Saturday, May 16, 2009

My son, my star

My boy. He loves all things active. Soccer, skiing, rock climbing, dragon boating, and, currently, track & field. He loves the hurdles, but he's awesome at the relay races, too. This week the District races were held. These races determine which high school teams will go on to compete in the state races at the University of Oregon next weekend.

In the 4x400 relay race, Aidan ran third leg. He's in the middle, about to receive the baton:

Off to a strong start:

Gotta pass this guy:

Gotta push a little harder:

You can do it, Aidan:

He's focused and not giving up:

Oh-my-gosh - YAY!! I'm surprised this photo isn't blurry. I was jumping up and down by this point:

Coming down the back stretch - you've got a good lead:

The baton hand-off. This is the final leg:

Cheering on his teammate as he approaches the finish line:

Celebrating a victory...not only did their high school win the District Meet with the most points, these boys won their race and are going to STATE next week:

I've seen Aidan grow so much this year, physically, intellectually and as a wonderful human being. It's so much fun for me to see him being involved, interacting with his teammates and having such a great time, too:

My baby:

Still my baby. Just a bit bigger:


  1. Thank you for sharing, that looks like an awesome moment!

  2. And so handsome too! Congratulations Aiden! Congratulations Team! Congratulations Proud Mama Danni! Great photos, by the way.

  3. Yahoooo! Way to go Aidan, congratulations and good luck next week! We'll be cheering for you down here in central Californis!

  4. Our babies do seem to grow up, not much we can do about that. But, you're right, they'll always be our babies deep down in our heart! It sure makes us proud as they grow up, though, to watch them become mature, good hearted, adults!

  5. What great pictures, a great post and a great young man too!

  6. That actually brought back some amazing memories... I competed in the mile race-walk two years back to back in like 80 and 81. Good stuff.

    How proud you must be. :)

    Will he be a duck? Mine is not, but lives there while fighting wildfires.

    Peace out.

  7. What a moving tribute to your son, Daniella. Tears came to my eyes. He is amazing, and not only in sports. I am watching him grow into a wonderful, warm, compassionate and sensitive human being. And, oh yeah..... he is damn intelligent too.

  8. Way to go! Your baby has gotten bigger, but they seem to have a way of doing that. ;-) Great pics.

  9. Oh, Danni, how fantastic! I absolutely loved this post. Your pride in him is shining through - and he deserves it! I hope his team does as well at State!

  10. Wow, he looks like an amazing kid with a zest for life. Just like his Mama.

  11. Congratulations Aiden! Good luck at state! Very handsome son you have there!

  12. So impressive!! You've got so many reasons to be proud of those boys of yours. Congrats Aidan and good luck at State!! :)

  13. Yeah Aidan! Give 'm hell next week.

  14. GO, GO, GO Aidan. (As G would yell had he been there watching him run.) I am so happy for him. He has to be so proud of himself. And I know you are totally proud of him.

    I wanna know, tho. Does that mohawk make that guy run faster?

    I love that pic of Aidan when he was a little guy. I see you in there. And that last pic? Sigh. They grow up so fast. Hes a great young man. Very smart, very sweet...and of course,(a little) funny!

  15. Okay, you're killing me!
    I don't even know him and it's making me all sad that he's all grown up. I think it's because I have one of my own that going to be a Senior next year. (((sigh))).
    I'm crazy proud of mine too.

    Congrats on the amazing win, Aiden!!

  16. BTW Danni, Your Mom said damn....I'm just sayin'

  17. Wow, what a great kid, very handsome. Congrats on the win. Your pics are amazing.

    Back in the olden days when I ran track, we called it the mile relay. Our team was so small, I had to run the first and the last leg. :-P

    My wv is limyrase, what kind of race is that?

  18. Congrats to Aiden and the proud mom! Some really great photos!

  19. Congratulations...I am sure you are proud...looks like he is too!

  20. Way to go Aidan...way to go Danni, you did a good job!

  21. Go, Aidan! I love track! Thanks for sharing the great photos :)



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