Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More rainy day activities

4-word recap summarizing current Critter Farm weather status: Continued cold and rainy

Yesterday, I only shared how the chickens are spending this time, so I thought - in an effort to reduce any jealousies that might pop up - that I should share what my other "babies" are up to currently as well.

Chester and Beau have been enjoying relaxing breakfasts under cover:

I asked them to smile for this photo, but the best I got was heads-out-of-buckets for a split second. That'll do:

Pete and Reggie, my Nigerian Dwarf goats, have made it very clear that they will not be stepping outside when the sky is falling:

Though Reggie did give it extensive consideration:

In an effort to avoid the rain at any cost, he has been very happy to explore every inch of the open doorway - from inside the goat house:

And I mean every inch:

Look at the belly on that boy:

How many pictures of things wet from the rain do you think I will show in this post?:

Oh look, here's another one:

Wait. One more:

George, the barn cat, decided to move from his napping spot on the top-most hay bale to a window seat for a better view of the rain. See him there in the left-hand stall window?:

Here's something that's not wet...my grape hyacinth are blooming. The weather really is getting better, you know:

Though I think it may still be a while before I don't have to wear my long underwear in the mornings under my jeans...


  1. Nigerian Dwarf! Writing that down as a possibility. Love the goat pics - of course!

  2. Great pictures and I have barn envy! I love, love, love your barn. How do you keep it so clean?

  3. Oh my, Reggie is so cute! The grape hyacinth is really pretty, it looks like grapes! I'm glad that I don't have to unfreeze water dishes anymore since it's Spring! It just finished up raining around here, I hope it does over there, too!

  4. LOL hope you get to be rid of your 'long underwear' soon!
    I love hyacinths. Fragrance is so lovely.

  5. teddy would be right inside with everyone else! she does not like rain.

  6. I think maybe your Reggie and my Bo need to apply to be on next season's Biggest Loser show. Do Pete and Reggie scream like little girls if they get caught in the rain? Mine do.

  7. I love all your critters but I really love to see that cat! What a lucky guy to have stumbled upon your farm. When I see him I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes. "My troubles are all over, and I am at home".

  8. I could look at wet, rainy pictures all day. Was able to watch the cauliflower video today - for whatever reason it wasn't working for me yesterday. Anyway, the sound of the rain? Sigh...

  9. Love grape hyacinths! maybe this fall I'll fet around to planting some.

    Love the goat bellies! and the munch face donkeys...

    glad your honey boy got home safe and sound...

  10. Hi Ruth at HJF Farm - You asked how I keep my barn so clean? It's called "selective photography". lol

  11. Yes, your barn could be a place to hold and old-fashioned barn dance. Have you ever thought of that? Invite all your favorite people and ask ALL your critters to attend. Is anyone of them musical? Sort of like the "Bremer Stadtmusikanten"?

  12. Gotta put grape hyacinth on my "to plant" list for sure, now that I have a place to plant them! First I better see if they do well in this part of the country. They're gorgeous

  13. LOL That fat boy is sure a CUTIEPIE!! At least he is exercising!!!hehe!! Thanks! for all the SWEET pics!

  14. I'd like to go tickle that white belly LOL - so tempting!

    I do hope the rain stops for you and the critters soon.
    Ann in WI

    ps: LOVED the chicken video!!!!!

  15. I think even rainy days look fun on Critter Farm :) Everyone looks healthy and happy. That chicken video made me smile. Those goat boys are too funny. Georgia and Mirrie really dislike rain too. Beau and Chester didn't look like they were in any itching hurry to get outside either!

  16. I'm beginning to despair that we will ever get sun...at least your photos make the rain look pretty. Although they don't make me like it anymore :) Kim


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