Thursday, February 24, 2011

A major distraction

So, I need to fess up.

I basically got nothing, beyond animal care and picture-taking, done today.

I know many of you have been dealing with the situation I was in today for what probably seems like months now, but my part of northwest Oregon sure hasn't.

This was our first "big one" of the year.

So, while you might groan and shake your head at me, we were absolutely delighted this morning when we woke up to this:

About 4 1/2" of the lovely white stuff:

It came down hard last night and left our small farm feeling like it was a cozy mountain-side retreat.

The little snowman I made outside our bedroom door last night had lost some of his definition and his candy necklace had all but disappeared in the new snow:

And, darn, I guess I won't be pruning back these raspberries today:

The chickens were happy to see me coming with breakfast, though:

All was well inside the run - however, there was a great deal of excited chatter over what was going on outside:

Skippy, who grows bolder with each passing day, was particularly talkative and wanted to tell me all about it:

Morning, boys! (They look like they've got those bands across their eyes to protect their privacy, don't they?):

Hey Beau, you've got something on your nose:

No, it's still there:

And, yes, if you tilt your head like that I can't see it at all:

Rain or shine or snow, there are some things that still need doing every day:

But as I was doing those things, I found myself totally distracted: how different everything looked. Everything around me looked even more beautiful than usual.

And I mean everything:

That'll do, donkey:

And although there was a lot of other stuff needing done:

I found myself mesmerized by the smallest details:

Uh oh. Looks like these raspberries aren't going to get pruned today either:

After feeding, I headed into the house to get Roxy - she loves the snow:

She raced around like a puppy:

And then she posed for me:


Until she got cold:

And needed to put her new coat on:

The big critters were completely surprised by the blue-green bullet speeding by:

And it took poor Kai, who normally takes Roxy completely in stride, a while to figure out that the turquoise-garbed critter was not a threat:

They did eventually work it out. Fortunately:

But I'm telling you, with all this going on, it was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to focus on anything else:



  1. We were supposed to have snow here on the coast, but it never materialized other than a few flakes here and there. Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. I can't say I'll miss the snow when it melts away, but it sure is pretty!

    Good thing Roxy has her new coat! :)
    She looks so cute in the snow. Our terrier stepped out on the deck, looked at the white stuff and promptly wanted back in the house.

  3. How could you possible concentrate on something else! A dat for savouring I reckon! :D

  4. Snow does slow you down. I think it is supposed to do that. Roxy is sure cute.

  5. Breathtakingly beautiful! But this last photo takes the prize! But grandmother, what BIG teeth you have!
    Really, all you need is Little Red Riding Hood in your magical forest, and you would have your fairy tale complete.

  6. LOL I adore your animals especially your donkey!!! The snowflake pic just made me smile the hugest smile! Sooooo cute!

  7. Agh! Did I mention how beautiful this post is?? I love Beau. That donkey has personality!!

  8. Jenny in MN now in AZFebruary 25, 2011 at 4:26 AM

    Beautiful! Love these pictures. Such cute animal shots and pretty snow pics. Thank you!

  9. Funny, it looks pretty at your place, not so much here. Winter didn't read my Mom's note. Woke up to 4 inches this morning.

  10. Beautiful! It would be hard not to get distracted by how extra beautiful the snow made everything at your place. Roxy is adorable playing and posing in the snow.

  11. enjoy it while it lasts. we have 4 inches on the way! i could live with winter all year long!!!

  12. I love the way my world can be completely transformed, in just a few hours.........

    Your snowy world is beautiful. :-)

  13. The lighting and composition in the next-to-last picture is wonderful. A winter wonderland to be sure.
    That heavy snow is so beautiful on plants and animals alike.

  14. It looks like a very well spent day to me! I can't imagine what could possibly be more important than spending time with your animals and documenting everything with photos.

    Carry on!

  15. Outstanding. Although we're getting record lows, we have, as yet, no precipitation. That's gotta be a first for this time of year. We're enjoying beautiful blue skies. The mountains look heavenly.

    I do love Roxy. xoxo

  16. Your pictures are wonderful. I just love the way things look after a snow. We don't get that much, very often here in the city. The mountaines get lots but it's always a treat here....if I don't have to leave the house.
    I love the turquoise flash adjustment by the llama. Our little dog does that with certain things the kids wear....she isn't quite sure sometimes. Have a super weekend. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  17. I agree with Nancy K . . . you spent the day doing exactly what you should have been doing . . . enjoying Mother Nature and your Critters. Plus sharing your life with us! Thanks Danni, enjoy your weekend. We're supposed to get lots of snow today and tomorrow. Our daughter at Simply Country Farm already has some, she's about 900' higher elevation than we are.

  18. It was fun to finally get some snow! I made my way here from Operation Homestead and found that we are in the same neck of the woods! Love your all your critters, especially your donkeys!

  19. Love snow! so glad we got a little this year- I was wondering if we would. Kind of surprised that it waited until late February, though!

  20. Enjoy the snow! Myself, I'm ready for Spring.

  21. Ha! I'm loving Skippy!! And the green bullet - whoa, I bet she was a blur to everyone. My boys love the snow as well. Jay told me that when he had them out in the newly fallen snow today he lost Oliver because he decided to tunnel through the unplowed portion of the yard. Oh, to be a puppy!
    Have a great weekend!

  22. I would totally be distracted... but let's face it... I would be distracted on a daily basis living in such a beautiful place with beautiful animals!

  23. That is a breathtaking view you have from your porch. As I was looking at the pictures of Roxy playing in the snow I thought, "Why isn't she wearing her jacket?" Love the blue-green bullet comment!

  24. I love the picture of Roxie peeking around the bush!

  25. We have about a foot of new snow...and cold, cold temps. It was 1° this morning. Brrrrrrr

  26. Oh these are great! And all the animals seem to be coping well with the snow. I LOVE that shot of you scritching donkey between the ears through the fence! And the last picture. And all the others!

  27. absolutly beautiful!! Its hard to get tired of snow, at least so far. Everyone tells me give it a few years, but we'll see.
    I love it when Roxie gets to come out and play. Looks like she loves it too!
    That last picture is a hoot! Great shot!

  28. Your snow is beautiful!! I can see why is a distraction!! You have a great chicken house with the screen porch!! So the cold doesn't seem to bother them!!

  29. Ok, I'll have to admit, just yesterday we got an additional 4 inches of fluffy stuff. And while I was getting pretty darned tired of the stuff this year I realize it isn't the snow as much as the 30 below wind chill I hate. Last week it really struck me how much warmer that sun is penetrating and it won't be long at all and we will have rivers of mud and a foot of gumbo to march through. I smell spring and I LOVED your thoughts and photos on your snowfall. It is a winter wonderland right now here and frankly it is pretty gorgeous!
    (funny thing but this comes from your post prior...but the word verification this time is wormi!...some word verifications are just a riot!)

  30. My hat is off to you girly! Your taking that snow much better than I would have, LOL...

    Remember the tomato seeds you sent me? I have seedlings up from them all :O). I am excited to try them out in the garden!

    So wish Raspberries did good here!


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