Friday, May 22, 2009

Not at all like soap-on-a-rope

Now available at an Oregon farm near you:

Goat-in-a-bowl (TM)
(Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only, not edible)

Climbing in:

Sniffing it completely:

Settling down:

"Hi Mom!":




Pete was not amused:


  1. That is incredibly cute Danni, specially the one with the head sticking up over. This comment is from Jenny at wrensnaturenotebook, written on my brothers (Adrian) computer up at my Mums home! (-:

  2. I have heard that goats can be very entertaining. Yours are so cute.

    So is your "Goat in a Bowl (TM)" going to compete with Urban Hayseed's trademarked planter boxes? Where can I buy my own "Goat in a Bowl (TM)" I think my yard needs one.

  3. Ahahahaha! Pete is like, what is he doing? Why does HE get to be in the bucket? When do I get a turn in the bucket, mom?

    I love the progression shots. G said, Hes all the way sleeping in that bucket. You cant even see him anymore.

    That Reggie.

  4. Nice nest! Maybe she's a broody nanny. Try putting some fertile eggs under her. That would be an imprinting first.

  5. Goats are so entertaining. I love when the kids have a quick run around the yard and hop on all fours. It cracks me up every time. But, then again, I'm easily amused.
    Goats make me smile.:)

  6. How cute! Do you ship to Florida :)

  7. Thank you for bringing a smile today. What a darn cute little rascal that little guy is.

  8. You are funny, they are funny. I told you goats are funny. I like funny.
    Looks like you're getting a little goat therapy.

  9. Oh cool, "Goat in a Bowl (TM)" - are you going to start a whole line of goatie things? Sure is cute.

  10. I love it! I can't wait to see more goat antics. I bet they keep you laughing!

  11. And I thought Pete was the trickster and clown. What is Reggie thinking? Pete definitely is NOT amused. Can't wait to watch their personalities unfold.

  12. Now who said goats aren't smart? I mean look at that! We are the foremost recyclers in the world...why we even recycle what we eat in a manner of speaking. ")

  13. How cute is that?! These two are so adorable.

  14. Wow you have a very talented goat there Danni!

  15. It's obvious how much you're loving having these guys around. Does your face hurt from smiling so much?

  16. Must be something in the minerals...heh heh

  17. Stop it, just stop it!! The madly cute pictures are about to make me do something I'll regret-----go buy goaties without Eric saying yes. We all know that would never, ever happen in a million, billion years.
    In other words, you would be the cause of me moving outdoors with the livestock. :);)


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