Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bad luck comes in threes, right?

Isn't there an old supersition that bad luck runs in threes? To me, this mean that three bad luck events will/must happen before a streak of bad luck can be considered "over".

I hope this is the case, as my three have definitely occurred.

In the last 36 hours:

1) I have drowned my laptop with an exploding bottle of mineral water. The laptop has ceased to function. It is a dead laptop. It is no more. It is an ex-laptop. (Any Monty Python fans out there?...)

2) I have set our barbecue on fire, forcing me to use a fairly large fire extinguisher to douse the conflagration. Visualize really big flames. I've always hated that barbecue. Turns out, it hates me, too.

3) I discovered a rather substantial water leak in the downstairs "chick" room by stepping on the carpet and finding myself standing in 2 inches of water. It has since seeped into my son's room and is starting to come up through the tile floor in the hallway.

Once I have addressed all these unusual challenges, I will definitely post some pictures. I don't know whether to laugh or cry right now. I just feel kind of tired.

On the bright side, though,(literally) - take look at the current weather conditions here:

"...Always look of the bright side of life...." (from Monty Python's Life of Brian)


  1. Oh,Danni, that sucks, sorry to hear about the problems. We all have those days!

  2. Challenges for sure! Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble all at once. No wonder you are tired. I will send some good energy and healing thoughts your way. I am away from home this weekend in Southern California visiting Jack's daughter, son-in-law and newly born (April 11th) grandaughter. My challenge this weekend is getting this flaky internet connection to work! Bob is home taking care of our pets and homes. I am thankful for him and his support.

    You will come out of your challenges stronger and wiser Danni. Hang in there.

  3. (laptop in wagon, being carted away) "I'm not dead yet...." "I...FEEL...BETTAH!!..."

    lol so sorry for your rotten day!

    We love your blog and are really sorry it's taken us so long to add you to our blogroll...we did in a recent post at our site; hope that's ok!

  4. Maybe next time you should open your bottle of mineral water near the barbeque? (Sorry. That's not really funny.)

    I hope things are looking up. Just remember: no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  5. Oh my, I'd say you are done with bad luck.
    Do you know what caused the grill to flame up? What about the water leak?
    On the bright side, congratulations on the lovely weather. I say, find a quiet place outdoors and sip your favorite beverage. Listen to the birds and think good thoughts.;)

  6. 80 degrees?!?! LUCKY! We have more snow! :D


  7. Wish I was there to lend you a hand! You'll pull through this Danni and it'll all be a memory to chuckle about...well the bbq anyway...So sorry...hang in there, and take a rest too. I hope the weather holds up for you.

  8. Danni,
    I also hate to make light of it but I almost snorted mineral water out of my nose all over my computer when I read Kathryn's post!

    Hope your day is going better!!!

  9. I'm sorry to here about all your troubles. Have you tried your laptop recently. I spilled water on mine and initially it refused to turn on but after sitting in time out for 2 days I was able to get it to boot up and the only lasting damage is that the touch mouse no longer works. A coworker spilled water on hers, same story after two days it turned on but the keyboard didn't work so she bought an external one and it works again.


  10. I really hope that is your 3!

  11. I too thought Kathryn's comment very funny....sorry. We aren't laughing at you we are......well you know how it ends:)
    That was three now you are done. Hey I put the girls out this weekend. They loved it and are doing quite well in the new coop. Lots of silly flapping about.

  12. Danni ~ So sorry to hear your bad luck, but hopefully the sunshine makes everything better!!

  13. After nagging my sons not to drink soda while using their laptops, I had to eat crow when I did what I told them not to, and spilled coke into my laptop's kepboard.....

    What can I say now "Do as I say...not as I do?" hehe

    Anyway, my laptop acted crazy at first, but after about a week it went back to normal, except that several of the keys are still sticky when pushed.....thankfully not any of the vowels.

    Hang in're just in the dip of the roller coaster of life...the ride goes up from here.

  14. Sending friend vibes your way to get you through.

  15. You're about as accident prone as I am!! :) Stay away from fire, my friend!! So sorry about your basement, now that is NOT fun! Hope hings are going better for you today.

  16. I hope today is a lot better.
    I guess we all have our"days". Then comes tomorrow and a new day to start over.
    Have a great week! I just know it will get better.

  17. Hope today finds things much improved. The chicks are cute -- Sparrow is a real temptress.... i want more chicks!


  18. Is that ever sucky! Your attitude is great though.

    Trust me we all have our fair share of those types of days...The sun will shine on you soon!


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