Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Heart for Wendy

This is a small heart of thanks for my blogging friend, Wendy, a.k.a. Goatgirl from the wonderful blog, Life beyond the Sidewalks.

The furry heart is being sent to her with love from Pete and Reggie, the two most recent arrivals to Critter Farm, my new baby Nigerian Dwarf goats:

But the heartfelt thanks are from me.

Though we've never met in person (yet), Wendy and I hit it off from the start and seem to get a real kick out of making each other laugh. After all, we both like funny. A lot.

Funny-ness aside, though, Wendy has been a regular source of support and kind words to me over the last year, but in the last two months especially, she has been a constant source of goat information and guidance. When I've been stressing, unsure, worried, and had oh-so-many questions, she was always right there, checking in, making herself available, and just plain being a friend.

Because of her, I now have these two little sunshines:

...instead of 300 lbs worth of Nubian/Boer cross goats in my tiny goathouse.

It's because of her, that Roxy has two new pals that tolerate all the love and attention this canine has to give:

And it's because of her that I feel confident to make choices on things that I normally wouldn't have trusted myself to make...and these boys are healthier because of it:

Thank you, Wendy.


  1. Truly, Wendy is a good, supportive friend for you!! Your little goaties are so perfect for you, and they are SO beautiful in their coloration (not to mention that perfect heart!!).

  2. Nothing like the the generosity of a sincere friend. That heart is soo adorable. Hugs to Roxy. Don't tell the others she's my favourite...

  3. That's adorable!

    And thank all the stars above for good friends. Whether we've 'met' them or not.

  4. I hope I'm never without goats in my life, I'm sure you are feeling the same way. Wonderful to have an experienced goat buddy who makes herself available to ya.

  5. I think its absolutely fantastic that you have Wendy as a friend and a goat buddy. I can only imagine how much helpful advice and support she has given you. And your goat journey has really just begun.

    (Just dont forget, she has llamas too. So, when I get MY llamas then she gets to be a llama buddy, too. Im just sayin.)

  6. Goats make everything better! I'm so glad you got those 2 cuties. I love my nigerians so much.

  7. Well, goat anything just has to be a good goatgirl goes without saying doesn't it? :) A Peanut to Wendy...or two.

  8. Gosh I'm speechless. You are so welcome Danni. I have enjoyed the journey to "Critter Farm" right along with you and could always envision Nigerian babies in the "goat house" not 300lb Nubian/Boer crosses,even as cute as they are as babies. Besides they would never fit in that tub.
    The heart on Reggie symbolizes you following your heart back to your first love, the Nigerians.
    Does this mean I'm your goat lady?

    And frugalmom, I am SO your llama buddy. Even though what I know about them fits in a thimble,I have managed to keep mine alive.

    Thanks again farmgirl, I'm here for ya. And I live to make you laugh.

  9. It's good that you have someone who knows so much about goats and can help you when you need it. I hope to learn about goats vicariously by reading your blog.

  10. Great friends are priceless. And that furry little heart is amazingly adorable!

  11. Obviously I am all for Nigerians too, uh, being one.
    I enjoy that blog as well...

  12. I cannot wait until we own land of our own so that I too can have some goats. I have never had them in my life, but I live vicariously through you and others that do!


  13. That fuzzy little heart is too cute!
    Aren't blog friends wonderful? I have learned so much here in Blogworld and made some great friends as well!

  14. That is too sweet!

    (gak...did I just say that?)

    (but it is!)

  15. Good friends are like hens teeth or is that goat hearts! Something to be treasured anyway! (-: I hope you get to meet properly someday.

  16. What a great friend and those goats are stinking adorable. Maybe they will keep your blackberries munched back a little.

  17. Awwwww,Just look at those cute little guys!


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