Friday, February 5, 2010

Fortune of the Day

Is it just me or does this seem vaguely threatening to you?

I had to laugh when I read this. Aren't there many nicer ways this could have been written without using a word like "confront"?

Why would Opportunity want to confront me? What would this even look like? The Opportunity that I know, especially the unlimited kind, is joined with words like "fabulous" and "incredible". Shouldn't the thought of Unlimited Opportunities bring a smile instead of a furrowed brow?

Oh, I guess if one is given too many Opportunities and, for some crazy reason, one actually has to choose among them, this might cause a bit of discomfort. But what kind of Opportunity brings implied hostility along with it?

Oh, and by the way, I hate confrontation.

Fortune writers really need to be careful with the words they use. They never know who they're going to upset.

Sigh. Sometimes I worry about the stupidest things, though I am laughing again as I type this. Tomorrow, I promise I'll post more cute pictures of my animals. :-)


  1. Don't lose sleep over the confrontation of unlimited opportunities . . . because you'd be able to kick butt and turn it into fabulous and incredible at the drop of a hat! :)

  2. Yeah, I think it was the 'confronted' that would set anyone off, except maybe someone from China. Maybe that's how they see it.

  3. They definitely used the wrong word here. Confront means to face in a challange. It's synonyms are antagonism and hostility. Some writer doesn't know his Elements of Grammar.
    Feed this fortune to one of your critters and forget about it....
    I want more Donkey and Llama photos.

  4. They could have used a better word!

  5. I love fortunes from fortune cookies! I agree, this one is strange! But I read that it says "Take heart, good things are heading your way! So many good things that you'll have to choose between them!"

  6. Perhaps they could have used the word presented. Everyone likes presents. ;)

  7. I suspect it was just a translation issue...

  8. Just remember, this came out of China.
    I once put together a piece of furniture from WalMart.
    Put screw in hole. Screw it up.

    It's all in the translation. :)

    WV-Spatui. Very fun word!

  9. This post made me laugh. Years and years ago there was a Grape Nuts commercial where at the end the guy says," Question is, are YOU good enough for Grape Nuts?" Ever since that commercial I have not eaten Grape Nuts ( not even the generic brand). And I love Grape Nuts! Point being, I agree with you about the choice of words.

  10. Now that is something I would have noticed too about the fortune.

    I watched your Llama video, very slowly, we have a very slow Internet connection where we live. Anyway How Cute they are!!

    I don't know much about Llama, are they pets? or do you use their fiber? Have read people use the Alpaca fiber?...I saw some Llama for sale here at the sale barn once, they were so pretty, but quite large.

  11. Consider the source, I always say. :)

  12. Hmmmm...theres not too many people who like to be confronted, I dont think.
    But, yeah? I mean, why cant you just be *presented* with many opportunities....or even surprised with them...(but not drop in opportunities, of course...:-))
    Whatever opportunities come your way...even if they are in a confrontational kind of mood, Im sure that you will make the best of them and great things will follow.

  13. CONFRONTATION - how I hated it. Especially when accompanied by yelling, other loud noises, hurled objects, and threats of any kind. Note the past tense. Today I don't let angry people bother me. Consider - they are angry - not me!
    The word itself? It's only a word. It's only heavy if you let it.

  14. Not the best choice of words for a fortune cookie, yes, but remember, that confrontation can bring growth and therefore should not be feared. Not all opportunities are presented in pretty wrappings, some appear ugly and messy at first.

    I like that you notice and wonder about the little things. Makes you interesting.

  15. Maybe the meaning got lost in translation Danni!! hahahahaha
    Maybe in Chinese confront means
    to "bathe with soothing light" or something of the sort. Now go have a glass of wine!!

  16. girl......I knew there was a reason I liked you besides the fact you live the life I want to with all those precious animals. You are crazy like me! "Worrying" about some of the most random things. It would have made my brow furrow, too! And I avoid confrontation like the plague. That is the kind of fortune I would have gotten if I had eaten Chinese on the Monday that I had this week. There are back handed compliments....this is a back handed fortune! hahaha...thanks for sharing!


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