Monday, August 1, 2011

Happiness (today) was...

Having lunch in downtown Portland with my beautiful (and almost 23-year old, eek!) first born son:

Having the very first cherry (Gold Nugget) tomato turn ripe:

...on the very same day as my volunteer sunflower #1...:

*and* volunteer sunflower #2 decided to open:

Treating myself to a new pair of sharp (and non-rusty) garden clippers:

for my super cool (and well used) garden clipper holster:

(On at least three occasions now, I've been teased by visiting delivery people about this holster. I don't care. I *love* it.)

Locating the source of a (very) unpleasant mildewy smell in the house and being very surprised that it turned out to be this:

Painting my toes a bright new color (and one that I normally wouldn't choose):

Finding a surprise (giant) strawberry hanging (hiding?) over the outside of a potted strawberry plant:

It was delicious:

Taking a picture of two fluffy lumps on the rocks outside my garden:

and having them turn into two very handsome, if sleepy, cats:

And talking a walk at dusk in the woods with my three beloved big critters (2 donkeys and a llama):

Ummm, yeah, you're pretty much going to have to take my word on this last one, I think.

It was a happy day.


  1. Lovely strawberry, lovely sunflowers, lovely toenail color!

  2. Love days like that! Envious of your "walkable" temperatures! We're roasting here and sooooo ready for rain and cooler temps. Enjoy!

  3. loved it all! even the 'taking your word for it' shot. :) joy, joy, joy!

  4. What a nice "day in the life of Danni" series of photos. Happiness at my place yesterday was beginning the first steps of spinning up some Kai llama: Getting Ready to Spin. Come see!

  5. Handsome boy you have there! And it looks like all is well at your farm. Nice toes, yummy strawberries, happy cats and, unlike here, tomatoes that aren't green!

  6. Looks like you did have a lot of happiness yesterday! :)

  7. Everything looks amazing. I'd forgotten what the color green looked like.
    I especially love the pic of number one son. You know how I feel about the kiddos. :)

  8. Loved your day!

  9. You're lucky to have so much happiness in your life... for some people *cough* perhaps like me, would wish that they could just lie down and enjoy life...

    Anyways, Cheers =D

  10. Thanks for sharing all those great photos, Danni. Have a wonderful day today, too. :)

  11. Sounds like a near perfect day, Danni. Lovely post.

  12. I can see some ears in the picture, just not sure who they belong to.

  13. Those are outstanding tomatoes! I can't tell you how it warms my heart to see how happy & content Clyde & George are. Those two, especially the handsome one (Clyde *smile*) have completely stolen my heart.


  14. Wow! You should put the memory of this glorious day in a box and open it when a day proves to be not so sweet.
    Love the boy you had lunch with! MY firstborn grandson, who shows amazing family spirit all the time.

  15. you know I love this about you: even the simplest of things bring great happiness... thanks for sharing your happiness and bringing me some as well!
    and might I say that oh my goodness your son it handsome! too bad I'm not 20 years younger.....

  16. What a great day! Thanks for sharing it with us. Oh, I love the holster.

  17. What a perfectly perfect day...those toes rock!

    BTW, go the donkeys today and frankly I just might be in love! Thanks for all the help and advice so far...indicating there is a strong likelihood I will be needing more ;)! Kim

  18. That sure is a bright PINK!!!


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