just like me sometimes. Like a few weeks ago when my hen died. Or when I was feeling down worrying about my kitty's health and everything else in my life. We all have those sucky times. I understand not wanting to write in your blog when you feel down. I feel the same way. Didn't you tell me that one's blog is for themselves as much as for their readers? That it was healthy and helpful to write even when we feel crappy and negative? Yup, that's what friends are for, to remind us of our own philosophy and advice.

    I have missed your writing, and was just about to email you to find out if you were OK. I was happy to see your comment on my blog this morning. Made me feel better. Thank you for being there.

  3. I forgot to add at the end of my "lecture" that I hope things get better and more sunny for you soon. Remember, you can always email me if you want to vent more privately than on your blog. I may not have answers, but I will read and respond.

  4. I know what you're talking about. I've been feeling this way since yesterday. I blogged as nice as possible about it, but it still doesn't seem to want to leave my head. Like you, I'm working on it!Good to see you around!

  5. Well Danni...look on the bright least you don't have a blog named SUNNY SIDE UP where you feel obligated to be POSITIVE!!!
    I feel for ya girly! I've got 30's in the forcast and we have had beautiful summer-like temps so it's going to hit hard! Chin up, you'll get through it! It's just a test to see if you can make the change to country life and I gotta hunch you'll do just fine!!

  6. Ugh! Hail, well no wonder! Plus you had a lot going on.... the big move, the arrival of the chicks, etc. You are entitled to feel a bit blue as your brain catches up on all the big changes. I hope things soon improve, and the sun returns quickly to provide hope and good cheer.


  7. I don't know if you're blue just because of the weather, but I know I haven't blogged in the past few days either---just in a blue funk.
    I told myself when I started it that it was really for me to journal in a more attractive way and that I would journal about everything. Isn't happening. Enough friends and family have found out about it that if I wanted to blog about something that was bugging me (them!) that I can't.
    I'm sorry you're feeling 'sucky'. I hope that whatever is bugging you will pass or you'll find someone to help you through.
    Take care and never fear about being "up" all the time.

  8. Awww, man

    So sorry it's tough right now.

    (sending a hug!!)

    Maybe I should get Jack to do his singing belly-button trick? Hmmm. Not that he HAS a singing belly-button trick...yet. I'll get him working on it...
    just for you ;-)

    OK yes I'm weird. Now I think I'll go back to not saying anything when I want to cheer someone up but am not sure just what to say :)

  9. I write about the sucky stuff too. It helps me feel better and I can get different perspectives from other people. I'm not saying you have to share but if you want to we're here to listen and give encouragement.

  10. What kind of friends would we be if you always had to write fun stuff. Everyone has had their own crap and understands. Don't let the lack of blogging when you don't feel up to it be one more thing bringing you down. Take as much of a break as you need, we'll be fine. Just know we are here for you.

  11. I feel ya Danni. My eggs just didn't make it. So, no chicks in a week for me. On a bright note lots of plants popping up. Your's will be soon. Chin up!

  12. Sorry you're feeling down Danni. Hope things improve soon. xoxo

  13. Hey Danni. I just know the weather will be better soon.
    It is hard to talk happy and not be in a happy mood at the moment.
    You are right, it does good to look at other people's blogs and see all the wonderful ideas,photos, and different sites around the world.
    Have a great weekend!

  14. I feel for ya Danni. I'm not very helpful to say 'Been there, done that', but like everyone here has said, we all get into a funk at times. It's up to you if you want to get it off your chest and blog about it, or not.

    For me, I think my blog is helping me focus on all of the wonderful special small moments in my life.

    Ya know what I mean? There are just so many amazing miracles and beauty going on everywhere we are.

    And then there are the critters! (you need more of them, by the way)
    They keep me so busy and enamored of their individual cuteness, silliness and just plain interesting personalities that I can't be blue for long.

    Even when I am sour to the gills......when a llama breathes their musty, sweet hay breath on me while nuzzling my hair, or a feisty goat climbs up into my lap, or an inquisitive chicken flies onto my shoulder, or my horse whinnies to me for a cookie or petting.....well, you get what I'm saying.

    Critters just have a special way of brightening our days.

    What you need is more critters for your "Critter Farm", girlie!

    Finally, just know that you have quite a following of supportive online blogger buddies, too, who will be there for ya, me included.

    Go on, now....snuggle a chick. Or love on your dear Roxie.
    You'll feel better quickety-split!

  15. First of all, I so appreciate every one of the wonderful comments each of you have left for me. Every one brought a smile to my face and made my day brighter. Thank you, thank you.

    Frugalmom - I totally pick the other route...the sunny & warm one, just because I would love a whole girls' weekend away type thing right now!! :-) What a wonderful thought!!

    Hi Farmer jen - oh, you are so right - I did write that to you, didn't I? know what they say, it's pretty easy to be on the other side giving advice, but much harder to take it! :-) thanks for the reminder. And, hey, thanks for missing my posts!!! :-D

    Hi Maternalgardens...While I'm not happy to hear that you're having a challenging time, too, I appreciate the commiseration and support!! (Did I spell that c-word right?) Generally when I get to this point, things always start looking up. I will believe this for you, too! :-)

    Oh Eve, I laughed so hard at your comment. You are very right, I don't have the added challenge of a perpectually optimistic blog name, like you do! LOL
    It got down to 35* last night and this morning I've got my long underwear on under my jeans again. Stay warm!!

    Hi henbogle (ali) - yeah, you have to be right...all the changes and energy spent, it takes a lot out of a person, you know? So much so that then when a couple challenging things happen, I just don't have the reserve to cope as I normally would. Thank you for your good thoughts.

    Hi ceecee - Oooh yeah, I can see the dilemma there - you can't exactly rant or share about someone close to you who happens to be one of your readers, too, now can you? Hugs to you and thank you for your nice words.

    Hey robbyn - jack and the belly-button singing thing?, this brought a rather crooked smile to my face ("is she serious?" "i think i'd LOVE to see a singing belly button trick"). So, please, get right on that, would you? :-) (you're funny!!!!)

    Thanks, Christy. Somehow it's not in my nature. I can gripe and bitch as well as the rest of 'em, but something about sharing troubles that seem to be adding up..I dunno, I just shut down. Again, I need to work on this. Not much fun, though. Thanks for your wonderful support.

    Hi sugarcreekstuff - Yeah, I know. But it really pisses me off that everything has been looking so damn...DARK to me lately! And the whole "bad luck runs in threes" thing? Totally untrue. I'm up to about 8 now. :-)
    Thanks for being so nice (and also for being so weird about bathroom-stuff) LOL

    Aw, Mim....I'm sorry about your eggs. How disappointing. Yeah, it's so hard not to get completly invested in things and then not be devastated when they don't work out. Something else I need to work on... :-) Both of us: Chins UP!

    Hi farm mom - thank you. :-)

    Hey ga.farmgirl, thanks for your nice thoughts. How's our mama Annie goat doing? Have you figured out a way to get those babies over to my house? ;-)

    Oh twinville, I know exactly what you mean. I've been using my blog (or trying to anyway) to appreciate the good and beautiful and sweet and exciting stuff, so you can understand how it would throw me off my groove when I'm suddenly not feeling it or when it seems like everything has suddenly turned in the wrong direction.
    More animals...yes...this is definitely what I need. But, that, my dear, is one of the issues...sigh.
    But! I thought of you this morning when I had "coffee with my girls" outside! It was wonderful! (really chilly, but wonderful!!) :-)

  16. Alright, Danni...your wish is my command (well...sorta):) I left a little something for you at my blog post entitled "For the Record..."

    Enjoy!! (and you'll see my blog is slipping quickly


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