Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Refilling the larder

lar·der   /ˈlɑrdər/[lahr-der]
1. a room or place where food is kept; pantry.
2. a supply of food.

1275–1325; ME < AF; OF lardier.

Bad feeling: Hay is getting low:

The pallets have been swept clean and not much remains:

Happy feeling: Hay truck has arrived and supplies are being replenished:

We received two tons of Timothy hay delivered this morning:

Ahhhh...this made me such a happy gal:

The two greenish bales to the left of the aisle are what remains from my November hay delivery. Behind that is the straw. Looks like I'll be needing more straw soon:

Who can resist climbing to the top of their new hay stack? Not me:

Look! From way up here, I could change the fluorescent bulb if I needed to:

Kai just thought this was one of the best days ever:

...for she much prefers to sample hay from various bales:

rather than just dine from one, every day, dinner tub:

It tastes better this way, you know:

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I ♥love♥ hay day.

There are few feelings better for me than restocking the barn with enough food that, no matter what happens, I'll have enough to keep the animals fed and happy.

Hey - to all my blogging friends suffering through this horrible snow and ice storm across 30 of our 50 states.... please take care, stay warm, and I hope this passes for you really quickly!


  1. where are chester and beau? kai is smart to get there right after delivery! happy happy day!!!

  2. Love the smell of good hay! Is that your llovely llama? We are definitely going to get llamas once we have our barn set up for them and a pasture planted!

    That is one huge storm moving through the US. I guess it's the top of that storm that's hitting us today.

  3. Having a barn filled with hay is a very good feeling. I got a load of hay in a day before the snow and got to the feed store to fill the feed barrels early on the day of the storm. It was a VERY good feeling to know that while I'm snowed in ... I have plenty of feed and hay to last until it clears. My goat girls and boys depend on me to keep them fed and warm.

  4. I just love Kai. She always makes me laugh.

  5. Did Kai comment on which corner of the hay stack was tastiest? She is such a 'Feinschmecker'!

    This morning's news: 100 million people are affected by the storms. My good thoughts are with them as well today. So please keep blogging. You may brighten someone's day as they are kept from their normal activities and can read about Critter Farm in wet Oregon instead.

  6. It is a good feeling and it smells so lovely :D

  7. Love hay day too, we've figured we have enough now to get through June, tickles me to see it stacked up in the hayloft.

  8. Nothing makes me happier than when my animals are eating well.

    Kai cracks me up. I love her style.

  9. Wasn't it this time last year that the goat boys decided they wanted to change their diets to straw?

  10. And it always smells so good..fresh.. but its very heavy~

    Made it through the storm..even kept the power..and stayed warm..hope thats the last of it now..whew!!

  11. We've gone through quite a bit of hay in the last few days... unbelieveable. :)

    Okay, I hate to admit this, but what is wrong with me? First chicken butts... and now Kai's butt. Kai is absolutely adorable - especially in the pictures getting to sample hay from the various bales. And - Kai has the cutest butt ever!!!!

  12. A literal buffet of tasty pleasures! Smart girl, Kai.


  13. New hay day is a great feeling for everyone involved! Yay for hay!

  14. Oh what a lovely blog you have. I too am determined to get back to 'farm' life!

  15. I look at these pics and just think about how wonderful that hay must smell!
    Hang in there. Our weather sucks, too. Hoosier hugs, Cheryl

  16. I worked on a horse breeding farm and put up most of the hay. I loved it. I found your blog by accident..when I saw what was munching on the hay I decided to continue following along.

  17. hay day is always great, after it is all unloaded. Oh and your 'calico' cat. All calico's are girls. The color of your kitty looks more like a longhaired Siamese or sometimes called a Himalayian in cat lingo.And I realy love that color. But then I love the black and white color too. I'll admit it I LOVE CATS (and horses and dogs)wish I could add goats to that thought


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