Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I live with 12 unruly teenagers

Before I get started, I just have to say: I'm BUSY! And I suspect you are, too. I've had so much to do lately that I'm completely falling behind on my important blog reading (and writing). I couldn't believe when I woke up this morning that my last post was on Saturday. Where is the time going?? Once the growing season really begins, I fear everyone will stop posting updates and I'll go into major blog withdrawal!

On to my girls...
I really had plans to move them into the garage this week. Yes, they are still living in my spare downstairs bedroom. They are a noisy, dusty, flappy, fluttery bunch that no longer resemble baby chicks, they now look, truly, like very small chickens. They had outgrown their baby brooder box and were making such a mess with dust and feathers that I decided it was time for them to make the move. At the last minute, though, I just couldn't do it. No, really. And not just because it is still dipping below freezing at night. There are still so many unpacked boxes in our garage from our move that, right now, there is, frankly, no room for the chicks out there. So, I went scrounging at various stores for a bigger-better-brooder-box (ooooh, nice alliteration) and got one at Costco. It was very tall and skinny, so I cut it in half, connected the two parts and voila!
A new and improved brooder box:

BEFORE: Old brooder box:

AFTER: New brooder box (see the relief on their little birdy faces?):

And at CeeCee's really cool recommendation (that's CeeCee from My Little Bit of Heaven, if you don't already know), I put a box with a clump of dirt and grass into the brooder for them to scratch around on. They LOVED it. The picture below is when they were -long necked - still initially, suspiciously investigating it (in case you're wondering, five adolescent chicks can actually fit in this box):

Below is a shot of Dot, enjoying the box of grass and dirt. Wait, no...here's Dot wall-staring again:

The most exciting thing today, though, was the fact that I went in to check on the gals this morning and somebody had laid me the most perfect little egg:

I am so amazed at how advanced my little girls are. Nobody would fess up to ownership, though:

Happy 1st of April!


  1. Now Danni! Is that for real? or April fool's day joke? Or they that old already? I am way behind on reading blogs too. I am amazed how big your girls are!
    They are beautiful. Time does fly. Here I am about to be a GrandGoatMama(yes,my little Annie is expecting).
    You have a great April 1st day too!

  2. What? Really? Can they do that already? Are you for real?

  3. Wow! That's awesome. What a great surprise for you this morning. Isn't it cool to find that very first egg. It's just as exciting every time you get a new batch of pullets no matter how many years you raise them.

    Chickens and bears - you just never know.

  4. What an accomplishment!! They are getting so big. You must be a proud Mama!!

  5. Oh My Gosh Danni!! You are so resourceful!!! Nice work on the box! And wow…you have grass!!! Good for you!!! The girls are beautiful but I think I’m going to go with Ga.Farmgirl…Is that real or an April Fools joke??? I could call my dairy farm girlfriend and ask if you don’t fess up!!! HA HA!!!

    I knew you were going to be busy but it should slow down after you get the coop finished and the girls outside.
    Then it will be on to the next hurdle!! What's next?? I can't wait!!

  6. You must be kidding us on April Fool's Day, Danni. Chickens don't lay this early. Usually not till 5 or 6 months old! Not 4 weeks! From the looks of that egg it was an Aracauna (sp?)hen that laid it. Or a wild song bird.

    Your ladies are looking quite grown and up and lovely. They will be ready for your hen house in just a few short weeks.

    I've really enjoyed seeing and reading about your babies. I need to see that side of chicken life right now. Thanks for posting them.

  7. Poor Dot. I hope she makes some friends some day.

  8. April Fools Day! Nice joke, Danni!
    I know you've got tons of those wooden eggs laying about. What a clever girl! hehe

    I bet the girls were quite intrigued with this bit of oval shaped mystery, too.

    We didn't have any April Fools jokes today, but we did get FOUR more Double Yolk Eggs!

    My! How your girls have grown! What and how much are you feeding them? They are like Super Chickens! (giggle)

    Maybe one day you will wake up to find chickens towering over your house~ala Clifford the Big Red Dog?!

    By the way, I loved your "B" alliteration. You'd be a blast to play Scattergories with.

  9. Oh! And I almost forgot! Check out my pals over at Sugar Mountain Farm! They've got BIG news:


  10. LOL. Boy, they are just gifted, aren't they? So what did you cook with it? A tiny little deviled egg? A miniature omelet?

  11. LOL - Danni! You are so funny! That's a mighty white egg there.... And I love Dot too - I think you have the opportunity for a reality-Dot show - just from the pictures she is so funny!

  12. Ditto for me on this post. My girls are very funny now trying to be big girls but still sounding like babies. Remember Miss Lovely? She has feathered out to look just like her sisters. Now I can't tell them apart.
    My favorite is still Ramona the Red Star. She always comes and visits.

  13. Poor Dot. The other girls are just jealous of her great hair. Teenagers girls are hateful that way. ;)
    Glad they all like their dirt, bugs and grass. I was always amazed that chicks that never knew another chicken know all about scratching and bathing in the dirt.


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