Monday, August 17, 2009

Waiting for me at home

I had a really wonderful time visiting my pal, Marcee, in Illinois, but there's nothing quite like the feeling of coming home. Among the many wonderful treasures that were waiting for me:

Goat love. I was smothered in furry goat kisses:

The first ripe tomato:

So what if the sign was wrong...:

...and I was expecting tiny yellow tomatoes. It was still quite delicious:

My first zinnia:

with the promise of more on the way:

My first Yukon Gold potato:

My first Costata Romanesca zucchini:

My first "Buttercream" sunflower blooming in my sunflower test garden:

Here's the test garden...can you even see the Buttercream in all this chaos?:

The season's first apple:

A couple unexpected things awaited me, too...

Sadly, there is blossom end rot on my San Marzano tomatoes. I probably won't grow these again next year. They're very prone to this problem and I've been informed that they aren't the greatest variety to eat raw, which is how we primarily eat tomatoes around here:

Something is chewing on my Red Fingerling potatoes:

and I'm willing to bet it came out of *this* hole:

But, tomato troubles and nibbling nuisances be damned, nothing can detract from the peace I feel when I am here. There's really no place like home, is there?


  1. Oh, those little Roxy eyes in the first picture are enough to make a heart melt. Welcome home.

  2. Awww, I love your goaties! I wanna hug them, too! :-P Welcome home!

  3. I think the "goat love" is the best part, but I enjoyed your sunflower test garden too. Lovely photos, as always Danni.

  4. Goat love! How wonderful. My big Nubians smell me when I've been away and come back. They get up really close and just breath in. I love this. Goats are something, aren't they?
    Coming home to a place you love is the most wonderful experience ever.

    There really is no place like home.

  5. Goat kisses and (wo)mans best friend! Nothing could be sweeter!

  6. Loving the Goat Love (is that 'Glove'?) There is no welcome like an animal welcome!

  7. Ohhhhhh I LOVE that last sweet!! Glad you're home and happy girl. <3

  8. Welcome Home! I saw those little Roxy eyes peeking out too ...So cute! I have never experienced Goat Love so i am glad to have found out about it here....

  9. Wow, all those fresh vegetables are great. But, the goat kisses are the BEST! I'll bet Roxy went a little mad with excitement to see you, too.

  10. You got a honeybee on your buttercream sunflower! Heehaw!

  11. I bet that mater melted in your mouth. And the big ol' potato is just beautiful! Love the buttercream sunflower. What a beauty. So is the zinnia.

    Roxie's little eyes looking up in the first picture is just priceless. And those little goats kissing on you looks like heaven. They sure look sweet - and they look like they missed mama!

    Sorry to hear about the BER and little potato nibblers. Dang their hides anyway!

    And I bet everyone is as happy to have you home as you are to be there. Home is a great place, isn't it?

  12. You are exactly right there is no place like it in the whole world! Your goat pics are just darling!!! Kim

  13. Welcome home! If you have a gopher problem we are erm attracting ours to the traps with peanut butter. They seem to love peanut butter. You need to boil the traps first.

    Goatie kisses are great!

  14. are goats really that affectionate? so cute!

  15. I had a super wonderful time while you were here, too. BUT, I know that feeling you get when you are at home....the peace it gives you...and that makes me happy for you.

    SIGH...I love Pete and Reggie kisses. Give the boys a pat for me, would ya?

    So many things that were waiting for you back home....even potato eating critters.

    The sunflowers are beautiful. I love them. They look just like mine, only taller. :)

    Did you eat that zucchini yet?

  16. Those goat snuggles have to be the best, outside of Roxie's. The sunflower is such a pretty color, so soft and delicate. And the vegetables ... well there's just nothing like vegetables from your own garden. Welcome home! I'm sure you and Marcee had a great time together.

  17. There is nothing quite like home. Looks like your doing real good in the garden this year.

  18. Sigh... home sounds wonderful! Stuck in the hospital again, darn it all. But I lived vicariously via your lovely photos and imagined going home to my own home! :) [Don't tell my husband that my little dream just now included a home with goats, okay?]

    I totally wanna know about that zuke! I wonder if that's similar to the one I eat in Spain that sets me into fits of rapture?!

    Happy Being Home, Danni!

  19. Welcome back...and YES you did have wonderful things waiting for you!

  20. I bet never in your life did you imagine making out with goats and then posting the images on the internet! ;-) I'm glad you did, so sweet.


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