Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Saturday introduction

My new babies (please note the beautiful heart)...:

...finally got to come home with me today:

My family was very excited to participate:

These little boys are seven-week old Nigerian Dwarf goats:

Don't let their age fool you, though. They may be young, but they are already very capable of getting into trouble. This is one of a handful of examples we witnessed just this afternoon:

Roxy, my farm pup, had never seen (or smelled) anything like these little guys:

And she has decided she is in LOVE. She was by their sides all day long. Every time they cried, she would run to them:

Look at those ears!:

There's so much more to tell, but it's been a long day. Goat baby bedtime is 8:30PM, you know:

Back soon...


  1. They're adorable! It looks like they're giving the 'hang loose' sign with their ears. What a pair.

    I love that Roxy has already adopted them. That's very sweet.


  2. EEEeeeeeeeeeeee! Their little faces are so cuuuuuuuute! What are their names? Tell us more! Tell us more! (I am jumping up and down with excitement!)

    I've thought about keeping goats here, but I have no barn to house them and I am afraid the bears and coyotes would get them and I can't let that happen. Goats are so cool. I am so happy for you and for the little goaties, too. And Yay! for all of us who get to read about them in your blog!

  3. Oh i want some goat babies too now,
    Just like your lil darlings!
    Inver wanted any till I saw the piccies of yours!
    Now in a big pouty voice...
    I want some too!...LOL!
    They are darlings!

  4. Congratulations!!! I had a feeling the new surprise would be goats! :) I'm so happy for you! And do tell us more about this particular goat breed when you get a chance.
    Gawwwwwwgeous babies btw, congrats again! :)

  5. They're adorable! And just when I think Roxy can't get any cuter, she does.

  6. So cute! I want goats! I always wanted them-- just for fun, you know? Don't want to forget Roxy. She's a cutie, too!

  7. Now if those two little guys don't fill up a gap in your heart, I don't know what will. I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to hear their names. And bravo to Roxy for not chasing them!

  8. Oh my word...
    I am going to die from cuteness overload. Last year you made me fall in love with the donkeys, now it's going to be goat babies I see...

  9. I am so jealous....Congrats on your new babies, they are adorable.

  10. Very cool. We have goats too, 1 nigerian and 1 pygmy. Some advice, feed them very little grain. I killed two wethers by overfeeding, they get stones.
    Happy for you, they are a lot of fun!

  11. Haha, I got confused from the one picture, I thought Roxy was another fuzzy goat! :-P

    They are SOOO cute! What are their names?! Where did you get them?! Are they staying in the little goat house that you have???? :)

    Congrats! Are they "all yours"?

  12. They are beautiful Danni! And the one brought a heart to fix your broken one. Have a fun weekend with your new goats...I think I'll start calling you goat girl jr.
    P.S. I love the picture of your family with them. Goats always bring smiles to everyone's face.

  13. WEll, I am SO glad you finally got some goats. I have been on pins and needles, you know. Now, you simply MUST test their Peanut quotient. It is sad they don't have MY ear quality, but then, I guess you have to expect that since they are Nigerian dwarfs. Now, names please. I do hope they do not have escape capabilities like Hannah Belle Lecter, Peanut's mother. Oy.


    How cute are they? Names! We need names!

    Oh, Danni, surely these beautiful little guys are just the antidote for your broken heart. What adventures you'll have, and how privileged are we to be there, if only in a virtual way!

  15. They are cuties! Our little guy is almost 9 weeks old and into everything! Are your castrated yet? We are getting Orion done next week. On the east coast they like to wait until the are older to do it. It seems to vary in different parts of the country. I know you'll love them! We love ours and want a bunch more.

  16. Absolutely adorable little guys. I can envision lots of happy days with the new addition to your family.

  17. Oh!! If they were any cuter I'd need CPR! Love the heart and the dog looks overjoyed!

  18. AH! I love Nigerian Dwarf goats!! Those two are gorgeous! If it's one thing a goat is good for it's finding trouble!! But they will keep you laughing!! Can't wait to hear what their names are.....sure you don't need a couple of sweet little Shetlands to add to your farm? :)

  19. Congrats on the new additions. They are so cute and my all time favorite farm animals!!!

  20. Oh, Nigerian Dwarf goats are cool! These little guys are totally cute. I know you'll enjoy them and they'll liven things up around there, too! ;-)

  21. These babies are so cute! Makes me want more goats; especially dwarfed ones. Love how your dog reacted to them. Mine either want to bark or herd them.

  22. How the heck can you make me cry just from getting baby goats Dani!!! I'm so happy and that Roxy is just the sweetest! They are adorable and can't wait to enjoy their adventures.

  23. Adorable. My kids would flip.

  24. I'm so happy you've gotten your boys and they're settling in fine!! I'm with Roxy, I wouldn't want to leave their side! :)

  25. Oh my, diabetic coma coming on from the sweetness factor!!
    I'll be on the next plane to come get goat kisses of my own!
    The picture where their ears look like are touching is priceless!

  26. They are very cute! That means be doubly wary of their ability to get into trouble!

  27. Oh, they are so precious! So cute! I'm hoping I can get some goats sometime too. I love the heart!

  28. Hay, did I see hay? Where's the tin cans and old boots.

    They sure are cute no matter what they eat!

  29. First off, I love seeing all the smiles on the human kids. That is great all on its own.

    But Roxy? Cmon. Look how sweet she is to the little goat babies. So attentive and caring. Always wanting to be by their side. Shes such a good girl.

    Im so happy for you. I just know that these little guys are going to love it on Critter Farm. I hope they bring many a smile to your face.

  30. (((CONGRATS)))
    The baby goats are very sweet and very cute. I am so happy for you!
    I can't wait for further adventures and antics they will provide you.
    But Roxy "Rock's" your blog.
    What a "super dog" she is.
    And you are magnificent at putting the story and photos together.
    All I can say is MORE MORE MORE!!!

  31. They are precious! I love the last close up face picture and it is so cute how Roxy took right to them :)
    I'm sure they are bringing you many smiles :)

  32. OH. MY. WORD.

    They are ADORABLE.

    I hope my husband hasn't seen these... he mustn't be tipped off that I now NEED goats, too.

    Sigh... they're so cute!

    Now all we need is land...

    Well done, Danni! Exceptionally well done!

  33. When I die,,,,I want to wake up on Critter looks way too fun!!

  34. dk.I am new to your blog. Love it. do you have Facebook page? My name is Rebecca Elaine on Facebook if you friend request me...would love for you to see pics of my chickens! And heirlooms

  35. Oh my gosh. Love them! They are adorable and I'm about ready to trek over them and take them home for myself haha :)

  36. I decided to go searching for your first post with Pete and Reggie and I can't believe how long you had Critter Farm before they arrived. One of your first posts showed the goat barn and your plans for it.

    Along the way I got my answer to the mystery of the donkeys, and how they came and went under your generous protection.

    I saw the chickens arrive and watched as the coop and then the run was built. I had no idea you have ALWAYS been in love with eggs.

    Roxie has always been there, her birthday post inspired me to go back in time on my own. I loved your first post, you should go back and read it again some time....


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