Wednesday, September 8, 2010

False alarm, I guess

Well, I didn't go to jury duty. They didn't need me, I guess.

Instead, I took Kai llama and the goat boys for a walk:

Kai still really likes how Pete and Reggie smell:

It was incredibly peaceful and there was absolutely NO drama (phew!):

In fact, it's interesting. When I take the goats for a walk with Roxy, my farm pup, there's an entirely different level of energy. The goats run fast, ahead of me and trailing Roxy, and dart back and forth across the road to eat whatever tasty treat catches their eyes.

With Kai, the boys are very subdued and frequently get under my feet. They stick like glue to Kai, never venturing more than half a foot away from her:

It's fascinating.

At last check, the trio was happily eating breakfast together in the middle pasture:

All of a sudden, I've got some free time that I didn't expect to have, so if you are interested in knowing how I'll spend it...
I think I'll bake a blackberry pie with those berries I picked on Sunday:


  1. Excellent use of free time, I must say!

    The goat/llama walking dynamic is v-e-r-y interesting.

  2. oh my! First of all, I had no earthly idea that llamas or goats would want to go for a walk...and on a lead at that! Wow!
    Second of all, those little dough balls look like a pie crust recipe I need to have ;)

  3. So far in my whole life I have never had Jury duty. Odd. Even got called once and didn't get picked.
    Very interesting observation about the goats being so much more calm with the Llama than the dog. Maybe it's because Kai isn't so "leader of the pack"ish and doesn't try to get ahead of them.
    No Drama with the Llama. I need one for my Corgis. My little dogs are all about "drama".

  4. OH OH! Can you FedEx some blackberry pie to KY? I can give you the address, I'm sure it would make it here in one piece! LOL

    Kai is a wonderful caretaker of Peter and Reggie. That is very interesting about them being so subdued when with her, and then rambunctious with Roxy - kinda like being under the watchful eye of their Mama. Your walk looks very peaceful, indeed. Take care, from KY.

  5. Wow . . . you had a lucky number as far as jury duty goes. And I think blackberry pie sounds perfect rather than spending the day in a stuffy courtroom.

    Interesting the way the goat boys don't feel as playful when Kai's around?

  6. Wow, a walk with the 4-leggeds sounds like WAAAYYY more fun than jury duty. Pie sounds pretty darn good too.

    It must be that the goat brothers know that Roxy will spot any danger ahead. If Kai is back with you, there is no one to look for boogey men. Very smart boys, indeed.

  7. They may have you set on another docket ?
    Hope not, it is much nicer to take walks in the country with your critters ;)
    Ooh, those blackberries look scrumptious, I would bet money, that pie was mouth-watering good...
    Love your blog, and admire your change in lifestyle.

  8. Didn't know you could walk a llama! That is interesting about the dynamics......thanks for the peaceful pics.....

  9. I love berry pie! Especially with fresh-picked berries. Congrats on not having to go to jury duty. Your walk with the goats and llama looked so peaceful and inviting. I could just smell that fresh Oregon greenery after the rain.

  10. What a wonderful walk that must have been. I think you drew the long straw on jury duty!
    Amy at Verde Farm

  11. it is so cute that they like to go for walks. why wouldn't they?

  12. That IS interesting. Kai must really inspire confidence in those crazy kids. I could see how they would pick up on Roxy's energy and enjoy a good romp in the woods, too.

  13. Any pie left? What a great idea!

  14. Mmmm, blackberry pie.
    Sounds heavenly

  15. Your walk looks like lots of fun and I'm glad it was without incident. BTW; I just found your blog today and I LOVE it! Count me in as one of your newest followers. Hope you'll check out mine, too, when you get a chance. Thanks!

  16. Yay! So glad no jury duty.

    I love hearing about the dynamics on your farm. And I want a piece of anything blackberry. :)

  17. I love that the boys stick with the leader of the pack...Kai!!! I think you are just along for the ride Danni!! hahaha!
    The pie sounds like a perfect plan!

  18. I woke up to a cool and cloudy morning and guess what I did...I baked something too. I know your pie came out great!!--Inger

  19. Love that you take your goats and llama for walks, lucky lucky animals.

  20. Have you ever wondered what folks who walk their dogs on leashes think about you walking your goats without them? I wonder if their dogs are embarrassed?

  21. I love taking Kai and the goat boys and Roxy for walks.

    I also enjoy blackberry pie. As long as theres whipped cream.

  22. Taking the goats on a llama walk? Hmmm. I wonder if I dare try that too. Maybe once I get my walking trail in the woods done!

  23. My God I love it! Taking the goats and Kai for a walk. You would be an interesting find on a lonely back road :D

    Glad to see you back.


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