Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sure signs of Spring in my world

Here are the top 3 signs that Spring has returned to our part of Oregon:

1) We all start sitting outside and smiling a lot again, even if it is only 50 degrees:

I love it when my oldest son, Teagan, and Alana, his girlfriend, come out to visit. We always have the best time.

2) I start taking pictures of every blooming thing I walk by (or under):

3) Track season begins.
See the boy on the right, waaaay in the distance, decked out in red and black, jumping the hurdle? That's my son, Aidan. He loves to run:

This was really an exciting race. Look at him go:

He's suddenly developed the longest legs. I'm only 5'5", his dad is 5'9"...Aidan's pushing 6' now:

That's his best pal, Louis, running next to him:

He was so pumped after this race. He won, too - his first hurdle race at the high school level!

Summer used to be my favorite season. I think it's definitely Spring now.


  1. Congratulations to your son's win!
    Very cool. I can relate....our son is a swimmer....his season just ended.
    He is 6.4 by the way!!!
    Nice photos of spring! We are smiling, too, it is in the 50s, but NO FLOWERS yet!!
    You are right, Mellimaus is very busy with school (concerts, writing) and riding... also, she just got a FACEBOOK account and is busy with that!! But thanks for thinking of her! She said she would post again soon.

  2. Fantastic photos! Aiden sure can run and jump. Your daffodils look so fresh and lovely, mine have already faded and withered with the warm weather.What are the clusters of white flowers that you show in the bottom photo before the track meet? They are pretty. Do they smell good? Spring is my favorite season too, always has been. I do like all of them though.

  3. Great pictures of early spring on your farm! It was so warm and beautiful out there on Tuesday - it almost felt like summer for a few minutes.
    Aidan flying over those hurdles! Wow! But I'm not at all surprised. Wish I could have been there.

  4. Hooray for flowers!! I do the same thing by wandering around with a camera.
    You're one brave momma with your son running hurdles. I always watch that event and say, "please don't crash, please don't crash...", and my son doesn't even run track. It's so great when they find what they love and can get those long legs and arms to cooperate. :)

  5. Hi gudl, thanks for the congrats. I have so much fun watching him, as I'm sure you do your son. Isn't it odd how our little boys are these great big men now? :-) My son is totally into Facebook, too. Tell her to try to find me. Yes, I've got a facebook page, too... :-)

    Hi farmer jen, the little white flowers are called White Rockcress "snowdrop"- aren't they beautiful? They're a wonderful rock garden flower and just cascade over my walls. You are so wonderful...I had no idea whether they had a scent or not, so I just ran back outside and took a sniff. They do!!! It's a very light vanilla-scent, similar to heliotrope, but not as powerful.
    I found some additional info on it here:

    Hi zitrone....Aw, mom, I'm sorry, I totally should have told you earlier about the meet (picture me hanging my head) - I think there's another one next Thursday but it probably won't be at Lincoln. I'll find out the details and let you know. I promise....

  6. Oh have NO idea how much better track and field is for me than FOOTBALL (shudder) was...Aidan had a brief football career (in 7th grade) and I was in an almost sweaty panic every single game he played. I was always hearing those awful head-injury-paralyzed-for-life stories...
    And yes, Aidan is really delighting in his height...he loves the long jump, too. Those long legs are really coming in handy!

  7. Tell Adain congrads. We bet you are so proud of him.. Mom always liked going to track meets to. Toph was a pole vaulter..

    Big sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  8. I love the pictures of Spring, I am so jealous! We had such a beautiful evening yesterday but it was so short lived...the wind stopped at about 4PM and it actually warmed up, then by 6:30 it started to cool with the setting sun. NO flowers to speak of here yet.
    Nice work Adain!

  9. I'm with you on Spring! I love it and miss it so much. Our soring here is almost non-existence. Especially this year. We went from cool to really hot fast!

  10. Oy. At least you have things blooming! We still do not. However, yesterday the swallows returned to Goatistrano, so we are definitely on the way. Finally.

  11. Uh, come to think of it...make that Caprastrano. :)

  12. The spring pictures are so pretty.
    Teagan and Alana are good looking young folks.
    And about long legs. My husband is only about 5'6" and I am 5'2" and our youngest son is 6' tall. Our oldest is around 5'7". When we get our picture taken together there is one tall head above the others.
    Congratulations to Aidan!

  13. I am on Facebook, too!!
    Gudrun Klemens is my name.

  14. My god it's glorious out there! Your blooming photos are great. As for the track star, he has my great admiration. I've long since been a runner, but those hurdles absolutely terrify me: I have a hard enough time putting one foot on front of the other when there aren't any obstacles in front of me!!

  15. Thanks for the flower info, and also for calling me "wonderful". It's nice to hear that!


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