Sunday, September 5, 2010

Making me laugh isn't hard these days

Today, I just wanted to share a few photos from Critter Farm that made me smile or laugh. I do love to laugh.

Look! It's a chicken path...they made this all on their own. I noticed it this evening for the first time and it tickled me beyond reason:

Beware the creature in the bushes! Mwah ha ha:

A really big rhubarb leaf:

Roxy says she promises not to eat any more chicken poop in the grass and can she please come outside again:

She also apologizes for throwing up on the bedroom carpet on Wednesday night. At 1:30 in the morning.

One should never try to pick blackberries when their donkey is near. He'll insist that you've picked them all for him:

Oh, and never try to remove anything from your llama's face. No matter how ill-placed. Your efforts will not be appreciated. You'll just have to trust me on this.

I did not plant this, but I'm so glad it's here!:

Are you enjoying your long weekend?


  1. Yay! A chicken path. I love that!

    Sweet Roxy. Shes such a good dog. She just trying to help clean up outside. :-)

    And, of course, Chet thought those berries were for him. You were after all, near him...and they look so very yummy...

    Ahahaha...Kai... Do not touch that, danni. We have talked about this...:-) not to take that leaf from her face...

    I heart sunflowers. They just make me happy.

  2. I'm so glad you're back in the land of Blog! :D I've missed you and your critters :D ♥

  3. Hi Danni - I'm glad the photo of Pookie made you laugh - I'm just glad he sat still long enough for me to take the photo, and with him turning his head towards the camera just made it that more humorous. I love the photo of the sunflower - and the chicken path. I'm thinking I need to get some chickens in the spring if I can get a place ready for them, or maybe some guineas, but I don't want them to attack the cats! LOL - but I've heard they're great watch birds, albeit a little noisy. Good to see you here laughing again. Have a great week. Take care, from KY.

  4. It seems to me that Roxy is being totally neglected on Critter Farm. She called this morning and wants me to pick her up to spend a few days at my house after my return.

  5. Thank you for sharing those pictures. They made me smile, too. That sure is one big rhubarb leaf! And what is it that makes chicken poop seem irresistible to most pups? We are having a wonderful long holiday weekend. Hope you are too!

  6. that chicken path is too funny!!! roxy and my teddy have the poop thing in common!!! teddy would always pick all of the most delectable morsels from the litter box. i had to put my 20 year old kitty to sleep yesterday.....:(

  7. I love the unexpected pleasures in life. Surely a gift. :)

    Dogs and chicken poop. When one of my hens flies over the fence into the back yard, I have to give the whole house the 'chicken poop warning'. We all tend to let our dogs kiss us madly, but not so much after a chicken poo eating session.

  8. Great pictures to make us smile right along with you. That's hilarious that Kai "likes" that leaf hanging on his cheek . . . doesn't everybody know this is the latest fashion statement?

  9. Very much so (enjoying our long weekend)!

    GREAT pictures - I had to laugh at the thought of Roxy eating chicken poop then puking it up at the perfect time. She looks very sorry, Mom. :D

    Holy crap, that's a big rhubarb leaf!

  10. thanks for the smile! LOVE the Kai shot......sounds like you found out the hard way about touching Kai's face!

  11. Your photo captions are always so funny! I really liked the one with roxy

  12. That leaf has me cracking up. :) That thing is humongous!
    There are a few chicken paths here and when I finally noticed them it made me smile too.
    How can you say no to chicken poo when Roxy gives a sweet look like that? hee hee
    Yup, I'll take your words of advice about not removing anything off of a llama's face.

  13. Hmmm. Chicken poop; another good reason to make the front yard the dog run instead of the back yard.

    I think that poop eating is more a bitch trick than something you'd have to deal with with boys dogs. I once let my first dog (bitch) outside and watched her eat something from the grass, ran out there to throw open her muzzle and grab it off her tongue and then open my hand and realize that I was holding a handful of cat shit.

    I never once had a problem with that with Rufus.

    So sure- Roxy will NEVER do that again....

  14. I love things that plant themselves! Kim

  15. We had a great weekend Danni...of which you had a preview on facebook. Hopefully I'll blog about that soon. Love the surprise Sunny Sunflower...they're the best! Sorry about the leaf llama thingy...I bet that wasn't pleasant! Tell Roxy...Ole was also not feeling well, so he feels her pain!!

  16. Why is it that dogs insist on eating other animals poop and then want to lick our faces? Who said a dogs mouth is the cleanest?

  17. We did have a good weekend.
    Loved the pictures.
    That is a very big rhubarb leaf! And blackberries? Our blackberries have been gone for ages here. Yours look big and delicious.

    Hope you have a great day.

  18. your rhubarb is huge... That is one difficult thing to grow in Texas... our heat I understand is the problem.. sighhhhhhh

    Now blackberries we can do!


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