Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back with my babies

Returning from a wonderful road trip vacation , I arrived home to find fall flowers:

Rain-soaked maple leaves:

And the Parade-to-the-Barn-for-Breakfast procession of two donkeys, a llama, two cats and a chicken:

Honey (and her heavy-hiney) always falls to the rear of the line at the steep part of the hill:

Beau has been very generous with his big soft kisses:

Mr. Goldy, the big animal stock tank goldfish, is alive and well:

Roxy is back to her job of leading the goats to pasture:

Though they were totally naughty today en-route when they stopped to chew on the Japanese Maple tree:

Once her goats were safely deposited in the middle pasture with Kai llama, Roxy played attentive farm doggy...:

until she heard a funny noise in the woods and came over to sit close to my leg:

Pete and Reggie let me know how much they missed me by lavishing their special brand of goat-y attention on my knees:

Followed by the taste-testing of my fashionable plaid shirt:

and momentary patient sitting at my feet:

To my delight, I finally have some ripe tomatoes. George has been regularly on-hand to help me pick the ripest ones:

It's really good to be home:


  1. Glad to see you home safe, sure your 'herd' was all happy to see their leader.
    LiBBiE in Oz :@

  2. It's good to have animals to help you get back into the swing of things after vacation.

  3. What a nice "welcome home" you got. Great pictures!

  4. Great pictures of your homecoming!
    I'm glad you had a good time, but there is something special being greeted with obvious love from the critters.

  5. Ah yes, back to normal is always a good thing. I'm sure they missed you.

  6. That was a wonderful trip, but I'm glad you're back home, too. Now we get to see wonderful photos that include chicken and cat parades!

    My knitting group is coming over today to watch over me while I tease out every last bit of your llama fiber pile out on the patio. I'm anticipating lots of progress, because they won't let me move until it's all done and ready for the next step!

  7. And what a lovely welcoming committee you have. Oma Linda

  8. Oh my gawd! That fish is amazing. Everyone looks so happy to see you home. I think I have a crush on all your critters. Honey has got to be THE coolest chicken, ever and you know I have a soft spot for George and Clyde. ...where is that handsome fellow, anyway....?

  9. How fortunate you are to come home to your little paradise! Most people only dream about this, but you are living your dream.
    Beau's velvety lips are soo cute. What a ham!
    An apology here: I am somewhat responsible for the increase in Honey's chicken butt. She ate everything while here, except the cantaloupe. Turns out that was wise given all the bad news lately. Her absolute favorite, however, was rice cake. She'd fling it way up into the air, then catching it with her beak. Very funny. I suggest you add it to her diet and be entertained.

  10. A comment for clairz: I think I might be the recipient of the llama wool once you are finished. Can't wait!

  11. vacations are fun but coming home is the best!

  12. "There's no place like home. There's no place like home."

  13. Vacations are wonderful but it is always so good to get back home. Love the photo of Beau's muzzle.

  14. ...and the chickens must have been laying eggs like crazy - the count went up over 500 while you were gone!

    Isn't it a happy feeling to be missed? That is an example of true love for you.

  15. George seems to be a bit annoyed that you were gone. Maybe he's trying to tell you that the tomatoes needs to be picked!

    Question: What do you feel Mr Goldy? Fish food in the stock tank?

  16. Hi Mike Portnoy! George isn't annoyed, that's just the look he always has on his face. :-)
    Mr. Goldy is in the stock tank to gobble up all the nasty mosquito larvae that is deposited there all summer long. Lacking that, he dines ferociously on the algae that grows on the side of the tank (and any other bugs that fall in). No fish food is added to the donkey/llama water. Mr. Goldy is now 1 year, 5 months old. :-)

  17. i bet they are all glad to have their mommy home! who watched the gang while you were gone?

  18. I know everyone was happy to have you back home! Your tomatoes are so pretty. Ours are pretty much finished for the year here :(

  19. what a lovely welcome you had! I guess that's one of the reasons they say "there's no place like home." When you've got so many loved ones who are happy to have you back, it can't help but be a deligthful place to be! I love that first picture! Roxie looks happy to be back home too!

  20. Hey! I'm back again. Just had to have another look at Honey's cute butt...

    ....is that creepy?

    And, George's cute whiskery face. And, Roxy's sweetness.

  21. Home's a good place when it's good to be home. :)

    Umm... why do I think chicken butts are so cute? The heavy-hiney was adorable. :D

    Have a great weekend!

  22. Re Justina's comment about chicken butts--I saw that particular view of a hen called "chicken underpants" on another blog. Now, that's a description that will stay with me!

  23. I get such a kick out of Honey. The words heavy hiney will probably stick with me forever!

  24. Glad to see that all is well on Critter Farm. Love the photos.
    All of the animals seem delighted that you are home.. and I can tell you are too.
    Welcome home...

  25. Big smile, all is well at the Critter Farm!


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