Thursday, February 13, 2014

It snowed on my hoody... and other things

The weather predictions came true and we wound up with 14" of snow.  The initial flakes that fell were tiny delights to my eyes....amazing six-pointed stars and heart shapes landed on my hoody sleeve.  I must've looked really silly photographing my arm, but I was enthralled.

It snowed on my farm pup, Roxy.  That girl loves the snow.  She snuffles it. 

It snowed on my donkeys and llama.  Kai, like Roxy, loves the snow, but Chester and Beau look a little disgusted by the whole event, don't you think?

It even snowed on Pete and Reggie, who normally steer clear of any contact with cold and wet.

Pete went so far as to tell me he wanted to go for a walk with Roxy.

Until reason took over (or his little goaty feet got cold) and he and Reggie suddenly turned tail and bolted back to their goat house.

It snowed on my ancient little car that slide off the hillside, rendering it incapacitated until the snow melts.

It snowed on my kitchen porch.  A lot.

It snowed a ridiculous amount on the back deck.  Poor Roxy, she briefly considered going out here.  Now she is just dreaming of summer when this is her favorite place to nap in the sun.
As near as I can tell, the one thing that it did not snow on was shy Clyde.  She took refuge in the barn under the tarp covering the straw and simply waited out the storm.

Once I got my fill of taking pictures of snow on things (can you tell it's kind of a novelty in my part of Oregon?), I realized how long it was going to take to melt 14 inches of snow and I sighed heavily.  And then the forecast warnings for freezing rain began.  Fortunately, the worst of it is now over and I have returned to focusing all my energy anticipating the return of spring.

My thoughts are also with my friends (and everyone!) in the south and east who are currently dealing with yet another round of intense winter weather.  Please stay warm and safe, everybody!


  1. I wish I could say I shared your enchantment with the snow. I think the only way that could happen is if I move to Oregon where it is a novelty. i am glad you were able to enjoy it.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Living on the Oregon coast and being envious of all of the lucky other Oregonians. We have barely even gotten a good storm. The animals look like they enjoyed the novelty.

  3. Oh goodness! That's a heap of snow. Love the kitchen porch shot: something whimsical about the sunflower with a heap of snow on it. Something about the pic says: winters you won't defeat us!
    And I don't think I have ever seen such distinctly shaped snowflakes...... Too cool

    Hope it warms soon....

  4. Wow Danni,
    That was one big blizzard! We got 9inches and two days later another 4 in my neck of the plains. Not really a big deal for us we are used to it snowing one day and then 60 degrees the next.
    Question on Beau and Chester. Did you get them from the same place? Do they bray a lot? I can't explain it but hearing a donk makes me happy!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Den in Ks

  5. Beautiful pictures. I am happy you made it thru the storm. That is a lot of snow for Oregon. Beginning to look like WI. Stay safe and warm and have a great weekend.

  6. I remember the first time I saw an actual "snowflake" as an adult---it was completely enthralled with the beauty of the thing.
    The last picture is so quiet. I can just hear the silence (if that makes any sense).
    Stay warm and Happy Valentines Day!! <3

  7. Love the photo of nature's jewels on your hoodie. Gorgeous. So much snow all over the country, be safe and warm. Oma Linda

  8. The closeup of snowflakes on your sleeve is gorgeous. I happen to love snow, but not in the amounts so much of the country is experiencing this winter. I think it would have been just as beautiful at a couple of inches, especially when it's clinging to trees, but not heavy enough to break them. I hope you can retrieve your car without too much trouble. Were you in it when it slid? That would be a harrowing ride! I love your photos; the snow highlights the beauty that's already there.

  9. Wishing some sunshine your way, to melt the snow.I hate to think of the mud that's sure to follow!

  10. Love the back porch shot - what a lovely yard. And all that snow on the deck - OMG! It used to snow like that in Chicago, which is why I now live in Northern California...

  11. Hey Deb in KS! I'm still writing my response to you on your kind comments (and sharing about your own sad losses) about my George kitty.
    Regarding Chester and Beau, I got them about 3 months apart from two very different locations. Beau didn't bray at all when he first came, but Chester taught him. :-)
    They generally only bray at the anticipation of meal time, but sometimes they bray when I'm outside working and they are trying to get my attention. :-). I'm with you - I love the always makes me smile!
    Send me an email if you can so I can write to you. I'm at critterfarmgarden at gmail dot com

  12. Hi Peg!
    I *was* in my car when it slid and it *was* harrowing!! :-/
    Especially when my hind end came within 2" of that huge Douglas fir tree behind me.
    All is well now, though, my baby is back in my driveway!


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