Thursday, October 7, 2010

A pretty girl minding her own business

Imagine, for a moment, that you are sitting in a little patch of sun, minding your own business:

...when somebody calls your name. Of course, being a polite girl, you go to investigate:

You find, to your delight, that it's a friend who wants to feed you your very favorite treat in the whole world, which happens to be...:

...carrot coins:

Now, although you fight against it, it's in your nature to be extremely cautious:

(some would go so far to call you suspicious):

...and you approach everything slowly and with great care:

...taking your time to size up every situation:

and sniff out any potential danger:

...even if you've done this very thing a million times before. One can just never be too safe:

Yet despite your careful routine, you really are enjoying yourself at this moment...:

The carrot coins are delicious and you are quite happy with the attention you are receiving...


...somebody else comes nosing in on your space:

It's hard for you to get too angry with this interloper, though; it's clear he likes you. He's being pushy but not too pushy:

So, you decide you can tolerate his presence - after all, he's not preventing you from getting your treats:

...he's merely hoping you might share:

But then, you-know-who shows up:

And suddenly Beau becomes quite a bit pushier now that his partner in crime has joined in:

So, you decide you've had quite enough..of treats and donkeys...and off you stalk:

You were just minding your own business, after all...


  1. They are quite intimidating up close, aren't they? Would they bite your finger off, I wonder

    And the moment-to-moment close up - you capture that yourself or is that jim behind the camera - I wonder abt that too...

  2. Ack! I already want a llama and now I have to endure all of this adorableness (is that even a word?).

  3. Kinda like having two little brothers...!

  4. Nubians and Llamas seem to have a lot in common. Who knew?

  5. ahhh...that's so sweet. I'm sure she didn't think so, but I think its a sweet story. I just love your critters! Has your hen started her sabatical yet?

  6. Did she ever take that delectable carrot coin . . . ever? I just double checked and I guess she did. But you sure had me on my tippy toes trying to help her get it.

    Great post! Thanks for the grin it put across my face! I loved it. Have a great day!

  7. My...what big noses those two burros have. Especially when compared to her delicate little one.

    It looks like they were merely attempting to alleviate some of her concerns. Kind of like self-appointed Royal Tasters.

  8. I love the close-ups of those adorable faces with their enormous nostrils.
    My admiration for llama Kai is growing daily. When I see her take care of her kids, yes kids, it is quite remarkable. Pete and Reggie act like well-behaved pre-schoolers around Auntie Kai, and she is taking her responsibility very seriously.
    However,she seems to have absolutely no influence over the other two, Beau and Chester. I think they need a governess of their own. What kind of animal would like to apply for the job?

  9. I was wondering how long it would take for the donkeys to show up! You sure know how to keep up the suspense.--Inger

  10. I love that type of a post...just Perfect!
    What a good just made my friday!

  11. YAY! I needed a smile today after a very long week. And what better to make me smile than donkey and llama noses!

  12. those two nosy donkeys would have felt the wrath of teddy if they got in the way of her treats! she does not share and no one interferes with her treats.

  13. Ha! I totally know what its like to feed Kai carrot coins...and how suspicious she can be..:-) Like she didnt *just* take a carrot from you moments before. :-) She thinks tho that this time there may be something totally not right with that carrot. Beau is such a good boy. He just wanted to share...and hes so mild mannered about it all. :-) But that Chet...he sure can be a pushy pushter. But he sure is handsome.

  14. Sometimes it's just better for a lady to sit in the sun and ignore the "coins" of dubious fortune.
    This is such a cute post. Animals are just the funniest beings. Look at the attitude as she walks away. It's like she's saying "Donkeys! What a bother they can be.".....

  15. she is so beautiful!
    Chet's nose looks HUGE next to hers!!

  16. Those darn mischievous boys!!!


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