Monday, October 10, 2011

And so it begins

Rainy rain rain

"It was a dark and stormy night...":

...except that it was morning:

And it was time to feed the animals:

Chester celebrated Oregon's return to all-that-is-wet-and-muddy by getting something stuck up his nose:

Poor boy, I can't imagine 1) how he managed to do this and 2) not having an opposable thumb and forefinger to pull it out:

Here, sweetie, use mine:

The concerning thing is, it was quite difficult to remove. I had to pull hard. Now I'm worried that when I pulled, I may not have gotten an embedded part out and it still may be in his nose:

But at least nothing is sticking out of his nose any longer:

(What do you suppose the chances are of him holding completely still while I shine a flashlight up his nose to take a look around?):

We celebrated the pokey-object-in-nose-removal by having breakfast inside. It was just that kind of day:

I was even able to coax Kai under cover:

She's normally an all-weather girl who prefers staying out where she can keep an eye on her property:

George, our barn cat, was so surprised to see her inside, he had to take a (much) closer look:

But, you know, even though Chester had his issue - and despite it being a torrential downpour for the entire morning- we all had a pretty good day.

See all that straw flowing out of the goat house door? Yup, it was goat house clean-out day today:

My buddies, Scott and Honey, were on-hand to assist:

Reggie was in fine form and made sure he did his part throughout the event, be it scratching his head on the pitchfork I was using or walking ever so slowly in front of the wheelbarrow Scott was trying to push around:

The evening brought a special treat. My man, Jim, went crabbing over the weekend and brought home five Dungeness crab for us:

We ate piles of fresh crab last night and, tonight, a friend of mine offered to share with me his favorite crab cake recipe:

With fresh eggs from my girls, and sweet red pepper and chives from my garden...ohhhh my....

These were so incredibly delicious:

Today turned out so well, we're very curious what tomorrow might have in store for us:


  1. Yum! Fresh crab and crabcakes. Yum!

  2. Ahh poor Chester, thankfully Nurse Danni came to the rescue. Smart girl Kai, come in out of the rain. Good man Jim, five... five crabs, looks wonderful and peekaboo Roxy.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  3. I used to live in the Pacific Northwest with all that rain, and realized how acclimated I've become here in the desert when reading this post. I was momentarily surprised to see that you were OUT in the rain, as no one here would venture out of doors during any rain event.

    Danni, those crab cakes look scrumptious. So does the rest of your life!

  4. Hope Chester's nose is okay. Those crab cakes look so yummy - one of my favorites.

  5. Yes, we had our first rain of the season. But of course, nothing like Oregon. Where will Honey stay during the cold wet weather?
    The crab!!!! OMG! That looks so delicious.

  6. So glad you had an awesome day! We'll have to show you crab cakes Maryland style sometime. :)

  7. Oooh! Crab cakes! I know what you mean about goats walking slow in front of wheelbarrows... ;)

  8. Poor Chester. Good thing he didn't have to go to the Critter Farm ER.

    Yes, your favorite season is here. Now it's time to bring out your INNER sunshine. Remember what you had to do when you were a little girl and you came downstairs with a dark and frowny face? I will tell your animals, and they will devise a technique to cheer you up, too.

    What's this about flashing all the wonderful fresh crab in front of us? Hope it didn't all turn into crab cakes, and that at least one claw was reserved for Jim's mother-in-law!

  9. Poor Chester. How do you suppose he did that?!
    Mmmm.. the crab cakes look delicious - especially warm and inviting on a grey day.

  10. It's been hit and miss with the rain here.
    What was up his nose? A foxtail?
    Did you say Crab Cakes? They looked soooo yummy! What are the chances of you sharing the recipe?
    One of these days we will have to make a trip up to see you and your man.

  11. I know! Yesterday was so dark all day it felt like nightfall. I'm heartened to discover that where we're going, they have 5x LESS precipitation than Vancouver. Yay!

    Chester. *shaking head*

  12. What a wonderful day and a wonderful post. Cleaning the goat shed is always a project, isn't it? We have to get our energy up to do it -- it's not easy with all the goats trying to help. And that crab looks AMAZING! Crab cakes too. So envious!

  13. Oh my! Seeing that pile of crab brings great memories of crabbing in Winchester Bay, Oregon . . . great fun, great friends, and extremely great food! Nothing like Dungeness crab fresh from the sea... absolutely nothing like it!

  14. what the heck was up his nose? good thing you have an opposable thumb! dungeness crab? how lucky can you get. if you have time, check out my crab cake recipe! i have tried many and this is my favorite one!

  15. I really enjoy all the farm critter pics and storyline, but given the addition of crab cake photos, I'm thinking that maybe the addition of "Critter Farm Eats" would be a fine extension of your blogging! Not that you have time to do so, of course, but imagine if you could show some of the wonderful food you prepare using ingredients from the farm. :-)

  16. I love visiting with you....

  17. Lots to do with season's change - with those yummy crabcakes you are off to a good beginning!

  18. Ha-ha!! Great post. So funny...I needed tha laugh. Those crabcakes look soooo good!


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