Thursday, February 4, 2010

Llamas love carrots

When the llama ladies first arrived at Critter Farm, they hummed with anxiety, bolted at virtually any movement made toward them, and preferred, for the most part, next to no human contact.

Over these last few rainy months, I've not done a great deal of work with them other than to show them that I am consistent in my care: I feed them, I clean up after them, I speak kindly, and...I feed them carrots.

The carrots have done more for the taming of these characters than I ever could have imagined.

The video below highlights this quite well. It also makes me laugh. First, it gives a stunningly clear picture of the state of our property right now: M-u-d-d-y with a capital "M". You can hear my boots slurping up the hill as I walk toward the llamas at the beginning. Sorry about all my darn talking - normally I wouldn't include a video with so much of my voice, but this little snippet shows each of their personalities so well - just in the act of eating their beloved carrots - that I had to share.

There's Dolly, the biter of fingers if you don't move them out of the way quickly enough, followed by Kai, the eager but overly timid, and finally, Toni, the helps-herself-gal:

I've grown quite fond of these funny, furry faces.


  1. I can see why you have "..grown quite fond of these funny, furry face." They are adorable critters.

  2. What's wrong with your voice?

    I love a little llama in the morning. Cute.

  3. I just love to see your posts about the llamas. They fascinate me. I hope that evidently I can add a couple to our farm.

    Have a great Friday!


  4. That was absolutely darling. They are beauties and you did a great job of describing and showing their very unique personalities. I just want to hug them all! It would be so cool if you could get video of them humming... I'd love to hear that!

  5. So funny Danni! Was that a big wad of your hair she got???? I'll make sure I bring carrots if I ever get down to visit the llamas down the road! And tie my hair back!!

  6. Toni, you little she-devil! It's like the other two didn't want to bite from the same carrot for fear of getting cooties.

  7. I knew those girls would come around to loving you. :) I think they'd love you w/o carrots.

  8. As a friend of mine used to say, "You snooze, you lose... you snore, you lose more!"

    Wonderful video.


  9. That was an amazing video. I love how you showed their personailities. It's interesting how animals have such character & personalities, you'd never know unless you got to know them.

  10. Oh My Gosh! I love this! G and I sat here and watched it a few times together. I was laughing so hard when Toni stole that carrot out of your pocket. G said, That silly Toni. And watching Kai...just knowing that she wants that carrot coin so badly....but shes just not quite sure if she wants to commit! And then Dolly swoops in and takes it....
    You guys *are* muddy right now...slurpy muddy.
    Okay, I gotta go watch it again.
    I cant wait till I come back....I can just feed them carrot coins, instead of hay off of my head....:-)

  11. I see there the Flash of Fastidiousness, The Form of Reckless Abandonment, and the Mode of First Right - especially the part that no one will touch it once someone else's spit is on it. Who knew that some of the same principles of Peanutariansim would apply to Carrotarianism as well?

  12. OMG they really do have the cutest faces.

  13. Wonderful video. Actually, I loved hearing your voice. I've been a huge fan of cameloids ever since becoming acquainted with a herd of alpacas and seeing the babies "pronking" through a field. Love at first sight.

  14. Hi farmlady! They are awfully cute, aren't they? Even if they're kind of stinky? lol

    Hey Carolyn - I don't like the sound of it on video. I think I sound like a fool. :-)

    Hi Sandy (Spring Lake Farm) - The llamas continue to feel rather foreign to me, so I am fascinated with them, too! When do you think you might get some on your farm?

    Hi Morningbrayfarm - I should have recorded them right when they arrived. When they are stressed or worried they hum quite loudly! I'm actually very pleased they don't hum any more - it means they've settled in and feel comfortable here! :-)

    Hey Eve - you mean when I squealed? No, that was Dolly taking a chomp out of my finger. She has NO problem just chewing on one of my digits in addition to any carrot I may be trying to give her. Kai and Toni are incredibly gentle, so I can't figure out why Dolly is so bitey. Maybe she's doing it on purpose? lol

    Hi 7MSN - That cracked me up, too. You can practically see Dolly curling up her nose in disgust when she had to sniff the carrot that was in Toni's mouth. ha ha ha

    Hey Cee Cee - awfully nice of you to say so...I really had my doubts for a while!

    Hi South Valley Girl!! Thanks for your comment. I'll have to use that snoring one on my husband!! lol

    Hi Lynn (Razzberry Corner) - They are all such individuals - I lose hours just watching them all. This is a great way to know also when something might be ailing one of your critters - you know their behavior intimately by that point and when something seems "off", you should definitely trust your instinct!

    Hey frugalmama - Aren't Kai's lips hilarious...they're practically vibrating from wanting that carrot so bad, but she.just.can't. quite. bring. herself to just REACH IN THERE and grab it like the other two! So funny.

    Marigold - this made me laugh! So true. I loved that post of yours on Peanutarianism - who knew there'd be such similarities between your world and the llama world? lol

    ME - Especially with the grass hanging out of the sides of their mouths and things, right?

    Hi Tai - I just squirm whenever I hear my recorded voice - I need to get over it! Ok, pronking...there's a new term for me. Does that mean leaping?

  15. Very cute, especially the one with the white-tipped ear. The trouble maker.

  16. this is soooo cute!!!! when i used to work with horses i would stick carrots in my back pockets and i got pick pocketed all the time!

  17. Awww, I love llamas too and if we had more land....

  18. Those llamas sure are snooty looking! lol Hilarious with the one stealing that carrot!!! Loved it.

  19. That video is adorable and I smiled through the whole thing. I actually laughed out loud when the carrot got stolen from you pocket! Very cute. I can see why you like them so much.


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