Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I got home from Ireland and found...

Things don't stop growing when you're on vacation.

After just two weeks away, were amazed to find...
ridiculously long grass:

hip-high comfrey:

raspberries that have set fruit already:

the grapes are growing well:

the chives are sprawling:

the garlic is looking good (There are 3 different varieties growing in this photo. From left to right they are: Music, Chinese Pink and Oregon Blue. I am again in awe at the way the Music variety grows and produces):

peas that are plugging along (despite flooding rains, high winds and unseasonably cold spring weather):

the potatoes I planted the day before we left are sprouting:

my columbine is in full bloom:

the irises are, too:

the hostas in front look like they've been fed steroids:

Everything is, quite simply, thriving:

And the weeds...yes, the weeds are doing very well, too:

I also found donkeys and llamas curious at my return:

Goats who needed some good hugs:

Chickens thrilled to be out free-ranging again:

All is well here:

I am happy to be home.


  1. Now That's what I call a home coming!

    My word verification: chesum. That must mean something in

  2. Welcome home! Nature is wonderful, your garden is gorgeous, and your animals must be so happy to see you again. -- Inger

  3. Welcome home!!! I know all the critters there missed you so much. Heck, who wouldn't miss you!
    Loved all the pics you shared while you were in beautiful Ireland.
    And I bet Roxie missed you and your man a lot!!

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  5. I can't believe all of the growth! How are the blueberries doing?

    I absolutely loved the picture of the chickens out free-ranging. Welcome Home!

  6. Good to see your back and all is right with your world!! What a gorgeous green world you have! It just looks amazing and garlic produce flowers?? Now this being the first year for my garlic...I didn't know they flowered?? Is that when I know they are making something of themselves underneath??

  7. Welcome back! I love your photos and I covet your comfrey.

  8. It doesn't get much better than this...

  9. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing

  10. You have not missed anything in the weather department...WET is all I can say!

    Welcome home...Kim

  11. Everything looks so great. And so vibrantly green...even that really long grass. :-) And those lovely weeds.
    I know the critters were so happy to have you back home. And you were SO happy to be back home with them. Look at Dolly's dirty face. How can you not miss that? :-)
    And, of course, Sweet Reggie needed a great big hug.

  12. Welcome home Danni!

    I have a question: how well does the Music garlic keep?

  13. Glad y'all are safely home! Looks like everyone missed you!

  14. "I just got home from .....

    Oregon - "Ireland"
    Minnesota - "Wisconsin"

    OR - "And found the garden and vineyards blooming and blossoming"
    MN - "And found the gardens ravaged by frost and hungry herbavours"

    OR - "And found the animals healthy and happy to see me"
    MN - "And found that the carnivorous predators had overrun the place"

    Welcome back!

  15. welcome home! i bet all of those babies missed you a lot! now get out there and weed!!!! nothing like returning from a trip!

  16. Look at all that beautiful green. I know Ireland must have been absolutely beautiful, but your own yard is stunning! Everyone looks at peace and happy on Critter Farm. I sure hope no one pics up a whiff of Irish donkeys on you - yikes! :)

  17. Wow, looks like a wonderful trip; had no idea you went to Ireland...haven't been around recently, have I? :) Your yard and garden look like paradise! We've been fighting cold and wind in Idaho and the garden isn't making it yet.
    cheers! jillian

  18. It's fun to go and good to come home.

  19. You live in heaven on earth for sure. What a wonderful homecoming. :) You and your gardens are amazing!!! Welcome home... have a great weekend!

  20. You live in heaven on earth for sure. What a wonderful homecoming. :) You and your gardens are amazing!!! Welcome home... have a great weekend!

  21. Welcome home. Looks like it was a wonderful homecoming. I know you missed your sweet little animals and so did we! You were so great to post from your trip. as always....thanks for sharing....

  22. Glad you're back and have wonderful memories to bring with you Danni! Everything looks great! You are qutie the gardener aren't you! The hostas look wonderful too!!!

  23. Welcome back! Your garden pictures are so beautiful and the animals look so happy to see you. Thank you for the lovely pictures of Ireland. Hopefully some day I can visit there also. Thanks for sharing.

  24. thanks for letting us follow along on your trip. Great to be home, though, eh?
    I love coming home to my animals. Your garden looks amazing.

  25. Welcome home! Beautiful photos. And yes! The grass is growing like crazy this year!

  26. Oh It does all look so green and lush though....
    No wonder your animals are so content with such surroundings...Weeds and long grass and all.


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