Friday, May 14, 2010

First impressions

Hello from Ireland! I have just a bit of time to write, but I really wanted to share just a few miscellaneous shots and thoughts since we began our trip last Sunday.

Here's Roxy, my farm pup, sound asleep on my lap as we drove to the airport. During our time away, she'll be staying with my mom. She *loves* being with my mom:

Our flight path was Portland to Philadephia, Philadelphia to Dublin. While we were in Philly, we decided to try Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. They were yummy:

My first glimpse of Ireland:

Look! A field of Canola:

Our rental car...steering wheel on the right:

We thought it best to write a small note for the dash to remind us that things work differently on the roads over here:

Jim's GPS doesn't have a map of Ireland loaded yet, but at least we could confirm we were in the country we thought we were:

Our first two nights were spent in a town called Kilkenny. We found a 13th century tower adjacent to a church that we just had to climb:

Going up was a lot more fun that coming back down. Talk about a tight squeeze:

Not being a real fan of heights, I sucked it up and thought of this as practice for the staggeringly high ocean cliffs I'll be peering over later in the trip:

They say things differently here in Ireland:

Another case in point:

This had me worried. Washed rooster - in a bag - really?:

Fortunately not. Seems they call some potatoes here "roosters":

Hunky Dory chips are big here in Ireland:

You have your choice of cheese and onion, salt and vinegar...

and...Buffalo. Jim, of course, had to try the Buffalo:

Third ingredient on the ingredients' list is "buffalo flavor", in addition to all sorts of other nasty stuff. It's important to try new things, right? (Once was enough, though):

We took a day trip off to the Wicklow mountains and to a small town that was featured in our very favorite Irish t.v. series:

Anyone recognize this place? (I'm high-fiving you, if you do):

The use of baling twine is alive and well here in Ireland. It's even the same color as ours:

Our favorite thing is the unexpected. We are travelling with virtually no itinerary and very few reservations. By venturing off the beaten path, we are encountering many lovely, seemingly hidden, surprises:

Look at this guy. Isn't he incredible?:

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post - I love that there are so many fellow Ireland-lovers among us! ♥


  1. OH WOW DANNI you went to Ballykissangel!!!! That would be SO Cool!! We watched that show religioulsy back in the day. My hubby would be jealous...he's only ever wanted to go to Ireland. Was Fitzgerals's open?? Did you go in?? Maybe if we win the lottery they don't have here in Alabama we'll be able to go someday! hahaha.
    Love the Taters....the girl makes them look more appealing to men I'm guessing! hahahaha
    Can't wait to see more...stay on the right side of the road...I mean know what I mean!!!

  2. I've never been here, but will be back. What an interesting blog. Your farm dog is adorable. Thank you for sharing your trip to Ireland with us.

  3. How marvelously fun that you're touring with no itinerary!

  4. ooh, i know that place. it's from ballykissangel!

    love the photos, natch.

  5. Thank you for taking us along. I hope to one day make a trip to Ireland and Scotland. Have a wonderful time. Thanks for blogging your trip.

  6. Thanks for sharing these. Ireland is #1 on places my husband wants to visit one day (Irish ancestors). I just want to go because it's so green and beautiful. I'm a bit Scottish so we'll have to do a combo trip. These pictures are great and made my day.

  7. Thanks for taking me along! It looks like you're having a fantastic time noodling around the country. It also looks like you may have lucked out with the weather!

  8. Isn't it great to travel the back roads without reservations to anywhere? I love to explore that way, too, and the surprises are around avery bend in the road.
    It makes me happy to know you are enjoying every minute of your adventure. Just stay on the right - I mean left - side of the road and drive carefully!

    Meanwhile, all is well on Critter Farm.

  9. Beautiful Post!! I am tickled your sharing your adventure, it looks absolutely amazing! Have the Best Time!!

  10. I'm shaking in my shoes just looing at teh picture of that stair case. My biggest phobia is falling. I'm not sure I could have sucked it up and done what you did! Sounds like an AMAZING trip so far! I'd love ot do what your doing without an itenerary (sp?) and just ramble around the countryside. There are just too many places to go!

  11. Loved the pics...the hunky dorys remind me of something to which my husband was addicted growing up in Germany- they make a cheetos-style puff out of peanut butter! YUCK!

    I'm not familiar with Fitzgerald's, but what a lovely place!

    The reason that the baling twine is the same color in Ireland as it is in Oregon is that it's all coming out of the same place- China! You think I'm kidding?!?

  12. Wish we were there with you . . . we have lots of Irish heritage and hope to get there some day.

  13. Oh my gosh! Thanks for taking me with you on your trip. Probably some place I will never see and your pic's are probably ones you wouldn't see in the travel brochure. "Roosters" in a bag, had me wondering.LOL

  14. Thanks so much for the update! Can't wait for more!!! It's wonderful to see that you're having such a good trip and so appreciated that you're sharing it with us. :)

  15. I see on the bag of Buffalo Hunky Dorys that is does not contain Kryptonite....that's why Jim could eat them.

  16. I love your last pic of the horse! OMGoodness - what a beauty! Love all of your pix and descriptions, especially the pic from the airplane - so much greenness! Enjoy the rest of your trip, and thanks so much for sharing. Take care of yourselves.

  17. I too, noticed the kryptonite comment on the bag of chips. Ha! And washed roosters in a bag, how funny. Lovely post. I would like to visit there someday.

  18. LOL-love your dashboard note! ;) And what a GORGEOUS horse at the end; just absolutely had to comment on that. of course. I want one! ;)
    Have lots of fun in Ireland! Looks like it's pretty cool!

  19. "no itinerary traveling" is the only way to go. How else would you stumble upon such handsome treasures as that gorgeous warmblood (isn't it?) in your last photo. I bet you and Jim are having many giggles. The rooster thing really had me! I told several people about it today.

    thanks for taking the time to share with us. Hopefully I'll get to experience Ireland first hand one day but if not, at least I've seen it through a friend's eyes!

  20. Awww...Roxy was getting one last nap in with you before you took off.
    Those philly cheesesteaks looked yummy. I may have had to try one of those, too.
    Post its....even handy in Ireland.
    Ooooo..I would have loved to climb up in that tower.
    What do you think that means, suitable for veggies....that they can replace veggies??? That they can be paired with veggies????

  21. Great shots Danni !! I've been to Ireland, and to all counties except for itinerary is the way to go...especially when you travel in the dark to wake up and see such treasures surrounding you...I golfed in Kilkenny once, and it was the first time I understood "the forty shades" of green that make up Ireland. Dingle is a great sea town, The Ring of Kerry is a brilliant drive, and if you climb the Tower in Blarney Castle to kiss the infamous careful because my cousin told me the locals pee on it...after I kissed it of course ! Should you have any problems over there send me an email I have family in Limerick, Kerry, Dingle and Naas. They'd be happy to oblige ya! Enjoy !!! Brilliant country ! Slainte !!

  22. What a fun trip! Looking down those step steps in that tower made my knees go numb and arms tingle. You are very brave. Beautiful pictures - I really love that iron fence. Thanks for taking us along - it was a nice escape on a Saturday morning.

  23. looks like you two are having a grand old time. it makes me miss that place. i lived down in glandore. my great aunt is a nun in blackrock! have fun and post some more pics when you have time!

  24. I am so jealous! What gorgeous photos. The tower would have done me in though - our haystack is usually my limit of heights. Great post. Thanks.

  25. You guys are brave to attempt the driving! I'd be in a head on collision for sure!

  26. Oh have fun. I must have missed the last post.

    My husband and I did Italy without tour guides and without plans and it was heavenly.

  27. Wow! What great things you are seeing! Glad y'all are having a good time!

  28. Washed roosters? LOL, I was worried there for a minute.

  29. I don't think that it's the hunky dory chips that are popular. Maybe it's just the ad. lol

    If you can find Lion chocolate bars get some. They are delish!!!

    I'd love to be there. We went to England 10 years ago and it was wonderful.


  30. It's beautiful! I wish I was there.

  31. Mmm, I loved Ballykissangel, too. I'll bet you would also like the Hamish MacBeth series--yes, I know it's in Scotland, but still, it's wonderful. (Got it through Netflix).

    Wonderful photos, as always. So glad I found your blog!


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