Friday, October 28, 2011

By the way...

I'm going on a trip today.

In preparation for this trip, here at Critter Farm....

I built a small cage, separate from my main chicken flock, to keep wandering Honey safe while I'm gone:

She hates it :

and looks at me mournfully when I walk by to check on her:

The donkeys got their feet trimmed. Chester was feeling especially helpful that day and assisted Justin, my farrier, while he worked on Beau's feet:

And speaking of Beau, would you just look at my boy! Gone are the days of sedation, bags of bribery carrots, and me standing by his side for comfort during his trims. He is such a star:

The chickens got a pre-trip treat of overripe tomato, apricot and raspberries:

And had fresh hay spread in their run:

My girl, Skippy, seems to be now fully recovered from whatever was ailing her a few weeks ago, and is laying about five eggs a week again. Impressive for a 3 1/2 year old hen:

The goats got a pedicure:

Pete and Reggie fought over who got to go first:

Pete won:

Then it was Reggie's turn:

I do get nervous when I leave the farm for any length of time. So, I always ask the animals to pitch in and do their part to keep things running smoothly.

Kai and Chester promised to stay vigilant while on cougar-watch:

Clyde told me he'd keep an eye on Honey whenever she was "out and about":

And George said he'd keep an eye on overall farm management. He's helpful like that:

Guess where I'm going?

Color me happy.


  1. It looks like you got everything in order and the farm is in good animal hands. Have a safe trip to......a dude ranch? an African Safari? going to clean out someones barn? I don't know. Maybe a snorkeling trip to Hawaii? LOL Have fun where ever you are going.

  2. I'll be waving hi as you fly into 'Burque. Have a great time with the crew at shhhhhh, I'll never tell. Oma Linda

  3. Looks like you are going to 7msn!

    Aren't you just so happy about Beau?!

  4. Hooray!! Everything looks in its place for your departure.
    Have great fun! Scratch some donkey ears for me. :)

  5. And all that for just a few days! What if you had 5 human kids on top of that?! Unthinkable.

    I know you'll have a fabulous time when you get to where you're going. Enjoy every 'free' minute!

  6. Carson just tweeted that there was no blog post today but the house was ranch hand ready!

  7. At the rate Honey's molting she'll have her own featherbed by the time you get back. Have a great trip to 7MSN.

  8. You get to go back to the ranch?! Color me green with envy.

  9. Bon Voyage . . . have a safe trip. We can't wait to hear all about it!

  10. Jealous! I wanna meet Alan! And Hank, Lucy, George, Smootch, and even that fat-n-sassy pig.

  11. Have a wonderful, safe trip!
    Hope things go smoothly while you are gone. :-)

  12. Happy trip! Do they allow trick or treating at 7MSN? How about Peanuts? I sure hope so. I'd hate for you to miss out.

  13. Forgot to ask? Did you really do the goat boys' pedicure by yourself???

  14. ditto what Christine said... and now the taunting begins :)

  15. Oh, it will be fun to read about your adventures... on your site and 7MSN. What fun. Yeah.... we are ALL jealous!

  16. Ahhh you lucky ducky! Love the boots (drool). Frye harness? Have a wonderful time. Do you get to meet the new guys at moring bray too? Ah the fun. Ann in WI

  17. So, you are the Chicken Whisperer! I'm a little behind on blog news. Believe it or not, the life of a retiree is pretty darned busy!

    Can't wait for the upcoming blog posts to see what you and Linda C get up to.

  18. Looks like everything is in order for your trip. Have a safe one. Folks who do not have a farm do not realize all it takes to get things in order just to leave for a few days. I have found a wonderful "farm" sitter who I trust very much. She has much experience with farm animals and is very responsible.

  19. New Mexico!!! Have a great time!

  20. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Your goats are a crack-up!


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