Monday, February 3, 2014

My best girlfriend

My very best girlfriend is having a birthday today.

Roxy Lou, my farm pup extraordinaire, is turning 9 years old. 
It's hard to believe that this little bundle of light, joy, and enthusiasm is almost a decade old.

She and I always celebrate this day together doing our farm chores and just hanging out together.  She loves the morning routine and very clearly knows her place here on the farm.

These goats are her goats.  Clearly, she is very proud of them.

Pete and Reggie look to Roxy for which way to run and where to get the best treats.  She never lets them down.

The trip to the barn is second nature to Roxy now - as is keeping a safe distance from the big animals' feet.  She has learned so much since her transition from city girl to country dog. 

There is no doubt in her mind how important her role is here on Critter Farm. And not a soul who knows her has any doubt either. 

 Happy birthday, pup. You simultaneously impress me and make me giggle every day.


  1. A really big Happy Birthday to Roxy!

  2. LOVE her in the Spongebob hat!
    Happy Birthday, Rox!!
    What birthday breakfast did she get? :)

  3. Happy Birthday Roxy! So glad you are back to blogging!!

  4. Happy Birthday Roxy Lou! You are one adorable pup. Enjoy your day, I'm sure your girlfriend will make sure it is special.

  5. Happy Birthday farm pup extraordinaire!

  6. Happy birthday Roxy!! ♥
    Btw I don't think she likes the Spongebob hat :D

  7. Happy birthday Roxy! Bet you are so much happier as a farm pup than a city pup ;@

  8. Happy Birthday, Roxie Lou!!

  9. Roxie! Happy Birthday! You don't look your age... you carry the years well. Must be the good country living.
    Enjoy every day, sweetie.

  10. Happy Birthday Miss Roxie. I hope you got some special treats today!

  11. Happy, happy to Roxy! Dani, I can't tell you how happy I am you're back on this little corner of the blogosphere. I've missed you and hoped you're ok. I don't know why you were gone but I hope the fact that you're back with us means you're well and happy. You convey a warmth, a gentle humored spirit that always brightens my day. I hope all is very well with you and we'll get to share your days again for a good long time! Teri

  12. Happy Birthday Roxy Lou, from all of us here at Dog Trot Farm...

  13. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, Roxy pup! From Cabra, Quinn and all we goats in WA!


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