Friday, August 5, 2011

Clever alternate use of lawn chair: #2, Goat Edition

My critters are a freakishly itchy bunch. Fortunately, I always try to have the proper tools on hand for them to find some relief.

Case in point, Pete and his lawn chair. Now, generally, Pete uses his lovely green plastic chair for his most-perfect napping spot, but on this day, it served a completely different purpose. It turns out, that the left arm rest reaches that always-hard-to-access spot on the head, right between the horn buds:

In this next photo, please note that while his head is still being scratched, he has adjusted his rather rotund belly to receive a scratching on its underside with the right arm rest. Coordinated, isn't he?:

Ooooh, back of the head is nice, too:

And, come to think of it, that left eye was a bit itchy:

Cheek! Cheek!!! Itchy cheeeeek!:

Now..just that one spot on the back of his head and....:

Perfect! I'm sure he feels *so* much better.:


Ohhhh yeahhhhhh....mmmmmm....

It would appear that I have a bilaterally proficient goat! Surely fame is just around the corner:

Once this itching stops:

And then, as quickly as it started, it all stopped - and Pete just stood there, motionless, in sort of a goat-y stupor, as if all of his possible goat-y needs had been met. It was the longest I'd ever seen him stand still. It lasted about 3.5 seconds:

And then he was off... to find a clever alternate use for a feed bucket:

I'll keep you posted if he manages to scratch any itches with that.

(You can see "Clever Alternate Use for Lawn Chair: #1 by clicking here. <--)


  1. Very creative goat! Pete is definitely a cutie. :)

  2. hey....when you have an itch, you've just got to scratch. unless, of course, you wear the dreaded cone!

  3. which *cheek* do you refer?

  4. Only you could have a bilaterally proficient goat! Critter Farm rocks!

  5. We have a couple of chairs like that. The most exotic thing they've been used for is when the scrub jays hide peanuts in the cushions (we actually sit on them occasionally)
    My moderation word is mankil - um, what?

  6. I'! A bilaterally proficient goat. Cracks me up! You write so well.

  7. Ha! I laughed through this entire post. That is just too cute!!

  8. Ya know, it's not often I see a goat in a lawn chair...:)


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