Monday, April 4, 2011

An inside day

Today was definitely an inside day:

The weather took a cold and rainy turn overnight last night, which meant nobody wanted to go outside this morning. You didn't hear any of us complaining (for a change), though. The critters and I are pretty tired from all the spring clean-up work and activity of the last two weeks. We were more than ready for a break.

It was raining so hard, I decided that the chickens needed some chicken run entertainment to help pass the day:

New things are often scary, though, and most of them placed immediate distance between themselves and the odd thing dangling from my hand:

It took everyone a couple minutes to determine if this white and green ball was friend or foe:

"That's not gonna swoop down and get us, right?":

But once I hung it from the roof beam, everybody knew exactly what to do:

I know I've said this before, but I could watch my chickens for hours. It's incredibly entertaining yet unbelievably relaxing at the same time. Here, see for yourself. The background noise is the rain hitting the plastic roofing panels on top of the chicken run:

"Ah," I thought to myself, "this will keep them busy for hours":

Don't you think?:

Thumper called me "silly" to my face:

Because when I did a cauliflower-check less than an hour later, it was totally gone. Except for the string that hung ominously like a noose. Better look out, Roopert:

You know, it's funny how happy I was on this very rainy and cold day today. Do you think it might've had anything to do with the fact that my man arrived safely home last night?:


  1. Glad you have your own roo home! :) Your chooks made short work of that cauli!!

  2. I agree with you 100%, nothing better and more relaxing than sitting around watching chicken TV.

  3. The vid was hilarious! It's nice to hear some good old fashioned chicken cluckin'!

  4. Well, yes. Maybe it had a little to do with his return.

    I loved the video. Never would have thought to entertain them like that. They were having a big time!

  5. What a clever game to keep your "wet" friends entertained.

  6. HA!

    And your little white chicken (sorry I don't know her name) is a scaredy chick! She really wanted to join in on the fun but she really just couldn't get over her fears. poor thing: she reminds me of me.... it's been quite the effort to push through fears but you tell her I'm rootin' for her :)

  7. oops... I hit submit before I put my name.... that scaredy chick comment was from me :)

  8. One only has to look at the price of cauliflower today to know how much you love your chickens.

  9. What a handsome family of chickens you have there. And ravenous too...are you sure they're not descended from the pirahna fish?

  10. What is it about chickens? I could sit and watch mine for hours too. They are so entertaining.

  11. Cauliflower pinatas! What a hoot!

  12. Oh my-the cauliflower treat was hilarious-what funny girls!! I really love your critter farm. I went back and read how everyone came to your farm and about the six beautiful donkeys you adopted out first. You are so wonderful! I'm so glad I found your blog via sweet Patrick's rescue over at MBF. I am in awe of you having all of these critters in the rain by the way-I am not a rain person but snow doesn't phase me. Odd, huh? You have a lovely fuzzy and feathered family and I love your barn. So nice to learn more about the beauiful dream you and Jim have created together! Please give everyone a huge hug from all of us at DVR!
    Sue and the crew

  13. Oh my goodness the Cauliflower treat was a big hit, and a riot! What a funny little group of creatures-I love their noises!

    I love the world you and Jim have created for yourselves-I caught up on your big move, the 6 original foster donkeys, the hens, the goats, the llamas, and finally the beautiful donkeys! You are truly a farm girl Danni!

    I jumped in, too, with not much experience into 8 rescued horses to reach my dream. It is so satisfying to look out and see my little herd-I'll bet you feel the same way every day :)

    I am in awe that you are in rain country doing this, though...I have no issues with feet upon feet of snow and freezing cold temps but am a wimp about rain :)

    Sending lots of scritches to all the creatures over at Critter Farm!
    So glad I stumbled across your slice of heaven while learning about sweet Patrick of over at Morning Bray Farm!
    Sue and the crew at DVR

  14. Chicken t.v. - some of the best thing on television.

  15. Great video. I love watching chickens too. Makes no sense, but it is sooo relaxing to just sit and watch them scratch and peck, and come over for a visit, then wander off... gotta love chickens.

  16. Your arm in arm pictures was very sweet. I enjoyed the chickens clucking too. There's something very contented about the sound they were making. I used to live in an apartment complex with a pond and we had a lot of ducks. The females would make the most nurturing clucking sound with their ducklings. I loved hearing them.

  17. amazed that they finished an entire head of cauliflower in an hour!
    Glad your man got home safe and sound!

  18. I could be entertained for hours by your chicken video. And I'm so glad your man is back home again.--Inger

  19. I need to get me a covered chicken run. You could spend hours in with them there chickens, and you didn't even get locked in this time....

    Happy your husband is home, that is a heartwarming picture you posted holding his arm.

  20. I love watching my chickens too! Thanks for sharing the treat idea for the chickens...I will have to give it a try this weekend.

  21. The Chicken Channel. I love it.
    A whole cauliflower in one hour.... Those chickens must love their veggies.
    Great post.

  22. i have such chicken envy! glad the male person is back home!


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