Thursday, May 7, 2009

All about Pete and Reggie

This is Pete:

and this is Reggie:

They are my almost 8-week-old Nigerian Dwarf goats:

As I mentioned in my last post, I brought them home on Saturday and we have spent the past few days settling in and getting to know one another.

Pete was one of three babies born to his mama and, because of this, is a bit smaller and more slender than Reggie, even though Pete is four days older. Pete is long and lean and easily able to jump onto and over things like a graceful gazelle...

He has recently scaled the top of the hay feeder (note Reggie underneath):

...the wooden fence in the goat house (this storage can has since been removed because he could have used it to springboard OUT of the goathouse entirely): son, Aidan:

...and the wooden gate separating stall from storage area:

Pete clearly likes conquering anything taller than he is.

Reggie is my stocky little pudge:

He was one of just two babies born to his mama and is bigger because of this. His fur is fine and soft, almost downey, while Pete's is quite a bit coarser.

Reggie cries when Pete scales things in a single bound and leaves him behind. Whenever Pete goes over, therefore, Reggie now goes under or through:

I've clearly got two budding escape artists that will need to be watched very closely.

Both my little guys have been neutered. I did not plan on using them to breed and by not neutering them, they would have likely become very smelly and aggressive. In goat-speak, neutered goats are called wethers. The process for wethering is to place a small, tight band around their testicles. This cuts off circulation and, after a few weeks, the testicles fall off painlessly. Pete and Reggie had their bands put on about a week and a half ago. Here's Pete's:

You would think this would be uncomfortable, but neither one seems to mind:

Even though the boys are just as different from one another personality-wise as they are physically, they really like each other. They are virtually inseparable. Where one goes, the other follows:

They sleep together:

Observe together:

Pose together:

Jump together:

Eat their hay together:

Drink their water together:

and eat their grain together:

Here's breakfast yesterday:

And speaking of grain....every morning, they each get 1/2 a cup of grain. As they get bigger, I will increase this amount to maybe a cup each per day. As babies, they need this grain to finish growing. When they are fully grown though, at about one year of age, I'll discontinue the grain and they will eat only grass hay and whatever browse they get in my pastures. Concentrate diets can create an imbalance that causes them to get urinary calculi (stones) which will kill them.

Because I am such a new goat mama, I am very mindful of the amount of this goat chow they get. Their health and well-being is of great concern to me and my learning curve is very steep right now. I, therefore, reserve the right to stop feeding them this feed even before they reach a year old, should I become convinced that they don't need it for healthy growth. :-)

Good girl, Roxy:


  1. The photo of the goats and your son is wonderful. Everyone's expression is priceless.

    I hope it ends up on the wall. It's too good to sit on the computer forever :)

  2. Oh, my goodness! I don't know which photo is the cutest! And the video! Love the way Pete tried to climb on you while you had the camera going. And Roxy, that sweet girl, what a good guardian she is! I bet she's thinking, "Finally! Somebody to play with that's my size! And with four legs, even."

  3. So much fun! The togetherness is amazing. If they were in the olympics, I'd bet they'd be synchronized swimmers. And how calm Roxy is in that video! What a good dog.

  4. They are just the cutest little guys ever. This just shows how goats like to be with other goats. They need companionship.
    Do restrict the grain and stop before they are 1 yr. A friend has had two goats die because of stones. We are their caretakers and they rely on us to know these things.

  5. They are so cute. The dwarf breeds are so special. I grew up with 2 weathers named Bertram and Hulio. They were the best friends you could have. Im glad that you have 2 so they don't get lonely. Im glad that you are their momma.

  6. Such nice goaties! I approve whole heartedly. Have you tested their Peanut quotient yet? I hope the day does not come that they decide Roxy is the enemy and butt her - it happens. What can I say? Butting is what we do. By the way, the goatmother says 'Bravo'! for reading up on the urinary calculi problem with wethers. Good goat mommy!

  7. The photo of your son and the goats is so cute!!!
    and I love how Roxy is watching them eat breakfast!

  8. Great photo of the goats climbing on Aiden! Loved the video too. I like the little noises they make. They are both so cute.

  9. You are doing everything right! Pete and Reggie are some lucky goats to live on Critter farm. Love the picture of Pete on Aidan. He seems to like it too.

  10. Boy they are cute! Not as cute as Orion of course.... They are amazing escape artists! We've given up trying to keep Orion fenced. Once he gets bigger he won't be able to get out anymore. Aurora can't get out, but Orion is like a mouse, he can get through holes that look WAY too small for him to get through. Stones are why we are waiting another week to get Orion castrated. Next week.

  11. I love how they like to do everything together. And how Reggie carves his own path by going under and thru rather than trying to get there in the same fashion as Pete.

    Roxy is a great goat watcher. Shes such a good girl.

    Hey. Thats Meeko I see.

  12. LOVE this post!

    That picture of Reggie underneath the feeder while Pete's on top - the way the feeder's attached to the wall makes it look like Reggie's holding the feeder up. Like that man who holds the world on his shoulders.

    The picture of your son and the goats is so sweet.

  13. Your new little goat guys are so cute! Great pictures. They are indeed world class escape artists. Sometimes it's hard to keep ahead of their escapades, but they can sure be entertaining!

  14. I, too, love the picture of Aidan with the goats. Aidan has a great smile, and looks like he's loving the new members of the family. And Roxy is just "one of the boys" and has accepted his new buddies quite well.

  15. Those two little guys are so cute! I'm glad you're having their weathered. We had a little buck last year (Amadeus) who was sweet and quite shy, but eventually, he just started charging everything and everyone (including his pregnant female's belly), so we had to sell him. After that, I'm keeping to does, but your little guys are really cute!!

  16. Pete and Reggie sure are cute! Love the picture of your son with Pete - I would frame it and hang it on the wall :)

  17. Hey Danni,
    Pete and Reggie are as cute as can be!
    You certainly are making a good goat Mama.
    and guess what??? I can even watch your video now. Yes, I am up with city folks. I have a satellite for internet. lol...
    Miracle Eve would love Pete and Reggie!
    Great pictures too.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Awwww! So much cuteness! Your son, the goats, roxy the watch dog...all good thngs. My favorite thing though was hearing you laugh on the video! :)

  19. there's no turning back now :-) we love our goats so dearly, can't imagine life without 'em now.

  20. marypendley2004@yahoo.comMay 8, 2009 at 7:14 AM

    For great information on all aspects of keeping goats, check out Fiasco Farms website. It covers literally everything you might want to know. Goats are the greatest!!

  21. Arent't they the sweetest things. Will they grow much larger than that? I love how Roxy is right in there, just hanging out with his new goat buddies.

    I was watching the video clip with my cat by my side....he was VERY intrigued by the sounds they were making. His eyes got very big and he had to get up close and personal with the screen to investigate. :o) So, Bear says "Hi".

  22. Scrumptious, just scrumptious!
    I love goaty voices. When I bottle fed a friend's boer goats, they'd "MMmmaaaaa" at me all the time.
    They are magicians at getting out of things, but I see you know that by now.

    Poor Roxy, didn't get any of their goat food. :)
    She's sooo sweet with them. I'm glad it's working out and she's not terrorizing them instead.

  23. What is it about these little characters? They're the kind of kids who smoke in the bathroom and ditch school.

  24. AWWWWWWWWWW Pete and Reggie are SO cute it's not even funny! What great little goaties :). That 5th picture is hilarious, with Reggie underneath the feeder! What little jokers! :D
    Can't wait to hear more!!!

  25. Umm... thanks for that pic of Pete, just as I was clearing that donkey sack pic from my memory.
    You are a crack up lady!

  26. Oh, Danni, they are adorable!!

  27. They are Soooooo cute Danni!!! Congratulations, goat mamma!!!

  28. Yeah...uh huh...the bands don't hurt...sure, easy for you to say!

    As one who possess human versions of such bits, let me just say that there is no way they don't notice. Of course, I am a sissy so they may just be better at toughing it out. Do their voices seem a bit higher now?

  29. You just completely made my morning...oh they are just too cute! Thanks for the smiles, Kim


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