Monday, May 31, 2010

The really nice things she does for me

My mom enjoying an Oregon downpour

It has been an indoor weekend at my house. Not only is this the 4th wettest May on record in my part of NW Oregon, my husband and I came down with nasty colds after our recent flight home from Ireland and we're not moving very much.

As I sit here on my bed, wishing for my headache to go away, I find myself thinking about my animals, my garden, and how lucky I am to have the mom that I do.

Now this may seem like an illogical statement or a non sequitur to you, but to me it makes perfect sense. You see, even though I am a really big girl now, my mom still takes care of me. Taking care of me these days, also means sometimes taking care of my animals.

If you have animals, you know how hard it can be to get away from home for more than a day. If you have a farm, it's that difficult times a thousand.

My mom, though, has never failed to offer her unlimited support and help. She loves our life here on Critter Farm and enjoys being out here, I think, almost as much as we do. Even so, when she had to have emergency shoulder surgery six days before Jim's and my departure for Ireland, I knew this would prevent her from doing her normal farm visits.

I couldn't have been more wrong, though. Despite her own healing, she visited our farm every few days while we were gone to see that all was in order. She regularly checked in with our farm sitter to make sure all animals were well cared for. She even made sure that all the eggs were tallied for me:

(My mom totally *gets* my obsession for maintaining my daily egg count chart, how lucky can I be?!)

Knowing I would be worried about my animals, she sent me regular updates (with pictures of my babies) while I was gone:

This one had the caption "Hurry, we are waiting for you!":

It was out of the question that Roxy, our farm pup, would go anywhere but to her house. Roxy *loves* it there. From Roxy I received a "Hi Mom!" attached to this photo:

Pete and Reggie sent me their greetings, too:

Dolly, ever the curious, had to come in for a closer look at my mom:

My step dad adores Roxy, too, and took her for a walk with their pup, Wolfi, every single day:

When we got back home, I found she was able to keep all my seedlings alive that I had had to leave unplanted before I left. I thought for sure they were goners, but they are thriving:

An incredible dinner was waiting for us in the refrigerator:

Sweet smelling, fresh flowers were on the table:

And a sweet note was next to my bed. Though I am still wondering why the word "sweetheart" is in quotation marks. (ha, ha):

Knowing my mom was here, watching over things while we were gone, was such a comforting feeling for me. I just knew in my heart that everything was safe and all would be well until we returned.

I'm so looking forward to the weather drying up, the sun shining just a bit, and my mom coming back out to the farm for a day of hanging with me and my critters.

It's pretty clear she loves them a lot:

They think she's pretty awesome, too:

Thank you again - so much - mom. ♥ ♥ ♥

(P.S. Dinner was INCREDIBLE!):


  1. Wow. She does sound pretty wonderful. It's a huge comfort to know our animals are being well cared for when we're away, isn't it?

  2. WOW,great job MOM.
    And who wouldn't love all your critters?

  3. All I can think of is, "Wow".
    Puts the heart, mind and soul with peace and love. Wow.
    BTW, dinner looked fabulous.
    You and your man get to feeling better asap. Hugs.

  4. Lovely post! Nice to know all is well in your world :D

  5. She's a keeper Danni!!!
    Sending love her way! And thanks for giving us all such a special friend!

  6. Can I borrow your mom? I bet she makes a mean Peanut stew.

  7. Wow! Cherish that woman. Such a wonderful Mom you have. Makes me miss mine even more.

  8. What a wonderful Mom you have. This is truly what "mothering" is all about.
    The first 20 years or so are mandatory, but after that the true colors of motherhood show through.
    The care and unconditional love that continues after you become a "grown up" is a condition of the heart. Your mom has a BIG heart.
    Love that dinner waiting in the Fridge...

  9. awesome mom! get well soon; this cold has been spreading around portland like crazy and it's bad. *sigh*

  10. You are so lucky! I wish I had family that would come stay at the farm so we could go on vacation. No such luck here.

  11. Oh, so sweet! Someone who cares for your farm as if it were their own is invaluable. And to leave a dinner like that in the fridge as well? Fantastic mom you have there.

  12. Mom's are totally great, and yours looks like she's the greatest! Kudos to Critter Farm Mom!!

  13. that was very sweet....and yes, at 43 I still need my momma. And I like what farm lady said about the first 20 years were mandatory (made me laugh)but the continual outpouring of love past that time is from the heart. And being a relatively new mom (3 years) I can say and I'm sure you agree....your mom is thrilled to be able to do so for her baby! Not to mention how healing being around your animals are. Thanks for such a lovely post!

  14. You're a lucky girl.

    Get some Umcka, by Nature's Way. The stuff is something short of a miracle. Made from the roots of an African germanium, it shortens the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms, and if taken early enough, can stave off the illness altogether. We always keep some in the cupboard, just in case.

    My only problem is remembering that it's there....

    Feel better soon!

  15. What a great post, and what a great mom!

  16. I was filled with a lot of emotion while reading your post. My mother and I had a special relationship, she was my best friend, but she has passed. Is wonderful that you appreciate your mother so much.

  17. What a spectacular mom you've been blessed with ... I mean taking care of the animals six days after surgery is awesome, and having a lovely dinner prepared for your return ... there are no words for such love and support.

  18. I am truly humbled by such gratitude. All the things you mention, farmgirl, practically took care of themselves.
    And thank you to your friends who also said such nice things.
    While Roxy was staying here with my Wolfi, they designed a game we called 'biteface'. It's a very noisy, snarly, growly, fast game where each tries to bite (not really) the other on the cheek. They played it for hours, and then exhaustedly crashed on the couch together. They became inseperable, and when Roxy had to go home, Wolfi was very, very sad for two days, literally hanging his head.
    I'm so glad you are home, but please let us farmsit again soon, and please put Roxy on the next bus to come and cheer up Wolfi.

  19. I love that first pic of your ma taking a walk in the rain! It made me smile.
    It was so great of her to help look after the farm for you while you were away and to send you updates and pictures all the while. She loves you very much. And I know how much she enjoys being out at your place.
    And dinner, too. Thats always such a sweet thing to do when one has been away from home for such a long time.

  20. Oh Yep You have got yourself a gem there alright!

  21. never having had a mother, this made me really really wish i did. but at least that is the kind of mother i try to be to my kids. no wonder you are such a good mom!!! you learned from a pro!

  22. This is such a sweet post. Your mom is just wonderful and I love that the two of you are so close. It brought tears to my eyes, and a smile to my face to read about her thoughtfulness, and your appreciation of it. I think leaving you supper was one of the most thoughtful things I've ever heard of doing for someone who's been gone a long time. And such a beautiful supper! I am drooling. Are those potato dumplings???

  23. You are so blessed to have your mom in your life.
    And how cool that she actually gets what you do on the farm?

  24. You are very lucky to have your mom!

  25. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful Mom. It made me miss mine so much more -- and I do miss her every day. Please tell your Mom -- from one shoulder to another, I hope she is careful and heals real soon. -- Inger

  26. Oh sweet! That was such a great post, you're very blessed.

  27. How perfect that they all like each other and that you have such a help for when you have to be gone! That is a blessing. Its hard to leave when you have so many babies and such a blessing to be able to leave them with someone you know will love them like you do! Glad you made it home safe and sound!

  28. Wow, Danni! Your mom is amazing. I can totally relate. Knowing that someone is there taking care of your babies who loves them and knowing that the feeling is mutual is priceless. Welcome home and hope you're feeling tons better.

  29. Hi Danni,
    This would be better in email, totally understand if you don't 'approve' comment...I don't have an email for you. :)
    I'm trying to earn extra money to cover our midwife expenses and am having an online bake sale. Just asking if you wouldn't mind spreading the word a little bit. I know, awkward. :)

    ps, your mom rocks!!

  30. I enjoy reading your blog. We too are in Oregon and I'm learning the ways of the country, being from the city myself. Sounds like you had a terrific time in Ireland (except for your colds.) I was on a trip there about 4 years ago & that's what made me want to move to the country. Would you mind telling me how you came up with your farm sitter? We are headed to Australia in September and though we can piece together family and friends to help, I really wish we could have someone sit for us.
    Thanks, Marianne

  31. Would your Mom like to adopt me? :O)... Your very lucky!

  32. Happy tears here while I read this. Your mom is fabulous! You are one lucky gal. Treasure all the moments you have with her. They go by much too fast.

    Hope you and the hubby feel better soon.

  33. How wonderful that you have someone who knows you so completely and supports you 100%. I am quite envious. Vikki at and


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