Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Raise your hand if you love raspberries!

Bunches of raspberries are finally turning ripe and this is creating a lot of excitement here on Critter Farm:

After picking 2.9 pounds from my upper raspberry bushes this morning, I decided it was an excellent time to conduct a quick, completely unscientific, poll:

..on who around here loves raspberries - and who doesn't.

Can you guess the results?

Roxy, my farm pup?:


Without question. She loves them:

And she thanked me afterwards:

The chickens?:

Absolutely, the hungry little dinosaurs. They've grown up on these...and I've seen recent evidence that they've already been helping themselves to the low hanging fruit. (I'm totally on to you, girls!):

The donkeys, Beau and Chester?:

Mmm hmm. Yeah:

With gusto:

...and funny faces:

As I was walking down to ask the goats their opinion on raspberries, look who I ran into...Honey.

Of course, her opinion matters:

She loved them:

And what about the goat boys, Pete and Reggie?:

Yes. Duh!

There is very little these boys won't eat:

Pete even licked up the juice:

And I truly did not know until this afternoon...:

...just how long Pete's tongue was:

Kai llama?

Um, nope.
She did her very best impression of a llama ignoring me. She thought they were stinky:

Our cat, George?:

Complete and total disinterest. Didn't smell like tuna, you know:

My man, Jim?

Oh, you better believe he loves them ...sprinkled over vanilla bean ice cream:

He insists this is the only way to eat raspberries.

So, that about sums it up. Raspberries are very big around here, though there are a few hold-outs who don't appreciate them as much as they should.

I think this was quite an informative post, don't you?


  1. I can't BELIEVE you shared perfectly good raspberries with the CRITTERS! (And you must have TINY fingers or HUGE berries; our berries would never fit on my big fingers!)

  2. I love your paper labeled 'unscientific poll'. lol So cute. And the notes at the end.

    Roxy's 'thank you' face is *so* sweet.

  3. i can't believe roxy likes raspberries. but when i think about it, my dog laddie, when i was little, would eat blackberries of the bushes when we were picking them. i don't think teddy would touch them unless they were stuffed with liver. and then i bet she would manage to get the liver out and leave the raspberry intact. everything looks wonderful at your place!

  4. too much fun! but pass that bowl over here next, okay!? i'm with your hubby - just make it homemade vanilla...

  5. I so love fresh raspberries; wish I had some bushes. It was so cute looking at your animals eat raspberries.

  6. This is the quintessential Danni post - I love it. It includes all of your animals, your anonymous husband, your love of gardening, your love of your animals and husband, and your fun-loving and organized self. Did you compose it in your head while you were jammin'?

  7. We got raspberries for the first time on our bushes this year. The vine that produced is dying on its own. Do I need to prune it anyway?

  8. Oh yea, my hand is up, too!
    Jim and I could be buds "Vanilla bean ice cream"---None of that silly pretend vanilla ice cream for me. Gotta have real vanilla flecks in it. :)

  9. Make sure you get funding for this study! It was very informative. Our pups love fruit too. I never thought about asking Ripley if he would like raspberries. I might need to conduct my own study at the barn!

  10. I've always wondered who does and who does not love raspberries, and now I know! Now I can get on with my day, whew! That was puzzling me. Thanks for straightening me out. Great photos but even greater captions!

  11. I guessed wrong on a couple of them. I didn't think Roxy would have eaten them. By sharing, now you know you have to go out and pick more. Have a great day.

  12. That was the most interesting poll I've read in a long time!

  13. Yum! Go make this http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/05/raspberry-buttermilk-cake/ NOW. It's that amazing.

    Much peace,

  14. I used to judge elementary school science fairs... your study is worthy of any science backboard! (PS... having 'vegetable matter' exposed is now against the rules... but a small bribe might influence even the most 'sour' judge!)

  15. I think I must be blind! When I saw that list I was thinking "Liam? None of the animals are called Liam!" It wasnt until I saw the tick in the 'no column' that I realised it said Llama and it was referring to Kai! Dont mind me, it's 2am here in Western Australia lol. And you're awesome for letting your animals have fresh raspberries. I'm totally going to see if my dog likes raspberries next summer!

  16. Hello to "The Burrow" - To answer your question on the raspberry pruning, I do prune mine - but not until late winter/early spring and then I cut away the dead and prune the new canes back to about 18". If you have canes dying back, you should also be seeing some new growth, or canes, coming in to replace the dying ones.
    Hope this helps. :-)

  17. Thx Danni. Guess I better get out the shears!

  18. You are too funny! And your raspberries are so beautiful! Love your photos, especially the one of Jim. You compose such a great story. Pleeeeeze send me some raspberrrrrries, pulleeeze....you know I love them. Yeah, I know, you can't send any. I will just have to come to visit you one of these days during raspberry season. Bah!

  19. The dogs and I walk by a neighbor's raspberry bushes every day. Will try the test with them. Doubt they will like them-they don't like fruit or veg. The cat? She likes garden peas, bits of beans, cantaloupe and peaches. Those raspberries look yummylicious!

  20. I bet if Jim knew where that bowl had been all day and who he shared it with he may not have dug in so heartily!

    I would never had guessed that Roxy would like them.

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE raspberries!!!I like Mr. J's way of eating them too..love them with vanilla yogurt..or just out of the palm of my hand..they're good any ole way!!

  22. Wow! Great berries! Here the canes do great but the berries are only good for about a year, then they get a disease. Your raspberries are beautiful. Be sure to make some jam for winter.

  23. My hand is definitely raised. What a cute post. Loved it.

  24. Our dog, Zip, eats them right from the berry bush as we pick. Her paw is raised. ~:)


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